History of Educational Programming

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Information about History of Educational Programming

Published on August 26, 2008

Author: basiyr

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History of Computer Programming in Schools : History of Computer Programming in Schools A Thematic Overview Programming As Literacy : Programming As Literacy Learners focused on programming the computer i.e. “telling the computer what to do” Learn programing in order to use the computer as a “tutee” (Taylor, 1980; Leuhermann 2002)‏ BASIC was one of the first programming languages in schools Image taken from: http://www.digibarn.com/collections/index.html Programming as Literacy : Programming as Literacy Active in the 1970's Centered around languages such as BASIC & LOGO Influcenced by the work of Seymour Papert & Arthur Leuhermann Papert – a student of Piaget created LOGO at MIT Leuhermann – worked at ATT & Dartmouth advanced BASIC Decline of Programming as Literacy : Decline of Programming as Literacy Focused on learning assembly language of computers Was often times difficult for students & teachers to learn Problem of WHY. Computers were not widely distributed so the question “Why learn to program computers?” was a logical one. CAI was easier and more appealing Programming as Constructionism : Programming as Constructionism Developed with Seymour Papert & LOGO Dominated thinking about Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) in the 1980's Emerged with the PC in the classroom Supported by more programming Languages that were easier to learn (LISP)‏ Focused on learning content, problem solving & cognitive skills Applied with young children and general k-12 learners Programming as Robotics or AI : Programming as Robotics or AI Since the 1970's Programming has been used to create “artificial intelligence” robots In schools the LOGO Turtle was one way of implementing AI & Robotics LEGO Robotics programming is one popular form in schools Girls programming the original LOGO Turtle from Geekdad Notice the Button Box Notice the Turtle drawings Programming as Design : Programming as Design Rooted in Computer Assisted Design (CAD)‏ Ivan Sutherland invents “Sketchpad” in 1963 that draws pictures on a screen. Sketchpad becomes the progenitor to graphical programming Ivan Sutherland demonstrating Sketchpad. From Wikipedia Programming as Multimedia Script : Programming as Multimedia Script Tools that allow for sound, video, image objects to be manipulated on a “surface” using computer programming languages (called scripting)‏ Microsoft Powerpoint is one k-12 friendly tool that embody this approach. Programming Language: Visual Basic Script (VBS)‏ Adobe Flash (i.e. Macromedia Flash) is professional tool for this approach: Language, Action Script Adobe Director (i.e. Macromedia Director) is a professional tool for this approach: Language: Lingo Programming as “Microworlds” : Programming as “Microworlds” Microworlds are small playground of the mind (Clements, 1989, p. 86 cited by Rieber, 1996:587), EDUWiki Def Tests hypothesis and systems interaction Allow us to “see” concepts and principles within systems. Are cognitive amplification (Jonassen 2007) tools Example: LOGO turtle makes commands “real” & “concrete”

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