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Published on March 10, 2008

Author: Dora

Source: authorstream.com

Holes:  Holes Slide2:  1.      Stanley didn’t have any friends at home. He was fat so kids at the school often teased him about his size. Stanley’s father was an inventor. He wanted to invent a way to recycle old sneakers. They were crammed in a tiny apartment that smelled of burning rubber and foot odor. He was always ridiculed at school. He didn’t like himself. 2.      In Texas, there was a rundown building and six tents. Farther away there was a warden’s cabin beneath two tall trees. A sign in front of a small building said: ”YOU ARE ENTERING CAMP GREEN LAKE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY” At Camp Green Lake, there was a wreck room (everything in it was broken), showers (only 4 minutes with cold water), and no bathrooms (they did it in the holes). Dinner consisted of stewed meat and vegetables. They woke up at 4:30A.M.,because it was the coolest part of the day. Slide3:  3.    The desert was 95 degrees in the shade. There were rattlesnakes, scorpions, and yellow-spotted lizards. Desert: is a term applied to regions of the earth that are characterized by less than 254 mm (10 in) of annual rainfall, an evaporation rate that exceeds precipitation, and, in most cases, a high average temperature. Because of a lack of moisture in the soil and low humidity in the atmosphere, most of the sunlight penetrates the ground. Daytime temperatures can reach 55° C (131° F) in the shade. At night the desert floor radiates heat back to the atmosphere, and the temperature can drop to near freezing. Deserts are caused by a combination of climate patterns and geological features. Slide4:  4.       His no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather lived in Latvia. His name was Elya Yelnats. Latvia is a republic in northeastern Europe. Latvia is one of the Baltic states, along with Lithuania and Estonia. Its name in Latvian is Latvijas Republika (Republic of Latvia). Rîga is the capital and largest city, as well as the chief port. Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Ethnic Latvians constitute a slight majority of the population, while Russians represent the largest minority group. Many of the Russians or their ancestors settled in Latvia after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) annexed the republic in 1940. Latvia was a republic of the USSR until 1991, when it regained its independence. In 1993 the country held its first post-Soviet democratic elections. Since the early 1990s, Latvians have been working to transform the country’s centralized, Soviet-developed economy into one based on the principles of the free market. Slide5:  5.  One hundred years ago there was a lake named Green Lake. It was the largest lake in Texas. The lake was fool of clear cool water. There was a town on the lakeshore. The town was beautiful and green with a lot of peach trees. It wasn’t a desert yet. 6.    The new house had a laboratory in the basement. They got a TV. I think the house was big and beautiful. Max Y. (B.) Slide6:  The beginning of May –Stanley was arrested, Zero stole the shoes. May 24 –Stanley came to Camp Green Lake.  July 4 -The Warden starched Mr. Sir’s face, Stanley agreed to teach Zero.  July 8- Zigzag’s birthday, Stanley fought with Zigzag, Zero left Camp Green Lake.  July 9- Stanley stole the truck and left Camp Green Lake.  July 9 night- Stanley was carrying Zero up to the mountain.   July 10- Stanley’s father invented his cure for foot odor.  July 16- Stanley and Zero found the suitcase, and then left Camp Green Lake with Stanley’s lawyer.  A year and a half after that Clyde Livingston Came to the Stanley’s house. Dmitry Y. (B.) Slide7:  By Jean P. One day, Stanley got a pair of sneakers that had fallen from the sky. His father was a poor inventor who had tried to invent rubber that could be recycled. That is why Stanley grabbed those sneakers and that is why he got into trouble. He had to choose whether he would go to jail or a strange camp, Camp Green Lake, as a punishment for stealing the sneakers. His parents were poor, so he had to go to Camp Green Lake. The Camp was different from other common camps, such as it didn’t have fences, and there were no trees, lakes, or even water. Also, the boys in that camp had to dig holes each day. Stanley was assigned to Tent D, which was directed by Mr. Pendanski. He could take a shower for 4 minuets with cold water, and get food which was taken out of cans. On the first day of digging holes, Stanley got up early in the morning to dig a hole for that day. Through digging the hole, he found a fish fossil, and X‑ray convinced Stanley to give him anything else that found , and would get him to give him a free day. By the end of the day, Mr. Pendanski gave them some questions such as "What do you want to be in the future?" Magnet said he would get a job that connects with animals. Boys and Mom (Mr. Pendanski) talked about dreams and shared opinions. Slide8:  During the second day of digging, Stanley found a lipstick tube that had KB written on the bottom. He gave it to X-Ray, and X-Ray decided to wait until the next day to turn it in so he could get a whole day