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Published on April 11, 2014

Author: mrhaneyrhes

Source: slideshare.net

Matter And Energy BY:HOLLY NGUYEN

Energy is something you need to move. It is inside you. There are many different kinds of energy,like potential and kinetic energy. EnergyEnergy

Potential/kinetic Potential Energy is energy that is stored and is not being used. Ex: A kid on the slide before it slides down. Kinetic energy is energy that WAS stored but is released.Ex:A unicorn riding on a unicycle down a mountain.

Physical Property is something that can be changed and be reversed.Ex:See,hear, smell, etc.... Chemical Property is something that is changed, but CANNOT BE REVERSED! Ex:Rust,Flammability, etc... physical/Chemical

Radiation/Conduction/Conve ction Radiation: Is all objects radiate energy and heat, even your own body. Radiation is when heat is coming into you body. Radiation coming from hotter objects is more intense than that coming from cooler objects. The hotter an object, the more radiation there is.Ex:The sun,heat,etc... Conduction:Is the process of transferring something such as heat from one point to another. You get heat from touching it.Ex:Touching a stove, Touching a metal spoon that is sitting in a pot of boiling water,etc... Convection:Convection refers to the transfer of heat through fluids by means of rising currents.

Airplane question • The higher the airplane, the more potential energy it has. • The faster you go the more kinetic energy it has. • Ex:The plane is slowing down and going lower, the kinetic and potential decreases

QuickTime™ and a GIF decompressor are needed to see this picture. • That’s all for Today!!!!! Good Bye Folks! See Ya!!!

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