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Published on December 22, 2008

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Cultural Frameworks : Cultural Frameworks Bob Eng and Ash Rao Slide 2: K&S Value System Relation to nature Orientation to time Basic human nature Being / Doing / Contain and control Hierarchy / informal Space Slide 3: Hall’s Framework Context: High or Low Space Time Speed of messages between individuals / organizations Slide 4: Hofstede’s Dimensions Power distance Individualism/collective Masculine/feminine (career orientation/family orientation) Uncertainty avoidance Short-term/long-term view Low vs. High Power Distance : Low vs. High Power Distance High value on independence Dislike close supervision Consultative, participative style is preferred in leader. Positive associations with power and wealth Weaker work ethic Prefer directive superiors High value on obedience Formal employee participation possible without consultation Low vs High Individualism : Low vs High Individualism Large co. attractive Aspire to conformity and orderliness Security is important Group decisions are better than individual Support “tradition” People are thought of as “in” or “out” Work with company if it meets individual goals Aspire to leadership and variety Enjoyment of life is appealing Need to make specific friendships Low vs High Masculinity : Low vs High Masculinity Group decisions Less interest in recognition Reject company interference in private life Managers have a service ideal Strong achievement orientation Work central to lives Corporation has a greater social role Theory X gets some support Prefer more salary to shorter work hours Low vs High Uncertainty Avoidance : Low vs High Uncertainty Avoidance Less hesitation to change employers Lower average age in high level jobs Manager need not be expert in field to manage it. Accept foreigners as managers More emotional resistance to change Fear of failure, less risk-taking Prefer clear instructions Suspicious about motives behind company activities Types of Conflict : Types of Conflict Substantive terms Process related Personality Fit with Media : Fit with Media Synchronous Asynchronous Conflict Intensity Low High ? ? Communication Technology – Fit with Culture : Communication Technology – Fit with Culture Source: “Wired International Teams”, Hofstede, et al, Tilburg University, Netherlands

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