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Published on October 23, 2007

Author: Maitane

Source: authorstream.com

Pre- History to History:  Pre- History to History Paleolithic Age (4 million BCE to 7000 BCE) Neolithic Age (7000 BCE) “Agricultural Revolution” Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Nile River Indus River Yellow River Copper Bronze Bronze Age Iron Hittites Mesopotamia:  Mesopotamia Sumerians Semitic Peoples Sargan the Great (2,000 BCE) Akkad Akkadian Empire Fertile Crescent Cuneiform Writing Ziggurats Slide3:  Epic of Gilgamesh Code of Hammurabi Old Babylonians (Amorites) Hittites Assyrians New Babylonians (Chaldees) Assyria, Phoenicia, Persia:  Assyria, Phoenicia, Persia Assyrians 900 BCE- 612 BCE Nineveh Assur Chaldees Phoenicians Carthage Phonetic Alphabet 1000 BCE Persian Empire Shown at its largest extent (below): Slide5:  Persepolis Satrapies Darius I 522-486 BCE Zoroastrianism: Zoroaster (Zarathustra) The Avesta Ahuramazda (God of Good) Ahriman (God of Evil) Hebrews:  Hebrews Moses Exodus Palestine Philistines Saul David Jerusalem Solomon r. 970-935 BCE United Monarchy under Solomon: Slide7:  Old Testament Judea Samaria Yahweh (Jehovah) Monotheism Covenant The Torah “Babylonian Captivity” 586-539 BCE Gentiles Diaspora Slide8:  Nebuchadnezzar II Maccabee Brothers Zealots Messiah Ancient Egypt:  Ancient Egypt Nile River Narmer 3100 BCE Pharaoh Hyksos 1650 to 1570 BCE Tutankhamen (“King Tut”) Slide10:  Amon (Ra or Re) Isis Osiris Ka Akhenaton Aton Nefertiti India (1):  India (1) Indus River Mohenjo-Daro Indus Civilization Aryans Vedas Rigveda Raja Ganges Brahmins Kshatrija Vaishya Shudra Caste System Pariah Hindu Religion Reincarnation Karma Dharma Brahma Moksha Slide12:  Shiva Vishnu Shiva (L) Vishnu (R): Jainism Buddhism Buddha Siddhartha Gautama 563-483 BCE Slide13:  Nirvana Theravada Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism King Ashoka 269-232 BCE Gupta Dynasty Sanskrit China (1):  China (1) Yellow River Shang Dynasty 1500 BCE Yangtze River Zhou (Chow) Dynasty 1000 BCE Ideographs Oracle Bones Slide15:  Confucius 551-479 BCE (Master Kung or Kung Fu-tzu) The Analects Mandarins Loazi (Lao-Tzu or Lao-tse) Book of Changes (Dao de Jing or Tao te ching) Daoism (Taoism) Legalism Era of the Warring States 400-225 BCE Ancient Life:  Ancient Life Patriarchy Yin-Yang Primogeniture Laws of Manu Purdah Concubine Sati (Suttee):

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