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Published on December 29, 2016

Author: HormazMistry


1. INSIGHT Achieving competitive advantage through a deeper level of Brand and business understanding. IDENTITY Building business and brand identity through cost-effective marketing strategies and ground level initiatives. INNOVATION Support in introducing / reinventing new products and services to drive profitable growth. PUBLICRELATIONS

2. Why HMBC ? End to End E-Business Delivery Strength in Versatality Data Driven Approach 18/7 Customer Care With assistance from our technology partners, we have the resources to execute CentralAsia and South EastAsia. We are a multi-skilled agency with the ability to evolve and a creative streak that will aid you our clients. From Start-ups to government bodies and family businesses, the buck stops here. You need us, we are at your service.HMBC is driven by intelligent analysis an ground level experience. Nothing is ever done on a whim. Advice will be provided after thorough research and solid data collection. operations in the USA, Europe,

3. Hi, I am Delzeen Watcha Mistry, the marketing expert and co-founder of HMBC. I am here to help you build your brand into a world beater. I can provide advice on the foremost marketing solutions, brand management, public relations and much more. With a work portfolio spanning over a media links. My prominent clientele include members of the top 1% of corporate India and Government authorities.Also, helping Small and Medium sized enterprises build a brand alongside personality image management are my forte. My educational qualifications include degree in Human Resources and Mass Media Management with a speciality in Advertising and Brand Management. On a personal front, I am extremely passionate about Yoga and its ability to DELZEEN WATCHA MISTRY About Co-Founder decade, I thrive at networking, research based work and the ability to leverage time proven transform lives, also beings an avid traveler and a home maker.

4. About HMBC Founded in 2013; headquartered in Mumbai, India Partner Offices in Bengaluru and Kolkata with associates across India Presence in Tier2 and Tier3 cities Significant experience with SMEs and Start-ups Expertise across sectors, industries and media We have a passionate and enthusiastic team of publicists with a collaborative experience of over twenty years with Event publicity, High Net Worth Individuals, Book Launches, Business houses and Motion Pictures.

5. DIGITAL MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS DESIGNING Founded in 2015; headquartered in Mumbai we operate out of partner offices in Bengaluru and Kolkata. With a strong presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, our extended reach spans across various regions of India including Punjab and Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Armed with note-worthy experience with SMEs and Start-ups, there are few that can match our reach. Our expertise extends across multiple sectors, industries and various sections of the media both digital and conventional.


7. Offerings Strategic planning, communications and consulting Media relations Investor relations Corporate communications Crisis communications Content development Digital and social media Public affairs Blogger meets, roundtables and discussions Launches, disseminations, etc.

8. What we do Understand the clients brief and requirement in the current environment Strategize and plan accordingly Provide necessary training if required Define the plan of action along with its timeline Execute the proposed plan Track media for coverage, stories, etc. Review and evaluate the success

9. Mediums Print Electronic Wire Agency Online Bloggers Investors Radio `

10. Brief Maximise Visibility and re-establish brand authority in Mumbai through strategic media planning and targeted media exposure. Networking on behalf of the Founder. Propagating the key USP's and unique workouts available at the Centres. Arrange media interactions and event opportunities for Mrs Navaz Modi Singhania (Founder). Multiple Press releases and coverage in industry relevant media publications. Radio interviews. Magazines with Regional and national coverage. Strategic PR consultancy. Tasks Performed Case Study 1 Body Art Fitness Centre Health Magazine, Mothers Day

11. HT Cafe Fitness Insights, November 2016 Urbanmelange Magazine, November 2016 Urbanmelange Magazine, September 2016

12. Case Study 2 Life Changing Mudra’s by Deepa Vaswani Smartlife Magazine, December 2014 Brief Create an identity for the Yoga Mudra Expert and introduce Deepa to the media community and the public as a whole. Networking on behalf of Deepa across a large spectrum of Media publications. Conceptualizing and placement of the practitioner's profile and key USP's of the Yoga Mudra 'way of life'. Arrange media interactions by inviting note-worthy editors and journalists for Deepa's personal consultancy. Speaker opportunities for the client. Multiple Press releases and coverage in industry relevant media publications. Radio interview. Magazines with Regional coverage. Strategic brand consultancy. Tasks Performed

