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Information about History form 2 General information

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: aanselmi89

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ABOUT THE TEACHER Alejandro Anselmi E-mail address aanselmi@anglo.edu.uy Studies: Anglo Diploma in TEFL, ICAU Psychology, UCU Facultad de Humanidades, UDEL AR Any question?

 http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php? video_id=191139

THE SUBJECT Why study history? It gives us a deeper understanding of the present, providing us with solutions for current problems. Furthermore, it helps us develop critical thinking and a greater understanding of other cultures. To do so, we need to develop:       Critical reasoning and analytical skills Memory and the ability to link ideas effectively. Communicate effectively (clearly and in an organized way) The ability to discuss ideas in groups, The ability to keep an open mind Patience

WHAT YOU WILL NEED  Over the year we’ll be using:  History in Progress  Notebook  Portfolio Materials have to be brought every class!

COURSE OVERVIEW Intro: the study of History Unit 1: The Industrial Revolution Unit 2: The Rise of The British Empire Unit 3: Slavery Unit 4: Voyages of Discovery Unit 5: Migrations Unit 6: Technology in the 19th century Unit 7: Transport in 18th and 19th century Unit 8: The British Empire in action

ABOUT PORTFOLIOS Total Mark: 12 Presentation: 3 Content: 4 Organisation: 3 Reflection: 2 You must include both the models given by the teacher and your own productions

Classroom Rules

Always bring the course materials

Speak English all the time.

Be Polite. Teasing and bullying is unacceptable

Be Punctual Use the break to attend to your personal needs

Stay in your seat throughout the class

No Cheating Students caught cheating will receive a one and an observation..

Respect your partners .

Keep the classroom tidy . You will not be allowed to leave the classroom at least it is in acceptable conditions.

Do not write on your desks This behavior will result in a one for you

 Be punctual.  Remain in your seat throughout the lesson  Don’t forget to bring your materials.  Be Polite. Teasing and bullying are unacceptable.  Cheating won’t be allowed.  Respect others  Keep the classroom tidy . We won’t leave the room until it’s in good conditions.  Speak English all the time.

Remember Ever y action has its consequence.



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