off. The Warden liked the tube, so the rest of the six boys had to dig seven holes for X-Ray. The Warden directed the boys to dig twice in pairs. One boy would dig the dirt up and throw it to the partner, then the partner would search the pile for things. Stanley got a letter from his mom. On the next day, they were digging a huge hole together, but there was trouble with Stanley. Zigzag hit Stanley on the side of his head with his shovel. His wound was so bad that it made him collapse. When he was rested, Zero asked Stanley to teach him to read, but he refused because he was not sure that he had enough strength to teach. Later, Magnet stole Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds and shared them with the other boys the next day. Because Stanley didn’t really want to eat them like other boys did, he spilled the seeds in his hole. Mr. Sir demanded that he tell him who really stole the bag of seeds, but no one defended Stanley, even though they all knew who really did it. When they went to the Warden’s cabinet, the Warden scratched Mr. Sir’s face, all across his cheek with her mysterious nails just because Mr. Sir disturbed her free time with this private event. Slide9:  When Stanley came back to camp, someone dug his hole and had nearly finished. He learned that Zero did it because Stanley was innocent, so Stanley decided to teach Zero the alphabet. Later, Mr. Sir started to spill the water, instead of giving it to Stanley because he was angry that the Warden had scratched him and blamed Stanley for it. One hundred and ten years ago, Green Lake was the biggest lake in Texas. Also there was a pretty teacher who was called Miss Katherine. She made spiced peaches that tasted extremely good that no one would even try to make. She taught until the sun went down to unenlightened men, but they were more interested in Miss Katherine than in learning. Trout Walker was a stupid man, who thought he should be her husband because he was the richest man in the county. However, Miss Katherine fell in love with a poor onion picker, Sam. Sam had an old donkey, Mary Lou, who ate only onions that were grown by Sam. One day, after Katherine kissed him in the rain, people had heard that their teacher kissed a Negro. They killed Mary Lou and Sam in front of Katherine. Katherine became sad and crazy, so she robbed all banks in her path in the county and in Houston. She became the most feared outlaw in all western states. Katherine returned to her own town twenty years later. She was caught by Walker and he demanded that she tell him where she had buried her loot. Slide10:  She told him and his wife, Linda that there wasn’t any loot, but they didn’t believe her and started to hit and shout at her. Katherine finally died laughing with two words, “ Start digging”. She didn’t give them any clues. After all, because she had cursed them, they would need to dig the ground for the next 100 years. They never found it. Mr. Sir finally handed Stanley water, but Stanley couldn’t drink any because he was afraid of the substance that Mr. Sir might have put into the water when he was disappeared for a second. Stanley also finished teaching the alphabet Zero and found that Zero was a real quick learner. He taught him how to write “Zero”, but Zero confessed that his name was Hector Zeroni. The weather condition was getting humid because of the approaching storm. Stanley return to the memories of his Great-grand father’s story about surviving in Gods thumb. Slide11:  No one even minded what his Great grand father had said, but now, Stanley wondered if the rock that he had seen ahead was the real God’s thumb. The next day was Zigzag’s birthday, July 8th, and Stanley started to dig his 45th hole after celebrating Zigzag’s birthday. After their lunch break, Zigzag started a quarrel with Stanley because of the deal between Stanley and Zero. Even other boys mocked Stanley because Zero was working for Stanley like a slave. Mr. Pendanski tried to stop the fighting, but Zigzag wouldn’t stop hitting Stanley. The Warden was angry with Zero because he had tried to learn the alphabet instead just digging holes. She mocked Zero in front of all the counselors, and finally Zero ran away after he swung the shovel and it hit Mr. Pendanski across the face. Stanley thought about how selfish he was while he dug Zero’s hole as a punishment for everyone. He was angry with himself. A few days later, Stanley was expected to lie about Zero’s living. As long as even Stanley didn’t know where Zero was, they decided to destroy all Zero’s files from the State computer. Two days later, Brian, a new kid was assigned to Group D. He helped Stanley to steal the water truck. Stanley wanted to drive it and find Zero because he really worried about Zero and wanted to find him easily, but the truck got stuck in a pile of dirt. Stanley had to run away from the camp with his empty canteen. Slide12:  He decided to find Zero. He would walk as far as he thought that he could walk, so that he would have enough energy to walk back. He had to run when he met a lizard family in the hole, and that made him find Zero under the boat. They walked toward God’s thumb, and hoped that it would give them water. They tried to forget them suffering, from