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Published on June 22, 2009

Author: Ramakanth9


HIV - AIDS : HIV - AIDS HUMAN IMMUNO DEFICIENCY VIRUS ACQUIRED IMMUNO DEFICIENCY SYNDROME Slide 2: HIV Cell Slide 3: HIV/AIDS Cell MAIN POINTS : MAIN POINTS STD :- Sexually Transmitted Disease. SYNDROME:- Syndrome means a group of diseases or symptoms. HIV lives in human body fluids and secretions like blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk etc. The period between childhood and adulthood is known as ADOLESCENCE STAGE. Slide 5: AIDS PATIENT’S X-RAY ADOLESCENCE STAGE : ADOLESCENCE STAGE The period between childhood and adulthood is known as ADOLESCENCE STAGE. It begins between 10 - 13 years among girls and between 12 – 17 years among boys. This is a period of rapid physical and behavioural changes. In this stage the secondary sexual characters become apparent which is a natural phenomenon. HIV TRANSMISSION : HIV TRANSMISSION THERE ARE FOUR MAIN ROUTES FOR HIV SPREADING FROM A HIV INFECTED PERSON Sexual mode of transmisson is the commonest route for the spread of Infection. By transfusing HIV + Blood. The transfusion of HIV + Blood leads to 100% transmisson. From an HIV infected mother to child during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding. By using HIV contaminated instruments like syringes, needles, surgical or dental instruments. PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN : PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN Ensuring that blood used for transfusion is HIV – free . Using disposable syringes and sterilized needles. Seeking immediate treatment for STD along with the sexual partner. Giving adequate medical treatment to the infected pregnant mother can protect child from HIV. To avoid HIV infections one should practise safe sex (use of condoms). Besides, a few simple precautions are given below for prevention:- Slide 10: DISPOSABLE SYRINGES Slide 11: DISPOSABLE NEEDLES Developing Coping with Emotions : Developing Coping with Emotions Practising Yoga. Physical Exercises. Meditation. Prayer. Participation in :- Cultural, Creative & Artistic Activites. Slide 13: YOGA Slide 14: MEDITATION Slide 15: PRAYER Slide 16: LIFE SKILLS Slide 18: Self – Awareness Skill :- One must understand one’s own abilities and weakness and practice refrains for overcoming emotions.Understanding about ownself is Self Awareness Skill. Slide 19: SELF AWARENESS ABOUT AIDS Communication Skill :- : Communication Skill :- Communication skill is the expression of ideas and opinions effectively and firmly. By Using Communication skills, one can express himself in different ways to others inspite of his fear. Slide 21: COMMUNICATION SKILL Inter Personal Skill :- : Inter Personal Skill :- Language Information Dialogues. The above are called as bridges for human relations using them with different people are termed as inter personal skills. Slide 23: INTER PERSONAL SKILL Coping, Empathy, Decision, Handling : Coping, Empathy, Decision, Handling Coping Skill :- Means to adjust with situations of life. Skill of Empathy :- Empathy is the feeling of others joys and sorrows as ours. Decision Making :- Critical thinking and making right decisions in life. Handling Peer Pressure :- Making valuable judgements on request from friends. Slide 26: WORLD AIDS LAYOUT BY : BY S.RAMAKANTH REDDY IX – A

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