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Published on September 16, 2014

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History of Reading

According to the palaeontologist who study fossils and other evidences of life on earth, the first man was a late comer on earth and appeared on the planet only one hundred thousand years ago. In the beginning, however, he employed grunts and body language using gestures and postures to convey his ideas and needs to others. Slowly he developed oral language which enable him to express more clearly the messages he wanted to convey.

The History of reading dates back to the invention of writing during 4000 BC. Spoken language is a natural, biological form of human communication. Speech is natural, yet there’s no proof or evidence on how it all started.

Over history, humans have found methods to represent their spoken words with written symbols, picture writing and reading. “The first writing- Sumerian logographs from 4000 BC” “Cuneiform”

Meanwhile, the Egyptian civilization along the river Nile carved their pictorial symbols known as “hyroglyphics” on the stone wall of temples and tombs. “Hyroglyphics” “Used papyrus plant with reed pen and ink ”

In 2000 BC, the Phoenicians developed the first methods to represent spoken language. “The Phoenician alphabet contained consonants only.”

In 1000 BC, the Greek alphabet is the source for all modern manuscripts of Europe, it is considered to be the first world’s true alphabet. It was the first major upgrade occurred in the technology of representing language. “The Greeks added vowels”

Greeks Manuscripts 1000 BC Greeks alphabet added Vowels. Picture writing and reading. Sumerian Logographs 4000 BC Cuneiform 100,000 BC The first man, a latecomer. Grunts and Body language, using gestures and postures Phoenician alphabet contained consonants only. 2000 BC Hyroglyphics 3000 BC Pictorial symbols on tombs and wooden coffin 700 BC Roman alphabet used for many modern languages.

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