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Published on December 21, 2016

Author: Michielvanvliet

Source: slideshare.net

1. Hololens MixedRealityvs.VR&AR Capabilities UseCases AR/MRMarket KabelOffering EngagementModel Dic. 2016

2. KABEL Kabel is a catalyst for Human and Organizational transformation. Kabel designs, develops and constructs Digital transformation projects based on our 4P Framework: People, Processes, Platforms and Places. Our People are what makes us different.We are all proud and passionate Digital Technology Artisans. Our guiding principles are continuous learning and sharing knowledge as broadly as possible.We eat our own dogfood and use all new technology in house first. In our Kabel Lab we innovate using the latest technologies and methodologies inspired by our presence in Silicon Valley. Through our Cloud Managed Services we provide niche added value managing cloud platforms. +21 years 105 Geeks 1st Microsoft Spanish partner in # competencies (19th WW)

3. Contents 1. Mixed Reality vs.VR & AR 2. Capabilities 3. Use Cases 4. AR/MR Market 5. Kabel Offering 6. Engagement Model Annex 1. Components Annex 2. Additional Capabilities

4. 1. Mixed Reality vs. AR/VR “Augmented reality overlays digital information on top of your real world. By understanding your environment, mixed reality enables holograms to look and sound like they’re part of your world.” Source: www.microsoft.com

5. 2.Capabilities  3D Holograms Display System  Spatial Understanding  Human Interaction APIs (Gaze, Gesture,Voice & Sound)  Physical Holograms Mapping System  3D Sound & 4 Microphones  Recording Capabilities. MRC (Mixed Reality Capture).  Sharing Capabilities. Wifi, Streaming, Hololens Sharing (xef file)…  Integration APIs.To be used with IoT, BIM, Cognitive Services…

6. 2.Capabilities General Description & Features  Hololens official web site.  Microsoft’s HoloLens Demo at Microsoft Build 2015. It includes a few demos about construction, healthcare, Education, + IoT-Virtual Robot (on top of a Physical Robot).  Introducing the Microsoft Hololens - what it is & what it can do.  Microsoft HoloLens: what it’s really like?.  Device Characteristics. Microsoft’s HoloLens at Microsoft Build 2016.  Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality!.  Hololens spatial sound.

7. 2Capabilities HL + 3D Depth Cameras (Kinect or MSR) = Holoportation

8. 3.UseCases  Education. All Interactive and 3D.  Healthcare.Training, explanations for patients, assisted surgery…  Insurance. Cars & houses inspection reports,…  Construction. Design, Customer Experience, BIM, Guidance…  Tourism. f.i. Mixed Reality on top of a 360ºVideo. Holotour, Interactive visits to places.  Engineering. Design,Training, Maintenance…  Other Sectors. Sports, Utilities, Automotive, Manufacturing, SmartCities, etc…) Also we can:  Build our own holograms by using tools like Holostudio, beta Actiongram or even Paint 3D Preview …  Use Cognitive services and IoT to get more from people and the environment…  Or even use HLs as Multi Screen 3D Business Desktop

9. Use Cases. Some interesting Links grouped by sector (cont.)  HealthCare  App forTraining (Healthcare)  Holographic Assisted Spine Surgery with Hololens  MediSIM demo (HoloLens with world's first abdominal simulator)  Braim Dissection  VR for Babies  OsirisViewer  Education  Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University  Galaxy Explorer: GitHub (Microsoft Open Source development environment) Project  Business-Office tools (Business Desktop)  Skype  HoloStudio  ActionGram  Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel  Tourism  Holotour 3.UseCases

10. Use Cases. Some interesting Links grouped by sector  Engineering  Aircraft tracker  Japan Airlines atWorldwide Partner Conference 2016  Maintenance  Thyssenkrupp – bringing new vision to elevator maintenance with Microsoft HoloLens  Construction  The world is 3D so build that way  Three Construction Cases. (CDM Smith, Ship Building &ThyssenKrupp elevators maintenance)  Mounting Guidance.  Building a 3D Model of your Room (adjusting resolution).  BUILD15Trimble HoloLens 1080p2398 ProResHQ SPLI  Smart cities  gets 3D maps throughTaqtile’s new ‘HoloMaps’ technology  Safety  Boeing Is Fighting Wildfires with the Microsoft HoloLens & Large Drones 3.UseCases

11. Use Cases. Some interesting Links grouped by sector (cont)  Gaming  Old Games running in Hololens.  Pokemon go on Hololens.  Roboraid  Fragments  Young Conker  Xbox controller for Hololens.  Project Xray. Holy Crap,This New Hololens Demo Is Freaking Crazy. Wearable Hologram.3.UseCases

12. 4.AR/MR Market Market Analysis and competitors  Available in USA, CAN, FR, UK, IR,GE, AUS, NZ, JP How to buy them in Spain?  AR/VR Market. Predictions & Analysis.  Top 5 AR developments for 2016  Some Competitors.  3 Alternatives to Hololens  AiR Glasses (Atheer Labs)  META  Shima (Laforge)  11 AR Headsets  Magic Leaps (in development Phase)  Magic Leap Concept Explored Part 1  Magic Leap is actually way behind

13. 5. Kabel Offering Offering 1. Mixed/Augmented reality education/training - Hololens as demo/transformational device 2. Mixed Reality ideation consultancy 3. Creation of POC´s 4. Creation of MinimalViable Products 5. Full product development 1. 3D Customer Experience services. (Holographic) 3D experience for MarketingAreas. Holographic App development. Involving modern services for IoT, Cognitive services, BIM…. 2. Holoportation 6. HoloLens Devices Deployment & Management Services. Customization, User management, security. (HDM) 7. End to end Project Management.

