Hollywood Squares 4th grade science

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Information about Hollywood Squares 4th grade science

Published on June 26, 2007

Author: JJMiller

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Slide1:  Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s Slide2:  Another Presentation Slide3:  7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 Slide4:  7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 Scoreboard X O Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins Slide5:  1 What is the term that refers to water changing to steam? Slide6:  1 That would be condensation. Home Slide7:  2 Is a pulley a simple machine? Slide8:  2 I’m guessing 'no'. A pulley is a pulley. Home Slide9:  3 What word refers to the way a plant makes food? Slide10:  3 That of course is photosynthesis. Home Slide11:  4 Does lightening contain electricity? Slide12:  4 No, electricity is not in lightening. Home Slide13:  5 What do we call the outside of a cell? Slide14:  5 That would be the cell wall. Home Slide15:  6 Is a snake an invertebrate? Slide16:  6 I’m guessing no. Home Slide17:  7 Does the earth revolve around the moon? Slide18:  7 No, I think the moon revolves around the earth. Home Slide19:  8 Is the sun a star? Slide20:  8 No, stars are those other things out in the sky. Home Slide21:  9 What term refers to animals that eat just plants? Slide22:  9 A herbivore. Home Slide23:  Slide24:  Answers to the Questions:  Answers to the Questions 1. Evaporation (disagree) 2. A pulley is a simple machine. (disagree) 3. Photosynthesis (agree) 4. Lightening is made up of electricity. (disagree) 5. Cell Wall (agree) 6. A snake is an invertebrate. (disagree) 7. The moon revolves around the earth (agree) 8. The sun is a star. (disagree) 9. Herbivore (agree)

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