Holi, Festival of India

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Information about Holi, Festival of India

Published on March 17, 2014

Author: theeducationdesk

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Holi - Festival of Colors
Celebration of Holi
Traditional Food
Mythological stories of Holi
Story of Holika
Story of Radha-Krishna

EVS: Holi Class II

Colors / Gulal Splashing colored waterPlaying Gulal Water gun Holi

Celebration of Holi Holi Bonfire Preparations

Celebration of Holi

Traditional Food Gujjia Puran Poli Delicious sweet dishes eaten during this festival. People prepares this sweet dish to celebrate Holi. People prepare them in their homes and sit and eat together.

Holi Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of March month. At night a bonfire is lit. People wish each other Happy Holi and put dry color of Gulal on each others face. People also splash colored water on each other with water guns or water balloons. Holi is also an agricultural festival to celebrate the arrival of the spring.

Story of Holika King Hiranyakashyapu called himself a God and made people to pray for him only. He and his sister Holika were evil and cruel. But king’s son Prahlad didn’t pray for his father and prayed Lord Vishnu. The king was very angry with Prahlad and tried to kill him many times. Lord Vishnu was very fond of Prahlad. He protected Prahlad many times. One day, the angry king told his sister Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit on a fire. Holika wrapped herself in a shawl which was protecting her from burning. However, Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad this time also. Nothing happened to Prahlad but a strong wind came and blew away Holika’s shawl. And Holika burnt in the fire. So every year bonfire is made which is also called as Holika Dahan (burning) to burn away evil things and praying for good things.

Story of Radha-Krishna As an young man Lord Krishna was very naughty. He used to play pranks on the girls of his village. He always used catapult and stones to break the water matakas (mud pots) that the girls were carrying their heads. And make them all wet. So whenever girls could catch him they would splash water on him. Also, Krishna as a kid often use to complain to his mother about Radha’s fair color and his dark. So his mother told him to put some color on Radha’s face so that she will not be fairer than him at least for sometime. And he did the same. From then on Holi is always played by putting Color and splashing water on each other.

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