History Of Iran (Persia) And Iranian (Persian) Ii

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Information about History Of Iran (Persia) And Iranian (Persian) Ii

Published on July 2, 2007

Author: mhmohajerani

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Persian civilization, History of Iran (persia)and Iranian (Persian)


Diverse Capitals

Persepolis, Iran (486 BC)

Promotion of long-distance trade and courier service

Saith King Darius: I am a Persian. Setting out from Persia, I conquered Egypt. I ordered this canal dug from the river called the Nile that flows in Egypt, to the sea that begins in Persia. When the canal had been dug as I ordered, ships went from Egypt through this canal to Persia, even as I intended. new Old

Diverse inscription (for diverse nations in unique empire) Old Persian Elamite Babylonian Egyptian

Statement by Darius I (515 BC) in trilingual inscription

Commerce development Standardized coinage, Standardized the weights and measures Replaced irregular tribute (payments with formal taxes)

Seleucid Dynasty (330-150 BC) Alexander the Great had conquered Persia and had, in doing so, conquered most of the world. For most of the world belonged to Persia; in a blink of an eye, it now fell to the Greeks. . Alexander 356- 323 BC

The Parthian dynasty (248 BC – 224 AD)

Silk road

The Sassanid dynasty (224 BC – 651 AD)

6000 BC Jirfot Civilization 3200-539 BC Porto-Elamite followed by Elamite Dynasty 3000-2000 BC Migration of Indo-European nominate 550 BC Achaemenid Dynasty 248 BC-224 AD Parthian Dynasty 224-651 AD Sassanid Dynasty “ short” Time - Line

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