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Published on December 29, 2016

Author: HormazMistry


1. DIGITALMARKETING INSIGHT Achieving competitive advantage through a deeper level of Brand and business understanding. IDENTITY Building business and brand identity through cost-effective marketing strategies and ground level initiatives. INNOVATION Support in introducing / reinventing new products and services to drive profitable growth.

2. Why HMBC ? End to End E-Business Delivery Strength in Versatality Data Driven Approach 18/7 Customer Care With assistance from our technology partners, we have the resources to execute CentralAsia and South EastAsia. We are a multi-skilled agency with the ability to evolve and a creative streak that will aid you our clients. From Start-ups to government bodies and family businesses, the buck stops here. You need us, we are at your service.HMBC is driven by intelligent analysis an ground level experience. Nothing is ever done on a whim. Advice will be provided after thorough research and solid data collection. digital operations in the USA, Europe,

3. Hi, I am Hormaz Dara Mistry, founder of HMBC. In 2014 we decided to set up our own company with the intention of making life easier for clients looking to build a brand with the latest marketing tools. I have a solid background in Business Administration, Marketing and Finance with a passion towards Digital Marketing. I feel to stand out in today's world of online clutter, businesses need a guide and at times a mentor to uncomplicate their work challenges and encourage innovation. That's where I come in. Very few digital marketers understand the actual sales process and come armed with credible ground level marketing experience required across multiple industries and HMBC. Hormaz Dara Mistry About Founder geographies in order to sell and/or propagate successfully. I believe the above to be our core USPat

4. DIGITAL MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS DESIGNING Hormaz Marketing and Brand Consultancy was born in the summer of 2014 with the intent of making the function of Marketing simpler and more cost-effective for all organisations. The idea was to aggregate the vast pool of creative and technical talent that India has to offer across a wide spectrum of marketing services and thereby enable local talent to serve the Global requirement. If you want to build a brand, be a world leader in the market or to just have your brand become a household name – HMBC is the place for you. With an innovative approach to modern media and expertise in Digital marketing, Public Relations and Designing, we believe that we can provide you the best strategy and solutions to help you make a tangible mark both Locally, Nationally and Globally.


6. Digital Deliverables Offering a proven track record in devising web marketing strategies that have crystallized brands in different industries including Healthcare from relative obscurity, building start up ventures, forging online partnerships, driving revenue and growing profits in a competitive market. Complete in-depth understanding of internet tools, trends and business models to raise an organizations profile across multiple web platforms. o 360 Marketing Consultancy Especially prescribed for business houses looking to venture in the digital space. Backed with credible Market research, Training staff to support the sales process and Creating personalized solutions with cost-effective tools, lets create true value for your organisation. 3600 Mobile Applications Have an idea for anApp? We have the skills for production, updation and marketing with database management. Website Development We develop clean websites with seamless interactivity with precise responsiveness. This is made possible with the coding and design visual experts who are an integral part of our core team.

7. Digital Public Relations We develop creative campaigns & unique digital positioning on industry relevant platforms. Armed with quality content creation skills, professional article submissions and press releases help create campaigns that will instantaneously connect with the target audience. Search Engine Optimization Optimizing your site's organic ranking on search engine results. Taking on the more challenging tasks of Broken link corrections, Extraction of sites’URL, Internal Link structuring, link building with optimum results. Social Media Extend your brand presence on relevant platforms that may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Blogs and much more. With quality Content creation skills and well-researched engagement ideas, success is guaranteed. Content Development Content is king and our team will make sure that your brand’s identity remains so. Our content is well researched, factually accurate and engaging while representing the purest voice of your brand in Video, Pictures, Flash, Infographic presentations and everything in between.

8. E- Commerce Our e-commerce services help you transform great digital experiences into amazing revenue generation opportunities. Online Reputation Management We can keep a close ear to the ground about your brand and what your audience expect, demand or criticize. Critical for online customer services, Issue identification and online crisis management. Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising Tell us about your target audience, Our experts have the skills to run highly precise marketing campaigns designed to give you true value for your money. Adword Campaigns, Display Networks, Social promotions, sales promotion and much more. Directory Listings We call it "The Real Force Multiplier". We engage industry relevant platforms to extend the reach of your products and services across the globe. Whether your aim is to get more sales or publicity, directories help create some of the best reference points for your brand online.

