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Published on November 26, 2008

Author: Flackie

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Slide 1: History of the Royal Military Police Cpl Flach A 253 Pro Coy RMP (v) Early Beginnings : Early Beginnings Tudor England First Provost Marshall was appointed by Henry VIII Sir Henry Guyldford 1511 No man shall resist the Provost Marshall or other of his officers in apprehending any malefactors, but shall aid and assist him. Articles of War 1591 Slide 3: The Provost must have a horse allowed him and some soldiers to attend him, and all the rest commanded to obey and assist him, otherwise the service will suffer, for he is but one man and must correct many and cannot therefore be beloved. And he must be riding from one Garrison to another, to see that the soldiers do not outrage, nor scathe the countryside. Articles of War 1625 Early Development : Early Development Peninsular War 1812 Cavalry Staff Corps (CSC) also known as Mounted Staff Corps Lt Col George Scovell 8 officers, 12 NCOs & 20 Ptes Crimean War 1854 Mounted Staff Corp (MSG) MMP & MFP : MMP & MFP Military Mounted Police Formed in 1855 Recruited from the cavalry ...5 or 10 years service, sober habits, intelligent, active and capable of exercising a sound discretion Military Foot Police Formed in 1882 Recruited from civilian police Egypt Defence of Tel-El-Kabir South Africa World Wars : World Wars “Great War” 1914-18 Neuve Chappell Somme Corp of Military Police 1922 Empire Policing 2nd World War 1940-45 CMP General Policing CMP(VP) Vulnerable Points CMP(TC) Traffic Control CMP(FS) Field Security SIB Investigation Para Provost Dog Section Mounted Branch Dunkirk El Alamein Normandy Landings Operation Market Garden Bravery Awards of the CMP : Bravery Awards of the CMP MC WW1: 8 WW2: 7 DCM WW1: 65 WW2: 6 DSO WW1: 13 MM WW1: 260 WW2: 61 MSM/BEM WW1: 26 WW2: 72 MID WW1: 105 WW2: 776 Post-War : Post-War Corp of Royal Military Police Received on 23 June 1947 Operated in: Germany & Austria Korea Indonesia/Malaysia Suez Aden Locally recruited: Gurkha Military Police CMP (India) ATS / WRAC Provost : ATS / WRAC Provost WPV Formed in 1914 ATS Formed in 1942 WRAC Formed in 1949 Disbanded in 1992 Recent History : Recent History 1969 Northern Ireland (Op Banner) 1974+ Cyprus (UN) (Op Tosca) 1982 Falklands War (Op Corporate) 1991 Gulf War (Op Granby) 1992 Adjutant General’s Corp (Provost Branch) 1995 FRY (UN) (Op Grapple) 1996 FRY (NATO) (Op Resolute) 1999+ Kosovo (Op Agricola) 2000 Formation of RMP Regiments 2000 Sierra Leone (Op Silkman) 2003+ Balkans (Op Oculus) 2003+ Iraq (Op Telic) 2006 Lebanon (Op Highbrow) 2006+ Afghanistan (Op Herrick) In Memoriam : In Memoriam 24 June 2003; Al Majar Al Kabir, Iraq: 156 Pro Coy (16 Air Assault); Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell Cpl Russell Aston Cpl Paul Long Cpl Simon Miller LCpl Benjamin Hyde LCpl Thomas Keys 23 August 2003; Basra, Iraq: Maj Matthew Titchener, 150 Pro Coy WO2 Colin Wall, 150 Pro Coy Cpl Dewi Pritchard, 116 Pro Coy (V) 31 October 2004; Basra, Iraq: SSgt Denise Rose, SIB 15 October 2005; Waterloo Lines, Basra, Iraq: Capt Ken Masters, Officer Commanding 61 Section SIB 30 May 2007; Kajaki, Helmand, Afghanistan: Cpl Mike Gilyeat (on attachment to Media Ops) 8 July 2007; Basra City, Iraq: Cpl Christopher Read, 158 Pro Coy Training Centres : Training Centres Stanhope Lines/Gibraltar Barrack (Aldershot) 1897 to 1920 Mychett Hutment (Ash Vale) 1920 to 1947 Inkerman Barracks (Woking) 1947 to 1964 “The Depot” Roussillon Barracks (Chichester) 1964 to 2005 Royal Military Police Training Centre Southwick Park (Portsmouth) 2005 to 20?? Defence Police College Formally HMS Dryad Composition of the Royal Military Police : Composition of the Royal Military Police 3 Regiment RMP 150 Pro Coy Catterick 158 Pro Coy Bulford 174 Pro Coy Donnington 4 Regiment RMP 160 Pro Coy Aldershot 116 Pro Coy (v) West Browich Manchester Detachment 253 Pro Coy (v) Tulse Hill Southampton Detachment 5 Regiment RMP 101 Pro Coy Monchengladbach 114 Pro Coy Gütersloh 243 Pro Coy (v) Livingstone Lisburn Detachment 252 Pro Coy (v) Stockton-on-Tees Newcastle Detachment Special Investigation Branch Northern Region Eastern Region Western Region 83 Section SIB (v) 1 Regiment RMP 110 Pro Coy Paderborn 111 Pro Coy Hohne 115 Pro Coy Osnabrück Miscellaneous Northern Ireland Detachment 156 Pro Coy 16 Air Assault BATUS Canada Cyprus, Belize, Brunei, Gibraltar & Falkland Islands Heritage : Heritage Capbadge & Colours Motto: Exemplo Ducemus (Lead by Example) Nickname: Redcaps March: Watch Tower QUESTIONS? : QUESTIONS? Conclusion : Conclusion Slide 17: Bibliography The History of the Office of The Provost Marshall & The Corp of Military Police (1943) Capt A.V.Lovell-Knight History of The Corps of Royal Military Police (1951) Maj S.F.Crozier The Story of the Royal Military Police (1977) Col A.V.Lovell-Knight Bloody Provost (1980) R.A.J.Tyler Redcaps (1994) G.D.Sheffield Redcaps Britain’s Military Police (1997) Mike Chappell

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