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Published on November 26, 2013

Author: IVNCHE

Source: slideshare.net

http://helloaround.me ! Wonderwork Collective. 2013.

Liability limit Confidential presentation, business plan and strategy (hereinafter referred to as “Presentation”) consisting of financial forecast and market analysis, LLC n-Tel (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) constitute investment proposal. ! Acceptance of the presentation implies the Recipient’s agreement not to copy, reproduce, change or distribute the presentation to third parties in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Company. All information specified in the present document is confidential and the recipient has no legal right to release or disclose the information, available to the recipient, to third parties without the prior written consent of the Company. ! The recipient shall return all the copies of the presentation at the first request of the Company. This Presentation contains confidential information based on the data which is considered by the Company to be reliable. ! For confirmation of the information specified in this presentation the Company doesn't assume any liability for providing the Recipient with the Presentation , access to any additional information, updates or correction of potential inaccuracies which may appear in the present document. ! Besides, some estimates and projections prepared by the Company are shown in this presentation. These estimates and projections are significantly affected by economic, business and other factors which are beyond the Company’s control. 
 Despite the projections and assumptions and their feasibility, the Company makes no declaration that their achievability is guaranteed. In spite of the fact that the information presented in this document is considered by the Company to be precise, the Company is not responsible for errors or gaps in this presentation as well as for any other written or oral messages transmitted to the recipient or any other party during estimation of transactions connected with the Company.


Every big city is full of events: lectures, exhibitions, concerts, sales or oysters party in a restaurant. ! However, event owners do not have a way to inform people who are nearby about the event. The people by themselves and in advance find the event information or participate in an event accidentally or just miss it.

Generally, the main source of events information is traditional media, like Timeout.They fill out their magazines and website with information about main city events only. The information about events is coming only from their editors and only in one local language.


Taste a bite of fresh lobster, chips and delicious chees only for $12 tonight!

Consumers of this information are the people who wandering around the city. Some of them may be visitors and they do not speak local language. ! Let’s imagine that a person came to Moscow and found himself on the main street – Tverskaya. There are a lot of good places around and all natives know this. ! But how the visitor can get fresh information about discounts, exhibitions, concerts and tours which may take place on the next street and on its native language?

Market survey The size of Russian mobile applications market will increase by 8 times in 4 years* HLM works in three fast-emerging markets Local Search ( LS )* 5,1 Yelp 48 4,3 % 83 2010 2015 2010 2011 revenue, $ mln. Share of the total advertising 66 12 52,5 12,75 0 0 17 2010 Yelp 2011 5 2011 local.com 2011 BIA / Kelsey data 2012 PC 2010 2011 Foursquare 0 63,7 12% 20% 25% 2009 2010 2011 30,7 19,7 17 13 46,0 30 0 85,9 85,6 84,0 77,1 69,2 61,6 54,9 12 2010 90 60 Quantity of unique visitors (mln. people) Share Dynamics of geotargeted queries through Google in the USA 26 113,4 120 LS advertising ( BIA / Kelsey ) $ bil. 38 2016 Quantity Dynamics of geo targeted search query in the USA ($ mln. ) 45 0 2012 Geo targeted and local search demonstrate outstripping growth compared to usual search 90 3,3 % 500 0 0 8,2 9 G CA 700 69% R 350 Revenue and the share of LS advertising in the USA 0 1050 1000 New Media Mobile 4,5 1500 1400 $ mln. * Local search is a part of a larger market Location Based Services 2013 Mobile 2014 2015 2016 In the USA 40% of all queries from mobile phones through Google are geo-targeted. *According to ABI Reasearch agency’s estimates in 2013 global market of services based on location will reach 13,3 billion US dollars 1.8 billion of which is geocontext advertising

Come to see amazing performance by Marina Abramovich – “ With an Artist”

Hello Local Media (HLM) provides instant access to information about local events. The information is collected by our editorial and it’s broadcasted in thematic streams to the subscribers in different languages. ! We help people to share what they see now around them (street musician, fire, hole in the road, big discount). Also we provide event owners and places with a possibility to tell the people around about offers in real time. Like get a ticket to a theater, concert, buy a thing without visiting the store and many others.

Business concept HLM gives users additional functionality in everyday life: • • • • • • • • • Fast search for thematic local information in any language. Full information about businesses and organized by them special offers, sales and events. Possibility to get feedback by instant massages. Possibility to tell people nearby ( typical events are free ) or advertise events, offers & services. Possibility to track & subscribe to several streams at a time. Possibility to book goods or services. Possibility for system users to get special discounts from places. Notification from places about special offers, sales & news (by subscription) HLM gives Business additional functionality when working with clients: • • • • • • • Presentation of a place in every language. Attracting customers by giving special discounts & offers. Notification of customers by geolocation in real time. Possibility to have direct communication with local customers. User-friendly platform for building client database and CRM system for increasing loyalty Analytics of clients. Your offers are seen only by customers interested in topic at the moment ( there’s no annoyance from hard sell )


An editor and moderator manage every channel. This provides quality of information. ! The editor also collects events in the city and puts them in the app in order. This provides constant availability of information.

