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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: Alexan



POSITVE - AGEING Nothing Remains the Same Everything Changes:  POSITVE - AGEING Nothing Remains the Same Everything Changes Esme´ Holmes Jo-Anne Baker MA.C.Psych 2006 MA.C.Psych Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker BRIEF OVERVIEW:  BRIEF OVERVIEW FACTORS AFFECTING MORTATLITY STATISTICS WHEEL of WELLNESS A holistic approach STRESS REDUCTION Diet, Exercise, Humour & Positive Thought POSITIVE THOUGHT Practices MINDFULNESS SELF HYPNOSIS SOLUTIONS Copyright E.Holmes & J.Baker 2006 FACTORS AFFECTING MORTALITY STATISTICS :  FACTORS AFFECTING MORTALITY STATISTICS Lifestyle 51% Environment 20% Medical Intervention 10% Genetic factors 9% Billions are spent on treating symptoms (western medicine) with little effect Treating the Cause (Willem Serfontein, Feel Better/Live Longer ) Copyright E.Holmes & J.Baker 2006 WHEEL OF WELLNESS:  WHEEL OF WELLNESS Copyright 2001, Jane E.Myers, Thomas J. Sweeney& J. Melvin Witmer Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker WHEEL OF WELLNESS:  WHEEL OF WELLNESS Spirituality That which gives meaning to life (the Heart of the Matter) Self Regulation Regulating our outcomes eg via self care management, nutrition, exercise & positive thought. Work, Leisure, Love & Friendship Balancing work/life Community, Family, Education, Business, Industry, Media, Government Global Events Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker LIFESTYLE Stress Reduction :  LIFESTYLE Stress Reduction MILD STRESS: Benefits of Brief Periods of Mild Stress. Can modulate and slow down ageing. (Prof Suresh Ratan, October 2006, University Aarhus Denmark) Chronic Stress: When Hormone levels stay elevated they start to cause illness. (Peter Lavelle Radio National, 28.7.2005) STRESS is like a corrosive acid Lifestyle: simplification to improve quality of life. Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker “ Being in Control of your own Destiny…”:  “ Being in Control of your own Destiny…” Exercise Cardio Flexibilty Weight Bearing Informed Nutrition Antioxidants Omega 3 Hara Hachi Bu Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker SENSE OF HUMOUR:  SENSE OF HUMOUR HUMOUR & LAUGHTER Boosts immune system Develops 50% more antibodies in response to flu vaccines. RELAXES skeletal muscles: Increases heart rate, stimulates circulation, oxygenates the blood, massages the vital organs, aids digestion (Cousins 1979; Erdman 1991) Laughter releases: endorphins into the brain that enhance a sense of wellbeing. Associated with Reduced Depression & Pain Relief (Carroll, 1990) 81% of Australian Workforce said: laughing on the job made them more Productive. (Aust. Recruitment Cmpy/ Peter Lavelle 2005) Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker POSITIVE THOUGHT:  POSITIVE THOUGHT REGULATING our Outcomes: By adopting techniques common to Solution Oriented approaches. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Process Differences Exceptions What gives you Importance & Meaning in your Life Realise the Goal that is Already with you N O W Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker POSITIVE THOUGHT :  POSITIVE THOUGHT MINDFULNESS PRACTICES: Spirituality, Meditation, Prayer, Song, Dance, Yoga Self Hypnosis (Erickson Hypnosis) Reduce Stress (Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn Founder of the centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society the University of Massachusetts Medical School) Increases ability to FOCUS Qualities of Love & Meaning enhances lives (Prof Marc Cohen RMIT University Melbourne, Founding Head of Dept Complementary Medicine, President of Australasian Integrative Medicine Ass.) Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker SOLUTIONS:  SOLUTIONS QUALITY OF LIFE CAN BE IMPROVED by: Diet that supports our Wellbeing Exercise for cardio/respiratory, flexibility & endocrine, skeletal & muscular. Humour - Looking on the Bright Side of Life Focusing on the Solution rather than Problem What we FOCUS on we get MORE of: How the FUTURE can create the PRESENT (Victor Frankl) FOCUS ON THE ENJOYMENT YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE REST OF THE DAY! Copyright 2006 E.Holmes & J.Baker

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