the emptiness of their stomachs by eating a little bit of jelly stuff that they had discovered under the boat or by playing a spelling game. Stanley didn’t believe that there would be water on top of the rock, but he encouraged himself and Zero to climb up to the top. He dug a hole in the swamp to get water for Zero after he carried fainting Zero from middle part of the cliff to the top. Slide13:  They lived on only onions and dirty water that was coming from the hole, for a week. Zero really didn’t want to go back, but Stanley convinced him to pack up. Zero told Stanley about who his mom was and about his childhood. Zero went inside of the Camp to get some food while Stanley dug the hole in which he thought he had found the lipstick tube. They felt like strangers were coming and they were counselors! Zero and Stanley found a strange box just a little while before. Warden was glad to get the box, her whole reason for the boys digging holes. Mr. Sir told Stanley that his lawyer came to get him back. On the next day, the Attorney of the State and Stanley’s lawyer, Ms. Morengo started to investigate this weird camp. The Warden didn’t care what would happen because her purpose was the box that Stanley had gotten. However, “STANLEY YELNATS” was written outside the boy and it helped to defend Stanley. Zero also got to go back home with Stanley because there was no information about Zero. Stanley’s dad had invented a new type of perfume that smelled like peaches instead of a new type of rubber that could be recycled. Both Stanley and Zero got a lot of money as legal fee. Stanley could get away from poverty and Zero found his mother. At Livingston’s party, she sang a song that could be connected with Stanley’s. Slide14:  If only, if only, the moon speaks no reply. Reflecting the sun and all that’s gone by. Be strong my weary wolf, turn around boldly. Fly high, my baby bird, My angel, my only. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies.” While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, Crying to the moo—oo—oon, “If only, if only.” Slide15:  By Haena K. Stanley Yelnats – He is the main character of this book. His whole name is Stanley Yelnats the 4th. He is overweight and poor. He is an only child. He is very lonely because he doesn’t have many friends in school. Everybody picks on him. One example is that Derrick Dunne put Stanley’s notebook in the toilet. Another example is when his math teacher embarrassed him by calling him fat in front of the class. At Camp Green Lake, he was quiet and shy. After a while he became confident and happy because he made many friends there (X-ray, Squid, Armpit, Magnet, Zero and Zigzag etc) He is a very nice, kind, and helpful person because he helps Zero how to read and write. He is also a peaceful person and doesn’t want to fight. For example, X-Ray borrowed something and denied it. Stanley knew the truth but did not want fight about it. He is also a very thoughtful person. He doesn’t want his mom to worry about him at Camp Green Lake, so he told her that he is having a great time. So I think he is a really good son. Slide16:  Stanley Yelnats 3 – he is Stanley’s dad. He is an inventor. He works at a place that recycles sneakers and he invests in a foot odor business. I think he is a really nice father because he tries to help Stanley for his sneaker problem by getting a lawyer for Stanley when he was in Camp Green Lake. He is also traditional because he sang a special song to Stanley that was sung to Elya Yelnats, Stanley’s great-great grandfather. Slide17:  Barf bag – he was one guy at Camp Green Lake. But Stanley never met him. He slept in the bed before Stanley. He went to the hospital and never returned. Slide18:  X-ray - he has a real name Rex. He is a black guy and wears glasses. He is a very nice guy; because when Stanley came to Camp Green Lake he was very kind to Stanley. He introduced Stanley to everybody. However, he is also selfish. For example, X-Ray had a gold lipstick cube and kept it for himself. When Stanley wanted it back, he pretended he didn’t know what he was talking about. X-Ray gave the warden the gold lipstick cube so he could get a break from digging. Slide19:  Elya Yelnats- he is Stanley’s great-great grandfather. Stanley usually calls him the no good dirty rotten pig stealing great- great grandfather. He is Latvian He moved to America when he was young. He disappointed on Myra Menke, because she was stupid. Slide20:  Myra Menke- she is a very beautiful girl but empty-headed. For example, when she chose her husband, she told two men to pick a number between one and ten. The person who was closest became her husband. Slide21:  Sam - He was an onion picker and he felling in love with Katherine Barlow. He is a black guy, very strong, and very nice. He is very helpful especially to Katherine. Whenever she needs help, he goes and helps her. Slide22:  Mr. Pendanski- He is a counselor of Camp Green Lake. He is bald and has a beard. He is afraid of the Warden. He always takes care of Group D. He is worried about them and he tries to help them make decisions for their future this is where he got his nickname “mom”. Slide23:  Mr. Sir- he is a guard at Camp Green Lake. He usually eats sunflower seeds Because