Tourists ! mln. Moscow S-Petesburg Kazan 12 5 1,2 5*+7 5** 2*** Ekaterinburg Sochi London Hong Kong 1,4 0,4 8,3 7,1 1 4,5 14 48,6 *5mln of only foreign tourists, 7 mln – Moscow region residents coming to work + newcomers from other Russian cities and towns.
 Pricelist Advertising offers, events & services. Paid time ( for every ad or packages ) special offers (from 2012) Advertising (PPA) paid special offers (from 2012) From $1 for single ad. Advertising marking places on the map and in the catalogue. Selling of contents. In 2011 total revenue was 1.6 billion rubles. Min. package: 35000 rub for 4 Moscow months. Coupons are given to users for being active or bought with money. For business they are free. Additional services (BTL) Unknown Advertising and CRM for subscription fee. Yearly packages 30-60 thousand rubles. Payment for clicks for API customers, exceeding threshold of 25000 openings of maps a day + selling olicenses. 0.5 for 1000/ 15$ - 20 for one license a month. Advertising: Payment for placing to the top of organizations list in the quiry. From 46,800 rubles a year Started free of charge, now they are selling mobile application to users 66 ruables($1,99) for the full version Started free of charge. Now they are implementing payment for advertising: payment for a click (opening catalogue) It is calculated individually for every customer Coupons: free discounts for users. % from stores deals Unknown Coupons are sold to users from15 to 50% of the price remain with Groupon Advertising coupons of other websites. Payment for clicks (transferring to a website) Unknown Yell City Population mln. Commercialization KuponGid Market analysis and competitors analysis Name Advertising: package offers. From 7 to 36 thousand rubles a year + payment for additional marketing services Yelp Advertising + coupons $300 from $1000 a month + selling coupons to users (30% of the deal or 10% of the present) HLM FourSquare 2GIS AlterGeo Zoon Google Maps & Places Yandex Maps LocalScope **2.3 mln foreign and 2.8 russian ! ***in 2013 in Kazan 2 million tourists are expected (in 2012 – 1.2 mln) Example of increasing 2GIS revenue 1800 2000 1350 1500 900 1000 450 500 0 0 mln. rub Lokata Ebay ! Deal-of-the-Day Groupon 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Payment for advertising is at the stage of test launch. 20 partners in 2012 brought 2$ mln

Name FourSquare 2GIS Quantity of users Area of operation Basic Functional/ Business Model meet Geosocial network let users Globally ~ 15 mln. 65000 visitors a day (website) Catalogue: all organizations of the city, their contact details, addresses, working hours+ detailed 3d map+ routes by auto Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or public transport BM: Selling places Italy (80 cities in total) for advertising on the map and in the catalogue (banner, place in the list, additional text) + franchising ~ 1mln. 7700 visitors a day (website) Zoon 25000 people a day (according to the head manager’s words) 4800 visitors (analytics) Google Maps & Places Yandex Maps ~ 100 mln a month ~ 20 mln Slogan friends, update their location and find out locations of their friend. Points are given 2009/ 2 million/valued at > Find interesting places around for every check-in at places. The most $700 mln (investments > you. When the world is your active visitor of the lace becomes its $110 mln) venue! Unlock your City! mayor. Feedbacks about places, search filters. BM: from 2012 advertising (Promoted Specials) Venue API. 30 mln AlterGeo Year of Lauch/ Revenue/ 1999( web)/1.6 billion rubles 2011/capitalization Free catalogue. Organizations with a map. Free. Fast. Easy. 2009/ capitalization: $40 mln.(>$10 mln) AlterGeo – is a new way to look at your city. Have a good check-in. Marketing of a new generation. Russia Ukraine Geosocial network (search for places, check-in, friends (through social networks)feedbacks, photos, discounts in places, mini games. BM: Selling coupons to users Russia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt (17 cities in total) Catalogue of places. Search by 14 categories of service with detailed search filters, feedbacks, ratings, prices, 3D tours of interiors. BM: Paid service packages for points of purchase. 2012/ unknown User friendly search of places. Three problems – one solution: we know where how much and when. Globally Cartographic and navigation service Satellite Street view indoor view underwater view, traffic jams Information about points of purchase is connected with feedbacks from Google+ The New version of maps can adjust itself users (smart search) BM: API for business charge $0.5 per 1000 views if > 25000 map views per day/ Google maps for enterprises ($15 -20 per user/month) Maps – 2005/ $50 billion (whole Google)/ capitalization $290 billion (whole Google) Don't Be Evil.The most comprehensive map now built for you. Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan,(Europe and the USA from November, 2012) Cartographic and navigation service. Satellite.Street View panoramas, traffic jams that can be updated by users, information about places, possibility to download maps offline. BM: payment for placing to the top of the list of organizations. (46,800 rub. a year) Maps: 2004/Yandex: 0,9 billion/capitalization: $31,5 billion Everything will be found

