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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Alexan


HIV ANONYMOUS…:  HIV ANONYMOUS… …is a fellowship for mutual support by those infected with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS. HIV Anonymous does not offer a recovery program, but provides a twelve-step support group. HIV ANONYMOUS cont…:  HIV ANONYMOUS cont… …offers a twelve-step support program adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. The twelve steps have been tailored to address HIV and its unique issues. STATISTICS :  STATISTICS As of the end of 2003, AIDS has killed over 22 million people worldwide and it is estimated that over 40 million people are infected with HIV. An estimated 5 million new HIV infections occurred during 2003 (that is about 14,000 infections each day). STATISTICS CONT…:  STATISTICS CONT… Conservative estimates suggest that by 2010, 25 million children will be orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. In addition to the millions of children orphaned by AIDS, millions more are being adversely affected by the disease such as by: the stigma associated with an infected parent, mental and emotional challenges, financial hardships, and sick and/or incapacitated parents. The global cost of treating and containing HIV/AIDS will exceed $15 billion annually by 2007. THERE IS A MIND SET…:  THERE IS A MIND SET… …THAT HIV INFECTION IS CONSIDERED PERNICIOUS ONLY IN DEVELOPING NATIONS. HOWEVER, INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AND HIGH-RISK BEHAVIOR HAS EVOKED THE GLOBALIZATION OF HIV. HERE ARE THE FACTS::  HERE ARE THE FACTS: The United States has one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases of all industrialized countries in the world. Sexually transmitted diseases affect one in four U.S. citizens over a lifetime. As of September 2000, more than 65 million Americans were infected with one or more STD's and over 57 million Americans had an incurable STD. HERE ARE THE FACTS cont…:  HERE ARE THE FACTS cont… The risks associated with STD's range from sterility - to cancer - to death. It is just a matter of time before major illnesses reach a critical level. As of September 2003, about 1 million Americans were infected with HIV, and roughly, 40 percent are co-infected with hepatitis C; there are over 40,000 new HIV infections every year, and it is estimated that over half of the cases occur in teens and young adults. HERE ARE THE FACTS cont…:  HERE ARE THE FACTS cont… While the number of new AIDS diagnoses in the United States declined in 2003 due to AIDS drug cocktails, the incidence of HIV and HIV co-infected with hepatitis C continues to increase. As of September 2000, nearly half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. The nation is unprepared to cope with the growing burden of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases. THE STIGMA OF HIV cont…:  THE STIGMA OF HIV cont… The addition of new HIV laws is also fueling the spread of HIV in the United States. More than twenty states have passed laws criminalizing intentional exposure to HIV without informed consent. These laws have caused many people to believe that if you get tested and are HIV positive, no more promiscuous behavior or you may be going to jail. We now have created a particular social set that frequently refuses to be tested. WHY ARE WE HERE?:  WHY ARE WE HERE? HIV Anonymous has, in part, been created in response to the stigma and discrimination associated with the HIV pandemic. HIV Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who are committed to a way of life that will help fight the spread of HIV. Our members have experienced too much suffering, and seen too many broken hearts, and too many people die, to engage in behavior that could potentially harm others or themselves. WHY ARE WE HERE?  Cont…:  WHY ARE WE HERE?  Cont… HIV Anonymous will assist people with HIV/AIDS, and their loved ones in taking control of their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health by providing current, comprehensive information in one source. Although new drug therapies continue to improve the quality of life for many people living with HIV/AIDS, education and prevention are still considered to be effective tools for stopping the epidemic. BASIC GOALS OF HIVA:  BASIC GOALS OF HIVA To prevent HIV transmission. Change individual attitudes about HIV and risk behaviors. Promote the development of risk reduction skills. Change community norms that may sanction unsafe sexual and drug-taking behaviors. BASIC GOALS OF HIVA:  BASIC GOALS OF HIVA To strategically help people interact with one another and transfer a positive awareness into being. By so doing, the necessary environment for understanding and spiritual development will be provided. Provide a variety of opportunities that corresponds to various stages of disease development and the spiritual maturity of those involved. Provide a variety of entry points, special events, and a variety of meeting formats that create effective groups that have a casual yet structured format SPECIAL EVENTS :  SPECIAL EVENTS Activity-oriented events offer opportunities for people to become acquainted with each other and the fellowship. These events, to name a few, may include picnics, BBQ’s, dances, concerts, videos, and camp-outs. MEETING FORMATS::  MEETING FORMATS: Open Meetings: open to everyone. Closed Meetings: open only to those who are HIV positive. MEETING FORMATS: cont…:  MEETING FORMATS: cont… Open Discussion Meetings: individuals experience the challenge of self-disclosure, committing themselves to mutual support and encouragement. Speaker Meetings: speakers get a chance to share their experience, strengths, and hopes, and offer a personal testimony. MEETING FORMATS: cont…:  MEETING FORMATS: cont… Book Study Meetings: individuals have an opportunity to interact beyond the level of “what they do”, and “who they are,” to a deeper level of understanding through a structured study and discussion. Topical Meetings: provide a chance to review individual concerns with the group. MEETING FORMATS: cont…:  MEETING FORMATS: cont… Men’s and Women’s Stag Meetings: Here we have a combination of formats especially tailored to meet the separate and specific needs of men and women. Men and women often do not communicate at the same depth in mixed company. They may talk about personal issues more freely when they are with their own gender. Men and women need a safe environment where they can share their weaknesses, struggles, and challenges in complete confidence. EFFECTIVE GROUPS TAKE TIME TO GROW:  EFFECTIVE GROUPS TAKE TIME TO GROW It takes time to build a firm, stable foundation. We need to win the trust of our fellows, not impose our own beliefs upon them. We need to be careful not to impose our personal beliefs on anyone, at any time. This is a program of attraction--not promotion. We need clear goals and a variety of entry points that are flexible and can be adapted to meet specific needs. We need to be sure we do not try to implement too much, too soon. CLICK :  CLICK HIV Anonymous Home Page

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