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Information about Hisham & Lee Gamers Lounge Ep.1 - Left 4 Dead 2

Published on December 12, 2009

Author: HishyDatDon

Source: slideshare.net


Every now and then Hisham Shahid and Lee Jackson will get together to create a Power Point presentation which will make your gaming experience better. Our first edition is based on the game: LEFT 4 DEAD 2.

BASIC INFORMATION: Ellis is a mechanic with a love of life, a firm believe in his own immortality and the ability to treat any setback as a fun dare to impress his friends. Born and raised in Savannah. Now Ellis is looking for new things to occupy his time and finding plenty. It turns out the Zombie Apocalypse is just one big dare, and there’s no shortage of crazy stuff he can try to impress his new buddies. OUR VIEWS: We think Ellis is a funny, yet annoying, character because he doesn’t stop talking about his friend Keith. He remains as one of the most favourable characters, alongside Nick, and seems to be fun to play as. We rate this character… DESIGN: 8/10. SPEECH: 7/10. GAMEPLAY VALUE: 9/10. OVERALL: 8/10.

BASIC INFORMATION: Nick is a con-man. Nick has previously been in prison, and has learned two valuable lessons; do not trust anybody and never give away money. He must learn to trust his new buddies if he wants to survive. OUR VIEWS: Nick is a fun character to play with as he is dressed cool and has a lovable voice. He remains as one of the most favourite characters to play as in Left 4 Dead 2. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does it’s rather interesting. DESIGN: 10/10. SPEECH: 8/10. GAMEPLAY VALUE: 9/10. OVERALL: 9/10.

OUR VIEWS: Rochelle is the only female… Human … in Left For Dead 2. She isn’t very popular, and if you’re playing online, your game may be messed up. People who join games, and become Rochelle randomly might then leave as she is hideous, and therefore wreck your Versus Match. Her design is rather familiar and casual but isn’t relevant to her job. Her speech involves a lot of moans and is very annoying. DESIGN: 6/10. SPEECH: 5/10. GAMEPLAY VALUE: 2/10. OVERALL: 4/10.

OUR VIEWS: Coach is overweight and receives a lot of bad comments from gamers. However, the odd few enjoy playing as Coach as he is like a role model or is similar to Francis from Left 4 Dead. His speech makes you feel excited and absorbed into the game. His clothes are reasonable. DESIGN: 8/10. SPEECH: 10/10. GAMEPLAY VALUE: 7/10. OVERALL: 7.5/10.

COMMON INFECTED: The common infected are easy to defeat, but when in groups they can overwhelm you. The best weapons to kill single common infected are pistols, and when in groups shotguns, machine guns or melee weapons are useful. SPECIAL INFECTED: The Special Infected include: Charger, Tank, Witch, Jockey, Hunter, Spitter, Boomer and the Smoker. The Charger is basically a half-tank with can pummel you and drain your life within seconds. A shotgun is very effective against the charger. The Tank is the strongest Special Infected of them all. It can incapacitate you in seconds. It’s best to separate and use anything you’ve got; apart from melee weapons. Molotov's are useful to kill Tanks, as they ignite it. The Witch can incapacitate you in one strike, however, it only goes after the survivor who startles it. Any weapon is useful. The Jockey and Hunter, after pouncing on a survivor, can be knocked back of. They both die with a few strikes of the melee weapon. The Spitter can spit acid at you from a long distance, damaging your team greatly and even separating it one way or another. However, the Spitter is extremely easy to defeat. The Boomer is the easiest Special Infected to kill. However, it has a very special ability. If it vomits on you, or explodes on you when you kill it, the Boomer Bile will attract a large horde which will then attack you. The Smoker has a very long tongue, which can choke. However, it can be sliced loose by any melee weapon, or shot off, or even knocked off.

1. The easiest campaign to get the “The Real Deal” achievement is Dead Center. 2. In order to get the “Stronger Than Moustachio” achievement, in the Dark Carnival, you must go up to the strength testing machine, inject some adrenaline, then bash the button with a melee weapon. Be warned, it alerts a horde. 3. The easiest campaign for Scavenge is the Mall Atrium in the Dead Center area. 4. In order to get the “Faster Than Moustachio” achievement, in the Dark Carnival, you must go up to a certain machine, press X, although it won’t prompt you, and then bash every head that pops up with a melee weapon. Be warned, it alerts a horde. 5. To get the achivement in which you must blast 15 infected with a single Grenade Launcher shot, user a Boomer Bile Bomb before shooting. However, be warned, your team-mates may kill them, so be sure to kill your team-mates first.

The game is fantastic. Whether you are a L4D newcomer, or a L4D veteran, you will be sure to be addicted to this game. The addition of melee weapons is highly welcomed and makes the game all the more fun. With the new campaigns and new characters, there’s no stopping how much this game can achieve. However, online mode does get boring when nobody joins. Other than that, we recommend Left 4 Dead 2. To you. PRESENTATION: 9/10. GRAPHICS: 8/10. SOUND: 10/10. GAMEPLAY: 10/10. LASTING APPEAL: 9/10. OVERALL: 9.2/10.

We are two people hoping to make your gaming experience better and more fun. This is our first game presentation, but we will release more in the near future. I’m Hisham, 12 years old. Born September the 18th 1997. I like horror, fighting and adventure games. My xBox Live gamertag is: Imi N Hishy I’m Lee, 11 years old. Born August the 13th 1998. I like horror, fighting, driving and adventure games. My xBox Live gamertag is: iXi PH3N0M3NAL

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