Name LocalScope Lokata Ebay ! Deal-of-the-Day Groupon, Groupon Merchants KuponGid Yelp Quantity of users Area of operation Basic Functional/ Business Model Geo location service – aggregator of Unknown Globally information from other sources (Google, Wikimapia, 2GIS, Instagram, Yelp, Panaramio, etc.) Routes through outside maps (Google, Apple, Waze, TomTom, etc). BM: paid mobile application $1,99 (66 rub.) Year of Lauch/ Revenue/ Slogan 2011/ Unknown A Window to the world that let you research your location the way you didn’t do before./ Discover your locality/ Location Browser for your iPhone. 2011/ Unknown Bargain purchases near you. Find out what, where and how much! Locata.ru is for those who look for information online but buy offline. 7500 visitor a day (website) Russia (200 cities) Catalogues and information about large chain stores. Member of Bonial International Group.The global network for location based shopping information. BM:payment from retailers for opening their catalogue + widgets on outside websites. Ebay Deal of the Day: no data. EBay: 2 mln a day Moscow Information about discounts in stores-partners as a list on the map (for now there are few partners – about 8 shains) BM: % from purchases in stores-partners (coupon model). In Russia in 2013/ Unknown Connecting buyers and sellers globally.Special offers near youEnjoy shoppingDiscounts are always at hand. Globally (48 countries) In Russia 65 cities Service of collective discounts (the deal will be completed when there are a certain number of participants) Coupons can be bought during a limited period (model “Deal of the day”) During the day about 50 deals in different categories. BM: selling coupons to users, % from the deal is taken from retailers 2008 / $2,33 billion. revenue ($99 mln) / capitalization: $4.5 billion Collective buying powerLive your city for less!To become the operating system for local commerce. Russia (>150 cities), Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, The Baltic States Service aggregator which gathers coupons from all discount websites and places them to one website. Filters, lists and a map. To use a coupon one should go to an outside website.BM: payment for clicks to coupon websites. Website in 2010, iOS app in 2013/ Unknown All coupons are on one website.Your guide in the world of discounts.Together with KuponGid you are always you are on the right track. The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey +15 European countries. Catalogue of companies with ratings + geo social network (estimators’ rating) Integration with Apple maps.BM: paid advertising packages for business ($300 - $1000 a month) + selling coupons to users (30% from deals or 10% from presents) 2004"г."(web)/"$137"man."в The best way to find great "2012"г."/"$2,12"млрд."2004 local business / Real People – (web)/ $137 mln. 2012 / Real Reviews 2,12 billion ~ 40 mlm (In Russia 59000 visitors a day (groupon.ru) 18000 visitors a day (website) 1.44 mln visitors a day (website)

Let people nearby know about your services , news, events, offers & more Our application provides HLM subscribers with an ability to fast sharing of local information. In case when the information is not commercial related it is free. ! In case of commercial information (business lunch, selling a bicycle or teaching the piano) the broadcast will be charged by minutes of showing the ads.

Just install your app and you will see streams which are available around you – Food, Things, Music, Exhibitions, Lectures, Night life, Sports etc.You can subscribe to them and send any information about events nearby.

We are two years old project developing by moscow-based team Wonderwork Collective. Our team is seven people. Two founders (Art Director and CTO) and a programmer, layer, accountant, two editors ( seven soon ). ! Before our team worked in IT business. We have a couple of patented technologies and experience of bringing mobile business to international market. ! HLM was participating in Innovation Alley in Russia ( the best russian startups show ) and Web Summit in Dublin this year.

HLM history and key milestones March 2012 • • • • December 2012 May 2013 March 2012. The first draft idea about app for sharing local information was born. December 2012. The first prototype was ready and HLM was exhibited at TechCrunch in Moscow. First investor was found. May 2013. First seed investments and start of transforming prototype into final app. September 2013. First release of iOS app and idea of changing concept to full media model. September 2013 • • October 2013 November 2013 October 2013. First public test of media model and iOS app as official media partner of Moscow Music Night. First customers & businesses. HLM is one of 12 best russian startups at Russian Internet Week. November 2013. HLM gathering local information & searching for partners. Working on redesigning iOS app and releasing Android.

We started to collect local information in October this year. Our first partners are charities, museums, cafes & restaurants, parks, like Gorgy Park in Moscow. ! For instance, if a subscriber comes to the park’s territory he will get information about all events in the park. Also he can contact administration to ≈ complain or report if something is wrong. ! We’ve also started creating channels for big companies that have a lot of information, like ISEC – student association. They have a lot of offers for students that we are broadcasting for their subscribers.

Now we have the first private investor for the seed stage. However we need funding for expanding. ! Launching the editorial in one city and making it profitable takes $400K. After launching Moscow and St. Petersburg we will launch Hong Kong and London.


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