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Published on February 14, 2008

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Slide1:  GOALS No One Can Predict To What Heights You Can Soar. Even You Will Not Know Until You Spread Your Wings. Slide2:  HiTech-HiTouch BPM in the Great Digital FSI Divide… TAN Chee Peng, CITPM Senior (tancp@biztech-i.com) Business Technovise International (BTI) From the perspective of a practitioner … Thursday, 16 November 2006 16:25 – 16:50 Agenda:  Agenda BPM – The Baseline HiTech-HiTouch BPM in FSI – The Best Practices Next Steps – Taking The Leap of Faith Slide4:  BPM – The Baseline Slide5:  If you know yourself and know your enemy, in a hundred battles, you will never fear the result. When you know yourself but not your enemy, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you are certain to be in danger in every battle … Sun Tzu, Waging The War Si tu te connais ainsi que ton adversaire, y aurait-il cent batailles, tu ne craindras pas les conséquences. Si tu te connais, mais que ton adversaire t’est inconnu, gagner ou perdre, tes chances sont égales. Si tu connais ni ton adversaire ni toi-même, sois certain que le danger te guette dans chaque bataille. Business Process Management (BPM):  Business Process Management (BPM) Slide7:  Business Process Management What is the significance of BPM? Service Level Focus Effective Cost Management Operational Execution Flawlessness Depending on the industry, expert see a 2%-10% improvement in service levels, a 10% to 25% in inventory levels, and a 5 to 10 days reduction in working capital AMR Research Overall, companies with a demand-centric, as opposed to production-centric, are adding 5% to their top lines CFO Magazine, Start with Demand Slide8:  Business Process Management Why BPM? The objective of BPM is to increase employee and customer value through innovative, flexible and efficient orchestration of a business's process environment, covering the expertise and experience, organizational disciplines, management and control activities, partnerships and services, and information technology Gartner Slide9:  Business Process Management • Need to know where enterprise investments are being directed and how those investments are benefiting the enterprise Need to know investments deliver measurable payback Need processes to guide the decision-making regarding priorities and investments 32% of Fortune 500 companies have Steering Committee at Board Level … (68% takes place below the Board level!) Slide10:  Business Process Management Audit • Eliminate element of surprises (budget, schedule, compliance) • Measure degree of compliance with stated Business Framework • Implement Governance responding to management's need for control and measurability of the progress of IT/Non IT projects Meet & Exceed Expectations - meet project objectives and requirements with regular progress reporting, and performance-assessed - have adequate resources, correctly allocated (in case of subcontractors, prudently chosen) and efficient/effective - follow approvals, documentation, preventive and corrective action, reviews, traceability, training, verification - have PM with accountability, authority and responsibility - preserve organizational learning - perform cost management and expenditure control - encourage communication and cooperation, trust, respect and excellence Slide11:  HiTech-HiTouch BPM in FSI – The Best Practices Slide12:  ”The future belongs not to those who posses a crystal ball, but to those willing to challenge the biases and prejudices of the establishment..." Ralph Waldo Emerson Future FSI - eFSI:  Future FSI - eFSI To succeed, companies will need to beef up their customer advocacy and customer-centric DNA: Innovative Products - Fees based wealth management and brokerage, and interactive, life-style products Innovative Customer Reach & Experience enhancing online capabilities building multi-channel platforms marketing more proactively renovating branches Trend in Retail Financial Services, Forrester Slide14:  Key Implications People, Process, Partnership & Ownership … Structural Shift … End to end, strategy-to-execution process strengthening governance and compliance tracking 2. Ongoing, Real-time Demand Profiling Timely, total analysis and benchmarking giving measured and prioritized response: no more 80/20; digital pulse on problematic areas and generate pro-active action steps, including chargeback mechanism 3. Enforcing Documented Processes Walking the talk on non negotiable processes with a means to enforce compliance and achieve control, with early warning system and escalation processes 4. Indicator/Scoreboard Mechanism to provide Call for Action & Success Reporting, measuring performance, decreasing cost and increasing delivery commitment 5. Implementation Change Management – The Last Frontier & The Great Divide The difference between greatness and mediocrity is the fine line of people and process management, needs a broad, inclusive partnership and ownership Slide15:  Business Process Management Pre-requisite BPM can provide visibility into and control over critical business processes. Greater business agility is realized by abstracting process flows from the underlying technology complexity. Costs are reduced when processes are continually measured, simulated and optimized over time. To get started with BPM, business leaders must be prepared to: • Promote new process-centric skills and expertise • Embrace organizational, cultural, role and responsibility changes • Leverage the technology infrastructure to support more-effective business process orchestration • Adopt new process-related management and control disciplines • Acknowledge that no single organization can internally amass all the skills, intellectual property and processes to compete in today's global economy (outsourcing and partnership) Slide16:  Business Process Management Impact Reduction in Inefficiencies & Errors, Real-time Factual Reporting, Agility, Reduced Complexity & Risk, Better Resource Alignment, Slide17:  Next Steps – Taking The Leap of Faith Slide18:  ”To build leadership, a company must be capable of reinventing its industry; to rebuild leadership, a company must be capable of regenerating its core strategies..." Hamel & Prahalad, Competing for the Future Yesterday’s world records are today’s qualifying times. We can no longer afford to be close enough to be good enough. We need to be good enough to be good enough. Avoid the entrepreneurial seizure. Bask in making things happen, in its glitz