13. Citadel, November 2015 Education & Career, March 2015 Click to Play Audio

14. Case Study 3 Mrs. Earth 2015 - Priyanka Khurana Goyal Brief Create an identity for the recently crowned Mrs. India 2015. Bringing to the fore all her talents, social aspirations and her humanitarian efforts leading to her crowning at Mrs. Earth 2016 in Jamaica. Creating a personality profile, arranging professional photoshoots and body of work. Multiple Press releases and coverage in print media. Radio interview. Magazines with Regional coverage. Strategic brand consultancy. Chief guest opportunities at events, exhibitions, Show stopper opportunity at prominent Fashion show and at events supporting social causes. Tasks Performed Health Magazine- Fit For Life

15. Smartlife Magazine, April 2015 Deccanherald, May 2015 Sarvapratham Bollywood Glamour, April 2015 Gurgaon TimesWoman on Top Magazine, June 2015

16. Marwar Wedding Show in Marwar Magazine - Priyanka at Richfeel Click to Play Audio Radio One Interview 1 Click to Play Audio Radio One Interview 2 Click to Play Audio Click to Play Audio Click to Play Audio Click to Play Audio

17. Richfeel Trichology - Dr. Apoorva & Sonal Shah Brief To maximise media exposure for Richfeel and creating PR avenues to optimise sales pan-india. Tasks Performed Case Study 4 Richfeel Global Gujarati Magazine, Dec-Jan 2016 Keep media updated on all technological and regional developments. Exposure for the Founders through media interviews, speaker opportunities, participation in events & exhibitions. Pursuing Industry relevant awards on behalf of the company. Media planning - Negotiations - media buying.

18. Ana Detox Coverage in Health Magazine Afternoon D&C Newspaper Richfeel logo in Game on ad tie upDarashaw Emailer August 2014 RJ Archana from Radio city at Richfeel spa as a part of an experiential testimonial

19. CSR Project with Muskan foundation for childern with multiple disabilities In school events for Health Hair awareness programs – J B Petit school Kanika Maheshwari (Fame of Diya Aur Baati Hum) Experience The ANA Detox Hair Spa - With Richfeel Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah being felicitated by Mr Y. P Trivedi and Mr Sanjay Salunkhe at Jaro education felicitation ceremony Richfeel Project Empoerment launch at Army Wifes Welfare Association - Mumbai Dr Sir with Rj Hrishi K at Radio One Richfeel awareness activity at wonder years school program

20. Syenergy Environics Brief Creating awareness about Mobile Radiation and its harmful effects. Propagating the use of the multiple radiation protection solutions in the process. Tasks Performed Networking on behalf of the Founder Mr Ajay Poddar in Mumbai. Propagating the key USP's and health benefits of using the Envirochip (Mobile radiation protection). Arrange media interactions and event opportunities for the Founder at educational institutions and exhibitions. Multiple Press releases and coverage in B2B and B2C media publications. Radio interview. Magazines with Regional and national coverage. Case Study 5 Smart Life - Radiation Article

21. Case Study 6 Ruby Hall Clinic Brief As part of a campaign to augment their digital footprint, we undertook a compact yet effective Digital PR campaign to promote their technologically superior medical facilities, in-house consultants and philanthropy initiatives. Tasks Performed Arrange media interactions for the CEO with Journalists. Multiple Digital Press releases and coverage in B2B and B2C relevant website. Coverage in Magazine with Regional and national coverage.

22. Thank You ! T: (+91) 98920 49568 | E: | | Skype Id: hormazm rd No.15, 3 Floor, B Building, Navajbai Contractor Baug, Mori Road, Mahim West, Mumbai 400016. W:

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