14. 6. Engagement Model Engagement Phases (HoloLens + IoT + Cognitive Services) 1. Introduction & Demo. Executive Level (1h-free) 2. Describe use cases by sector and functional áreas. (Content) 3. Requirements capture including demo to LOB áreas Meeting (1,5h free) 4. DesignThinking.(2-5 days). 1. Identify Pains 2. Find use cases that fix them (VP) 3. Build Experiment. Define working hypothesys 5. Development. Build an MVP (instrumented to meassure hypothesys-KPIs) 6. Measure.Validate with users. 7. Bussines Model Generation Support &Training. 8. Redefine or abort.

15. Thanks! José Tomás González Martínez Marketing, Partnership & Strategic Business Development Director @J_T_GM Tgonzalez@Kabel.es https://es.linkedin.com/in/jtomasgonzalez

16. Annex 1 Components  Hololens Device  Processor: 32 Bits intel CPU/GPU & Custom HPU (Holographic process unit)  64Gb flash, 2GB RAM CPU and 1GB HPU  Battery Life 2-3 hours of active use. (we have seen up to 5 hours)  Weight. 579g. Integrated Speakers  Bluetooth 4.1 LE, micro USB 2.0,Wifi 802.11ac.  Hololens Device Portal app (Streaming,Video/Photo,Virtual Keyboard, App Manager, Device Info/restart…)  Hololens Development Environment. windows 10 (UWP)  C# or C++. SharpDX open source software library only for C#  Unity Hololens technical preview (based on unity 5.4 builds) or DirectX 11 (12 not supported). Others likeVuforia,WebGRV, KRPANO, html-5.  Visual Studio 2015 update 3  Main APIs available: GazeTracking (cursor-ray cast), Gesture Input, Voice support & spatial Sound support  Device Portal for Developers (mem Dumps, files, processes…)  Hololens Emulator (requires Hyper-v compatible PC)

17. Annex 2 Additional Capabilities 3D Holograms display system  See-through holographic lenses (waveguides) that use advanced optical projection system to generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms with very low latency  2 HD 16:9 light engines  Automatic pupillary distance calibration  Holographic Resolution: 2.3M total light points  Holographic Density: >2.5k radiants (light points per radian)

18. Annex 2 Additional Capabilities Spatial Understanding  It Includes several sensors for:  1 IMU* (Inertial Measurement Unit)  4 environment understanding cameras  RGBD (depth cameras)  2MPixels photo & HD video camera  Mixed reality capture (MRC)  1 ambient light sensor  Spatial understanding max. distance ≈ up to 5 Meters  ≈ 38Mbytes storage needed to scan a house (70m2) using 1200 triangles resolution. Space understanding resolution can be adjusted. (Settings- >systems->spaces). * Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) is a self-contained system that measures linear and angular motion usually with a triad of gyroscopes and triad of accelerometers. An IMU can either be gimballed or strapdown, outputting the integrating quantities of angular velocity and acceleration in the sensor/body frame.They are commonly referred to in literature as the rate-integrating gyroscopes and accelerometers.

19. Annex 2 Additional Capabilities Holoportation, 3D Scanning & Advanced capabilities  Holoportation Part 1 & Part 2  Holoportation. A futuristic vision of the age of holograms  Affordable Holoportation based on Kinect or Gopro Cameras  Scanning with KinectV2  3D body reconstruction & recognition  Creating Kinect Apps.  Converting aVR app into aAR app for Hololens.  Spatial Understanding.  IoT integration. Hololens with Raspberry Pi

20. Annex 2 Additional Capabilities Development Tools & Frameworks  BasicToolkit Installation  HoloLens emulator  HoloStudio.Tool to manage 3D designs. It is useful to generate Holograms based on some predefinitions already done:  Hololens PC App Installation. (needed for video streaming)  Development Frameworks:  Unity Unity development overview  Develop Mixed Reality Applications with Unity for Microsoft HoloLens  Unity 5.5 Out of preview  Unite Europe 2016 - Real World HoloLens Mixed Reality Development with Unity Be Part of the Future  Vuforia How to develop augmented reality apps withVuforia for Windows 10  Vuforia SDK  Others… OpenCV (Open ComputerVision), Wave, WebGRV, krpano, html-5.  Tutorials for developers  Personal site of Jared Bienz and Paul De Carlo (HololensTeam)

21. Annex 2 Additional Capabilities Commercial edition of Hololens Includes these additional features:  Kiosk Mode  Windows Store for Bussiness  Azure Active Directory support for Identity Management.  Bitlocker Device Data Encryption  HDM (Holographic Device Management)  …

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