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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: playthenet

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playthe.net is a service provider of digital signage out of home

Madrid, feb 19th 2014 Show everyone Hola, We are playthe.net +34 969 24 0221 | www.playthe.net | info@playthe.net

2   Index 03. About us 06. playthe.net 08. e>plays models 10. Content 11. Advantages 12. Where we are 13. Data 14. playthe.net universe 15. Connected community 17. Street 18. Pharmacy channel 22. Bars & Cafes 28. Supermarkets 29. Shopping Malls 30. Special actions 33. Our clients 34. Contact

3   About us. We help our clients making technology more accesible. playthe.net is part of amaranto, a Spanish company specialized in providing our clients with solutions in the following fields: > Marketingmedia > Consultancy > Technology Main clients: Telefónica, Ono, Roche, Solimat, Brand Value… > Outsourcing > BPO


5   Discover playthe.net 4  

6   *Data provided by playthe.net March 1st 2013 Launch yourself in our international screen network in an easy and fast way. You can plan your own advertising campaign with our templates. Appart from communicate, you can also get extra revenues by broadcasting ads in your own screen. playthe.net increases your visibility and your revenues! Get to thousands of clients withe the on line reservation platform “playthe.net Store”. Advertise at a low cost!   Increase the income of your company!   Impressive discounts in your favourite shops!   25,500 Users in the red playthe.net network >3,500 Advertisers in playthe.net 15,623 Members in Social Media >3,500 Points in the Spanish networkred 24.145 Point sin the Asian network playthe.net is a service provider DIGITAL SIGNAGE OUT OF HOME


8   Available e>plays Double sided Outdoor display duble sided 80” e>play e80/2vd Indoor display 47” e>play i47vi 42”/47” Outdoor display 47” e>play e47vd Also available Double sided playthe.net player Indoor display 47” e>play i47id 42”/ 37”y 32” For indoor & outdoor display.


10   Contents Brand Content strategy Shop window: Striking contents with offers that encourage people to consume. Indoor: Information, entertainment, promotions, third party advertisements. * The possibilities available for contents are almosr endless. We can develop any service for your business Communication strategy with dynamic contents, animations, videos and advertising depending on the location of the e>plays

11   Advantages These are the advantages offered by playthe.net Inmediate and effective dvertising impact for the brand. Campaign real- time launching Brand interactivity with the P.O. Tying brand with entertainment and leisure Sociability throgh social networks Segmentation by P.O. and location Accesible and programmable grid> prime time access Appealing and original: [thus tying brand with innovation and technology] Measurable Why should you include playthe.net in your possitioning strategy?

12   Andalucía: Almería: - Cádiz: 2 Córdoba: 16 Granada: 13 Huelva: 13 Jaén: - Málaga: 42 Sevilla: 61 Aragón: Huesca: Teruel : 6 Zaragoza: 43 Asturias: Asturias: 33 Cantabria: Cantabria: 27 Castilla y León: Ávila: 12 Burgos: 26 León: 19 Palencia: 10 Salamanca: 9 Segovia: 15 Soria: 3 Valladolid: 20 Zamora: 21 Castilla-La Mancha: Albacete: 57 Ciudad Real: 18 Cuenca: 45 Guadalajara: 27 Toledo: 55 Cataluña: Barcelona: 818 Girona: 14 Lleida: Tarragona: 13 Extremadura: Badajoz: 88 Cáceres: 22 Galicia: La Coruña (A Coruña): 28 Lugo: 4 Orense (Ourense): 6 Pontevedra: 5 La Rioja: La Rioja: 30 Comunidad de Madrid: Madrid: 1067 Región de Murcia: Murcia: 25 Navarra: Navarra: 87 País Vasco: Álava (Araba): 26 Guipúzcoa (Gipuzkoa): 10 Vizcaya (Bizkaia): 55 Comunidad Valenciana: Alicante: 77 Castellón: 8 Valencia: 400 playthe.net in Spain More than 3.500 e>plays Navarra 87 e>plays País Vasco 91 e>plays La Rioja 30 e>plays Aragón 49 e>plays Cataluña 845 e>plays Castilla y León 135 e>plays Madrid 1067 e>plays C. Valenciana 485 e>plays Galicia 43 e>plays Asturias 33 e>plays Cantabria 27 e>plays Castilla-La Mancha 202 e>plays Islas Canarias 32 e>plays Andalucía 247 e>plays Extremadura 110 e>plays R. de Murcia 25 e>plays Baleares 2 e>plays

13   1-gambling 2-automotive industry 3-Finance 4-Food& beverages 5-Transport, travelling and tourism 6-Media, teaching & culture 7-Telecommunications 8-Textile & clothes 9-Distribution & Hospitality sector 10- Services (public& private) -Others -Beauty -Beverages -Health -Cleaning -Energy -Personal objectsOther sectors Sex Mujer HombreMale   Female   54,15% 45,85% 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 18-24 27,5% 25-34 33,5% 35-44 15,5% 45-54 12,5% 55-64 5,5% + de 65 5,5% Age Data Interests classification Data from Google AnalyticsData from Google Analytics Data from IAB