and glamour. Brian Sher Slide19:  Define Key Areas Slide21:  Ensuring Business-IT Alignment Root Cause: Natural gap between business needs definition and the time required to deliver. In between, evolving market demands could further result in changing business plans, priorities and expectations Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: it’s the starting point … Henry Mitzberg Seamless Integration of Organization-centric Processes Slide22:  Realizing Target Architecture Root Cause: Multiple business and IT architecture components required addressing, some are application-based (visible and understood by business), others are technical and data oriented (more abstract) Integrated Business Model Driven Architecture Slide23:  Institutionalizing Structure & Processes Root Cause: Lack Business-centric, value-added consultancy approach towards Business-IT management, ineffective enforcement of best practices IT processes and lack strategic outlook/leverage on outsourcing Make-It-Happen IT-enabled Change Management Approach CMMI Level 5, ISO 20000, ISO 27001:2005, ITIL, CoBIT 4.0, CMMI-ACQ, aBPM, Certification, KSP CIO as an integral part of business … Slide24:  Delivering Quick Hits Target Root Cause: Lack strong analytical approach coupled with business consultancy orientation towards defining implementation approach Value-driven, Quick Hits Business Approach Slide25:  Enforcing Business Ownership Root Cause: Lack constant education and enforcement capabilities to ensure seamless ownership of business-driven initiatives Automated Business Process Management & Enforcement Slide26:  Promoting Integrated KPI/ROI-based Prioritization Root Cause: Business plans are not outcome-based and not strictly outcome-measured creating a free-for-all fight for meaningless non value-driven prioritization Integrated KPI/ROI-based Performance Measurement Slide27:  Business Process Management The will to walk-the-talk and make things happen … What makes some organizations GREAT, and others MEDIOCRE? Slide29:  Q & A Contentment is not fulfillment of what you want It is the realization of how much you already have Happy folks don’t have the best of all They just make the most of all … Slide30:  Leadership ... The Speed of The Leader Determines The Rate of The Pack Slide31:  Biodata : Mr Tan Chee Peng As the Founder and CEO of Business Technovise International (BTI), Mr Tan: pioneers the niche market penetration of e-FSI strategic initiatives and Integrated Business Process Management for clients in ASEAN and East China (Taiwan, Korea) develop vision-to-end solution suite for click-and-mortar and virtual organizations integrate business processes to achieve customer focus, efficiency and cost competitiveness align vision to people, process, technology and business strategy, and implement the required business imperatives programme manage strategic initiatives. BTI is a technology firm specializing in Business/IT Strategy Formulation, programme and project management, BPR, BPM and Business Transformation, large systems and business process integration projects, integrated risk management implementation, information security services and financial services solution provider. Prior to BTI, Mr Tan was the Managing Partner, Andersen Worldwide managing the consulting practice in Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Mr Tan, an ASEAN scholar and a First Class degree holder from Imperial College, UK, has more than 19 years of consulting experience in financial services industry, helping MNC clients in IT Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Business Process Re-engineering & Management, Change Management, Performance Management and, e-Commerce Strategy and Implementation. He was previously the Vice President, Technology of Citibank N.A., Singapore. Mr Tan was conferred the (CITPM, Senior), the Singapore National IT Project Management certification on 26 November 1998. Based on his professional work in Singapore, Mauritius and Africa, he was independently nominated and admitted to the International Who’s Who of Professionals for 1999. Mr Tan also sits on the Board of Assessor for the Singapore’s National IT Skills Certification Programme – IT Project Management since its inception. He is also a Senior Member of the Singapore Computer Society and has been listed on the “SCS Roll of Honour” in recognition and appreciation of his valuable support and contribution to the Society. Mr Tan has given Project/Programme/Business Process Management conferences both locally as well as internationally. He travelled extensively and had successfully completed assignments in about 30 countries. Slide32:  HiTech-HiTouch BPM in the Great Digital FSI Divide… According to Gartner, depending on the industry, IT spending can represent anywhere from 2% to as much as 10% of total revenue. Large companies spend more than half of their capital investment dollars on IT. Can these outstanding companies, FIs included, continue the unrelenting growth by just relying on their first-class entrepreneurial skills? People and Strategy apart, how do we walk the talk on non-negotiable processes that promote effectiveness, efficiency, compliance and governance? And when does BPM/BPO becomes relevant and synonymous with premium performance outcomes? The main objective of the talk is to share the best practices in Business Process Management in FIs and discuss the critical factors that are of utmost importance to BPM practitioners so that they can do better job for their organizations and sustaining their “effectiveness" at all times while having efficiency Talk participants should come away from the event knowing clearly what it takes to implement BPM successfully in their work place, on time, within budget and without major risks, issues or scope creep while constantly having the digital pulse of the project on hand About Our Organization:  About Our Organization BTI is a technology firm specializing in Business/IT Strategy Formulation, programme and project management, BPR, BPM and Business Transformation, large systems and business process integration projects, integrated risk management implementation, information security services and financial services solution provider. BTI’s flagship product, Team SYNthesis, offers the Programme/Project Management Office (PMO) and Corporate Planning Office (CPO) strategic enabling tool, making things happen where failure is not an option. To learn more kindly visit www.biztech-i.com www.teamsynthesis.com

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