he quit the smoking. He is very demanding because he wants all the kids to work very hard digging the holes. Slide24:  Magnet – he is another kid at Camp Green Lake. He is a Hispanic. He is sneaky because he is a good thief. He stole a pack of sunflowers seed from Mr. Sir Slide25:  Armpit - he has real name that is Theodore. He uses the bed with Stanley. He is black. Slide26:  Zigzag - His real name is Ricky. He is a white guy. Slide27:  Warden- she works at Camp Green Lake. She has freckles all over her face. She also has red hair. She always wears cowboy outfit with a cowboy hat. She is greedy. She always wants gold. When Stanley found them she made the people dig the hole. She has a bad personality. She is also violent. She usually hits somebody when she gets mad. She is evil. She usually put rattlesnake poison on her nail, because that makes color bright. She scratched Mr. Sir when she put the rattlesnake poison on her nails and it was not quite dry, so Mr. Sir’s face turn to purple. Also, she hit Mr.Pendanski, so Mr.Pendanski afraid of her. When Zero disappeared she just destroyed Zero’s paper, because she doesn’t want to get into the trouble. Slide28:  Zero- A black boy. His real name is Hector Zeroni. He is great great son of Madame Zeroni. He was quiet person. He wasn’t talk to Stanley and he didn’t smile to him. He didn’t know how to read and write. One day Stanley’s mom mailed a letter to Stanley. Zero saw the letter and said that he wanted to learn how to write and read. But he is really good at math. He could count onions that Stanley and Zero ate it. He said he liked dig the holes but actually he hated dig the holed. Zero scratched Mr. Pendanski’s face and ran away Because he wanted to ran away. And met Stanley at the desert and ate tons of onions. Slide29:  Katherine Barlow- she was a schoolteacher who fell in love with Sam. She is very nice and kind person she teaches kindly. She was very pretty. She kissed Sam and they got into trouble. Trout Walker killed Sam and she moved to other state and she stole the Stanley’s great-great grandfather’s fortune and hide in the desert. Unfortunaly she was crazy when she back to Green Lake. And died from the bite of the yellow spotted lizard. Slide30:  Trout Walker- he loved Katherine Barlow. He is very mean person. He killed Sam and Mary Lou. He married Linda Walker. They are looked for Stanley’s great-grandfather’s fortune. They couldn’t find that. And Warden is his granddaughter, so that is why Warden keeps looking for fortune. Slide31:  By KyungWon M. obstacle – interference descendant – children of family perseverance – never giving up failure – not a success neglect – not attend premise – assumption hesitate – waver wearily – tired sanitary – clean coincidence – not planned humiliating – disgrace, embarrassing despicable – mean flesh – fat, skin impression – imprint defective – incomplete Slide32:  16. unearthed – excavated, found 17. preferred – liked more forlorn – alone, sad steady – even previously – before summon – call, invite furniture – pieces you sit on sprawled - spread out upholstery – material used to cover chairs veterinarian – a person who treats animals medically occasionally – sometimes squint – stare with almost closed eyes engraved – written on something hard like a ring plopped – fell into accomplish – complete, finish Slide33:  appropriate – fits the needs authority – power paranoid – skeptical, nervous gaze – steady look jab – push fume – smoke, smell spill – slop appreciating – recognizing, thankful ingredient – element toxic – poisonous moan – a complaint sound stationery – writing materials recited – listed float – stay on top of the water astonishment – surprise Slide34:  blossom – flower fabulous – unreal fungus – mushroom, at one time grotesque – strange, gross semester – half of a year quivering – shaking wriggle – move back and forth to get out of something blurry – not clear rummaging – going through and looking for something drought – land is dry briefly – shortly indeed – really feeble – weak desperately – need badly riot – disturbance Slide35:  slit – slice in something reference – talk about something related ignition – light, fire revved – spin the engine, vroom vroom frustration – despair, feel like you want to but can’t do something shimmering – bright forearm – wrist area consonant - opposite of Vowel resemble – be like peel – pull off the skin meadow – pasture clutch – tight grip drifted - floated away contritely – be sorry particularly – especially Slide36:  bullies – people who pick on others delirious – A feeling you have when you are excited or don’t know what’s going on mutter – murmur poured – moving liquid indistinct – not different adjacent – near exhaled – breathed out illuminate – light up scurried – ran quickly frantically – in a panic strenuous – hard exaggerated – overstated authorization – permission authenticate – make true, real stagger – totter Slide37:  circumstance – situation comprehend – understand jurisdiction – section in control incarcerated – imprisoned neutralize – put in the middle, not one side or the other… not take sides Illustrations and Putting on Power Point by Marina A. DANGER!:  DANGER!

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