14   e>plays network In all the e>plays network General rotation • Pharmacies • Hospitality - bars & cafes • Supermarkets • Shopping malls • Street Sell by channel     Proximity, City, zip code, Community, province Sell by location ad-hoc circuits Special actions In all the e>plays network Brand channel • Exclusiva communication of a brand • QR code • Augmented reality • Mobile • Social Media • Brand Content Brand experiences Universe playthe.net Reach your target audience

15   > #people per Bar > location > Traffic > where they connect > Connected clients to all the network > Related to the use of playthe.net | number of clients belonging to the network: SEX AGE > Average leght of the connection > Return> number of people that connect more than twice > Operating system > Manufacturer > Events history Data Connected playthe.net community SSID playthe.net 1. Network selection 2. Sign up the first time 3. Surf when you identify the network

16   Intelligent WIFI inteligente #people connected per e>play Data

17               Street Communicate your messagee Where your target audience is 115 screens

18   Advantages of the channel Pharmacy channe 1,577 screens 2 videowalls

19   Pharmacists have a strong prescribing power Screens attract attention > They reduce the feeling of waiting by 20% . > 30% of users purchase items guided by advertising. > 65% of users remember the contents broadcasted while waiting in the pharmacy. > Screens get 7 times more attention than traditional PLV’s. An efficient channel > A sales increase of 42% of advertised products in pharmacies of the network. >Sales increase of 162% as far as impulse purchasing and seasonal selling is concern. Advertising is designed to make an impact on users. >The loop has been designed to optimize the investment, thus maximizing the audience (up to 100% of the clients). >We incorporate audio. This channel allows maximum efficiency in segmentation. >Total geographical segmentation flexibility. Target points of the network can be chosen one by one. >Possibility of broadcasting a specific content in each pharmacy. >Possibility to offer specific advertising campaigns with specific offers, depending on the enviroment. Advantages over our competitors in pharmacies. >The pharmacist is freed from dealing with it. >Contents are remotely and centrally controlled, thus assuring the proper broadcasting of contents. Advantages of the channel PHARMACY Channel

20   Pharmacy channel Average data measurement calculated by controlling the receipts of the pharmacies and consumer studies. Total data calculated with 1,500 pharmacies as a a reference. impact GENDER % Male 40% Female 58% Unknown 2% Total 100% AGE % <30 9% From 30 to 39 39% From 40 to 49 20% From 50 to 59 11% >=60 19% Unknown 2% Total 100% ICE % Low 3% Medium-low 8% Medium 24% Medium-High 35% Hign 25% Unknown 2% Total 100% Audience composition Daily impacts by pharmacy : Daily impacts in the whole network : Monthly impacts in the whole network: Trotal impacts by three-month campaign : 416 625,000 16,250,000 48,750,000  

21   Success stories   Pharmacy channel > Permanent advetising campaign of a laboratory that has no investments in other advertising channels. > Service-providing campaign in the influence area of hospitals (Madrid, Guadalajara, Toledo, Segovia). > Campaign of local support for a national multimedia campaign, with geographical segmentation (only in cities where the company has representatives). > Campaign of a new homeopathic product with segmentation (broadcasting only in pharmacies where the product is available as a test). > Campaign at a national level with temporary segmentaction for seasonal products

22   advantages LIGA channel bars & cafes where football is broadcast and where the crowds gather. Have an impact on them.   Currently +2.530Exckusive contracts DOOH in Bars & cafes

January February March April May June July August September October November December 12.000 11.500 11.000 10.500 10.000 9.500 9.000 8.500 8.000 7.500 7.000 6.500 6.000 5.500 5.000 4.500 4.000 3.500 3.000 2.500 2.000 1.500 1.000 500 Installed equipments OTS Total e>play network belonging to the liga channel 2014 600 1.250 2.200 3.200 4.200 5.500 6.700 7.000 8.200 9.400 10.600 11.800 1.120.000 2.333.333 4.106.667 5.973.333 7.840.000 10.266.667 12.506.667 13.066.667 15.306.667 17.546.667 19.786.667 22.026.667 131.880.000 [Opportunity to See]

