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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: toystorybr0

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History of Music Videos

What is a music video? It is a short film or video which accomplices a piece of music/ song. It can be used to promote a band, song or just give the audience an overall pleasure to have a visual image whilst listening to the music, to connect even more. In modern days, music videos have changed dramatically as you can get anything from a narrative to a live performance or something that makes no sense at all. This all depends on the genre of the music and what fits in best with it. They were primary used to help sales for the song, as a promo thing, but now we see it as a commonly used thing when an artist release a new song.

Dating back to the 1930s The first versions of what we could call a music video came in the 1920s from Vitaphones shorts and Spooney Melodies, from the 1930s to early 1960, musicals were dominated genres in film, as many were used to promote it. The Beatles made a film A Hard Day's Night, which was a mock documentary but was established for a music video. The main two elements are narrative and performance. Music videos also benefited film makers from art schools as they became more challenging and new ideas Here are two examples of videos that use surreal and experimental ideas but were hugely popular. as here is a popular one

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Modern Era The key development of modern music videos was the recording and editing process. As high quality colour videotape recorders and portable video cameras were produced this enabled many pop acts to produced promotional videos quickly and cheaply. A good music video would increase the songs sale as the view hoped to see the video again in the following weeks. As Michael Jackson was the first one to make a short film for his music video, that has a beginning, middle and end in Billie Jean and then in a West Side Story.

Television and Music Videos As TV has improved music videos played a major part in this as shows like MTV, top of the pops streamed lives ones 24/7. The main stars Madonna, Duran Duran and Dire Straits owe their careers to MTV. It could also be said that MTV has played a major part in the success of music videos. It was now about the video its self, as Michael Jackson got a spacial director John Landis to help with Thriller in order to make it successful, similarly with Duran Duran who flew to many locations around the world to shoot his. Michael Jackson’s got the record of $7 million for the Scream video.

Film budgets for videos? Now it was all about the glamour and making each video better than the last, as giant budgets as big as ones to shoot a film came just to make a music video. The director of Flight Club and S7en, helped make Madonna's and George Michael's videos also. After MTV came about, the internet soon caught up, further progressing music videos, as websites such as Youtube, Facebook and iTunes are now the prime places in which artist are based. Lily Allen would be a good example as her fame came through the internet, just like Justin bieber who made vidoes on youtbe. The progress of cheap technologys means that vidoes can now be made for a much lower cost, like the video for Ok Go’s A Million Ways cost less than £30 and was filmed in the singer’s back garden.

Video was not exported from SlideRocket This dance routine was so catchy that it became an instant internet sensation and was downloaded and viewed more than 9 million times.

What are they now? New technologies have advanced with new software and new ideas which allows music videos to never die and continue to be made and successful. However in the modern days the typical video follows narratives to do with heartbreak and relationships, where the artist is portrayed in a sexual and provocative way. This all differs on the genre however, but there is nothing that can't be done. As we even have some videos in the form of cartoons, animations, comic and fast moving pictures. Despite all of this they still work in the way they were intended to, which is to identify with the song and audience so it keeps them entertained and interactive.

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