9. 40,000 leads generated 3,00,000 qualified leads over 4 months leads generated 25,000 Lead Generation Campaigns

10. B2B Campaigns Lead generation and communications for entire India franchise network Trade communications via email marketing Lead generation, email marketing and social media for Mumbai franchise stores

11. Social Media

12. Digital Video Campaigns

13. Website Created Home PageBirla Sun Life Mutual Fund Birla Sun Life Insurance

14. Fiat India – Make the Move Campaign

15. Campaign Microsites

16. APP’s Created Cricketfreeq

17. • Mascot led Engagement • 50+ Games • 60 Rhymes • E-Commerce • Security

18. Monitor

19. Some of our clients…

20. Some reputed clients from our Technology Partners

21. Case Study 1 HEALTH & WELLNESS INDUSTRY A well known name in the Health & Wellness Industry in Pune aiming to augment the visibility of their new State-of-the-art boutique Hospital. The aim was to publicise, create Word-of-mouth & improve upon footfalls. Opportunity Located on the outskirts of Pune in a sparsely populated area with limited scope for local advertising. Lack of appreciation for technologically advanced procedures in the masses. Lack of awareness about Social causes supported by Ruby Hall. Challenges A REPUTED HOSPITAL IN PUNE

22. Actions A fresh Social and Digital PR campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digital Newswire agencies targeted at the educated middle to high income individuals and families was initiated with clear messaging about Ruby Hall being at the forefront of Technological innovation and Philanthropy. Creating an emotional connect online to compliment their BTL measures on ground became essential with very favourable outcomes. Also, post a detailed analysis of customer engagement, an effective Lead Generation campaign was launched via Search Engines capturing the essence of their key surgical procedures and their USP's. Results The campaign recorded an average spike of 150% in Social Likes, Followers and Views from a purely regional audience with a staggering 15000 page views on Facebook in Q1 itself. Their website recorded an unprecedented growth of 500% in monthly traffic through a collection of Digital PR, SEO and SEM measures.

23. Case Study 2 GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION With years of experience managing local administrative bodies, we work closely with the PR team at TMC to comprehend, complement and fine-tune their overall digital presence. Some recent campaigns were to support their bid for the “Smart City” initiative by encouraging public participation & their ambitious Tree Plantation Drive in the years 2015 and 2016. Opportunity Digital unawareness, Language barrier (Marathi only), creativity deficit. Challenges THANE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION

24. Actions A detailed presentation in a classroom environment was conducted to educate the top brass and explain shortcomings and amendments to their existing setup, site and social platforms. Create quality content and engagement opportunities online including running contests, digital invites, social posts and emailer campaigns in the regional language. Results 30% increase in actual public participation on ground, 20% spike in Social Likes & Followers.

25. Case Study 3 HOME FURNITURE Homecreed is a dynamic ecommerce marketplace for quality wardrobes in India. With the online marketplace growing at 30% CAGR per annum, Homecreed has the potential to reach new heights with the proper publicity campaigns coupled with quality product proposition. Opportunity New entrant, Cluttered ecommerce space, pressure on margins, limited promotional budget. Challenges

26. Armed with a concise “Go to Market” plan and full-fledged secondary market research, Homecreed was enabled through a series of Digital PR and Social Media tactics, ably supported by a robust Search Engine marketing plan encouraging users to test & adapt to their “Design your Wardrobe Online” tool for a more personalised experience. To further increase traction, Homecreed is being gradually mentored to become a complete Wardrobe solutions provider; from refurbishing, exchange programs and much more. Results Launched the complete Digital marketing campaign in 20 days flat, comprising of On-page and Off-Page SEO, Social Profiling, conceptualisation and implementation of Search Engine Marketing, 200% and 250% increase in social interaction (Likes, Followers and views) and website traffic respectively. Creation of over 100 backlinks through social bookmarking and much more. Actions

27. Case Study 4 INTERIOR DECOR Redefining their social image after a companywide operational overhaul. The idea was to create a premium brand perception that doesn't warrant a discount. Apart from a dedicated end customer base, Zeba historically has been one of the preferred interior designers (for draping solutions) for many reputed hospitality driven business houses in India. Thus a reintroduction was long due and much awaited. Opportunity

28. Repositioning of the brand Zeba to the affluent Middle and High Income Households in Mumbai with strong pressure on margins from ecommerce players. Zeba being a Brick and Mortar establishment remains a tightly knitted family run organisation with strict quality controls and customised solutions that demand time and patience from the end user, a virtue in today's fast paced India. Challenges With a keen eye for design and a well defined target market, Social media served as the perfect place to begin identifying their actual audience base and learning their preferences, likes and dislikes. A detailed competitor analysis and secondary market research was conducted to ensure enough sales triggers were created to attract interior designers, architects and end-users alike. Actions Results A 50% increase in Social interactions was recorded by the second month of the association itself. A 30% increase in brand conversation was also witnessed in the same period (comments, shares etc).

29. Thank You ! T: (+91) 98920 49568 | E: | | Skype Id: hormazm rd No.15, 3 Floor, B Building, Navajbai Contractor Baug, Mori Road, Mahim West, Mumbai 400016. W:

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