24   Navarra 268 points País Vasco 908 points La Rioja 135 points Aragón 562 points Cataluña 3135 points Castilla y León 1069 points Madrid 2708 points C. Valenciana 2133 points Galicia 1168 points Asturias 451 points Cantabria 248 points Castilla-La Mancha 876 points Islas Canarias 884 points Andalucía 3493 points Extremadura 462 points R. de Murcia 613 points Baleares 887 points TARGET 2014 20,000 screens installed Andalucía: 3.493 ALMERÍA: 290 CÁDIZ: 516 CÓRDOBA: 336 GRANADA: 383 HUELVA: 216 JAÉN: 280 MÁLAGA: 672 SEVILLA: 800 Aragón: 562 HUESCA: 95 TERUEL: 61 ZARAGOZA: 406 Asturias: 451 ASTURIAS: 451 Cantabria: 248 CANTABRIA: 248 Castilla y León: 1.069 SORIA: 40 SALAMANCA: 148 SEGOVIA: 69 PALENCIA: 72 LEÓN: 208 ÁVILA: 72 VALLADOLID: 223 ZAMORA: 81 BURGOS: 156 Castilla-La Mancha: 876 CIUDAD REAL: 221 GUADALAJARA: 105 CUENCA: 91 ALBACETE: 168 TOLEDO: 291 Cataluña: 3.135 TARRAGONA: 337 BARCELONA: 2300 GIRONA: 314 LLEIDA: 184 Extremadura: 462 BADAJOZ: 289 CÁCERES: 173 Galicia: 1.168 A CORUNA: 478 LUGO: 148 OURENSE: 140 PONTEVEDRA: 402 Islas Baleares: 887 ISLAS BALEARES: 887 ISALAS CANARIAS: 884 ISLAS CANARIAS: 848 La Rioja: 135 LA RIOJA: 135 Comunidad de Madrid: 2.708 MADRID: 2708 Región de Murcia: 613 MURCIA: 613 Navarra: 268 NAVARRA: 268 País Vasco: 908 VIZCAYA: 481 GUIPÚZCOA: 295 ÁLAVA: 132 Comunidad Valenciana: 2.133 ALICANTE: 804 CASTELLÓN: 252 VALENCIA: 1077 Spain playthe.net Liga channel 2014

25   Source: Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. > There are 280,000 restaurants and bars in Spain > We visit these restaurants and bars 6,263,000,000 times/year > The average establishment has 22,400 visits/ year > This translates into 135 visits/year per person > Every person in Spain makes 3 drink/food orders per week in these establishments > The average amount spent (average bill) is €4.33 per visit/person > 46.2% of drink/food orders are made because we are with friends or in a leisure environment bars and coffee shops broadcasting football matches and gathering crowds that will be hit by e>play ads   Liga Channel Channel benefits The LIGA Channel is a channel being developed throughout the Spanish territory with investment of playthe.net in bars and coffee shops broadcasting football matches and gathering crowds that will be hit by the ads. In January and February, playthe.net will have more than 1,000 bars and coffee shops, and we have the aim of developing 20,000 screens from 2014 to the beginning of 2015 in Spain.

26   Sector data Hospitality and Bars CONSUMER PROFILE   > Mainly male from 25 to 45 year old. > Out of home and mostly in the reagions of Andalucia, Comunidad Valenciana, Madrid metro area and big cities. se consume más en las regiones de Andalucía. > Middle class people, households without kids and 3-4 member families. Source: Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. % VISITS PER TIME OF CONSUMPTION   SNACK 10%   BREACKFAST 11%   LUNCH 28%   NIGHT TIME SNACK 3%   MID MORNING SNACK 11%   AFTERNOON SNACK 14%   DINNER 23%  

27   The screen e>play playthe.net > Professional screen 40” > playthe.net player for content managementde > People counter > Allows to filter advertising from the competitors

28   Supermarkets Supermarkets boast a high number of visitors daily as they provide basic necessities screens catch your attention • Efficient and direct communication. Boost the sales of a number of articles. • It allows to broadcast content in the most appropriate place and at the proper time. Efficient channel • Boosts the impulse purchase in the point of sale. • Boosts the advertising retention more than TV and others. Advertising is ment to have an impact • eThe waiting time assures a great impact on the audience, boosting the purchase interest and communication. Advantages of the channel Most purchase decissons are taken in the point of sale   Audience > Average of 25,000 attending daily to these supermarkets > 30 minutes per visit on average 168 screens 23 supermarkets

29   Shopping malls Advantages of the channel Imaginalia Albacete > 6,000,000 people/year • Efficient and direct communication, reindforcement of sales in all products. • It allows to broadcast content in the most appropriate place and at the proper time. • Boost the impulse purchase at the point of sale. Plaza Mayor Xativa > 5,500,000 people/year PM Gandía > 4,500,000 people/year 21 screens 4 Shopping malls Plaza Central Calpe > 1,500,000 people/year Most purchase decissons are taken in the point of sale  

30   New innovative meand for brand possitioning. Use playthe.net technology fotr your special projects Special actions communication 2.0 Conversational circuits for your brand> positioning Maximum brand interaction iwith the audience> loyalty QR codes> icrease traffic in your networks > Linking Linking brand with innovation

31   Pilot coca cola: It was developed with a digital signage stand and a platform that allows you to make orders . The devices are placed next to vending machines so that it takes advantage of the product replacement process of the vending machine. Special projects Coca cola

32   Special projects Metro Pilot Metro: It was developed with a digital signage stand . Ithe project was developed for the line 2 , with low mobile coverage . Thus, information and advertising were combined in a transport network used by millions of people.

33   We are members of: Success stories:   Our clients

Luis Miguel Vindel CEO lmvindel@playthe.net   Contact us, We are here Espronceda, 40 28003 MADRID Spain T + 34 91400 88 41 Cervantes, 2-3º 16004 CUENCA Spain T+ 34 90218 0008 And here www.playthe.net playthe.net/blog/ facebook.com/playthenet.es twitter.com/playthenet_ www.linkedin.com/company/playthe.net http://www.youtube.com/user/plataformaplaythenet

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