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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Udgam_School

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What are the ingredients that ensure all round development of a child?

Holistic Development of Children

Children have Potential • Child is an active creator of knowledge • They explore, discover, investigate and learn the world around with the hands-on experience and knowledge based activity • Development is gradual and continuous process and can happen during out-of-school hours • Learning goals of young children are multidimensional

What is Important for the Child ? • • • • • • to develop skills in all areas to keep the learning going to meet the challenges to enjoy the fun be emotionally strong be physically fit and healthy

How ? • Depends on how the child spends their free time before/after school hours • Depends on what options are provided to the child to grow and learn new skills

Out-of-School hours Preferences 1. Students find new opportunities to learn developmental skills - especially through arts, music, sports, physical wellbeing, dramatic play, learning foreign language 2. Students have nowhere to go and are home alone – doing cooking, cleaning, homework, enjoying boredom busters 19% face latchkey situation. Of which 12% are between 6-8 years of age. More 23% are alone 2-3 times in a week

After-school apprenticeships offer Holistic Development of Children Focus on “Whole Child”

Development Dimensional • Physically fit and healthy child can learn more effectively and quickly • Social aspect makes the child learns skills of imagination, adopts to change • Cognitive aspect covers a wide range of behaviour such as development of memory, intelligence, reasoning, problem solving • Emotional aspect makes the child understand own feelings and others emotions

Plus and Minus Points • Emphasising on holistic development approach ensures that the child is growing up competently • Interventions are not limited to academic development only • Have fewer behavioural problems, more selfconfidence and can handle conflicts • On the other hand, latchkey kids often become more fidgety, lonesome and bored while being alone for extended period

What can be done ? • Finding a program that works best for the children • By doing so parents allow the child to grow and develop skills in all aspects

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