Hiring a cab

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Information about Hiring a cab

Published on November 20, 2018

Author: MaazShamim

Source: slideshare.net



3. INTRODUCTION  To produce a web application that allows customer to register and reserve cab online.  A web application will be designed to handle the entire primary Information required to manage the whole data.  Simplifies and reduces paper work.  Maintains a separate database.  Introduces to more user friendly approach.

4. OBJECTIVES  To create a transparent, efficient and affordable interface for the user.  To employ more drivers.  To provide a place for cab owners and travel agencies to increase their traffic.  To enhance Business Processes.  To ensure Eco-friendliness.

5. PROCESSES Registration Process: • User must be registered before booking a cab. • Proper validations will be provided to keep only authenticated users i.e. those users who will provide correct information.

6. • All the data supply by the user will be stored in database and it will be used for further validations and authentications. • For registration, users can give login and password of their choice. • Login names and password will be stored in the databases so that the users can directly login without registering again and again.

7. Login: • The customers type their login details i.e. users id and password and then only he can be logged on. • The user id and password given by the customers are checked from the data stored in the database.

8. Cab Search: • Users can search cab for a particular location here. • Users are required to enter pick up and destination location. • Various types of cabs will be available for the users to select between them.

9. BENEFITS Easy to use Secure Efficient Fast Easily available Affordable


11. MODULES 1. User Interface • Sign up • Sign in • Contact us • Booking • About us 2. Database Management • Admin • User data • Drivers data • Cab data 3. GPS and Notifications • Customer location • Destination location • Booking notification • Cancel notification

12. User Interface  Various Web pages will be developed so that the users have a great experience.  Web pages will consist of: • HOME page • LOGIN page(Sign-up and Sign-in) • BOOKING page • CONTACT page

13. Database Management  To create the database of: • Users • Drivers • Cabs  To update and edit database.  To connect database of Users, Drivers and Cabs to Web platform.

14. GPS and Notification  Using GPS to locate source as well as destination.  To calculate the distance of the route.  To calculate the estimated fare on the basis of distance.  A notification system will be implemented.  A notification will be sent to both the users and the driver after booking.  In case of cancellation a notification will be again sent to both the user and the driver.


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