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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: neckbackelbowmedia

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Hip Hop Honeys

Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys Name: Connor Gibbons

What point did the presenter make about videos just a few years ago and videos now? Videos a few years ago only had naked women in hip hop, now music videos are just about showing off Women’s bodies in all genres of videos/music.

Why were these important in the development of music videos? This 3 songs changed music video’s by having nearly naked women. They started a way of dressing that Now most videos use.

How did ‘Tashy Jay’ chose to represent herself in the documentary? She represented herself as a stupid girl, she said she was classy but I disagree What was she saying about ‘video girls’ at the shoot? That all the other girls just wanted the male attetion, and that she was there to get paid, but really she just hung around the males to try and get the lead act.

What did he think about ‘video girls’? He said “even if the song is bad they still make money as the video is good” , he also thought that people are being brainwashed into watching the videos. Why do they need these girls in their videos? To make people watch the videos and be more intrested in them. Where did they find all these girls? Wouldn’t it be expensive to pay them all? Most of the girls don’t get paid, only the professionals get paid.

How does China Black illustrate some of the issues with how women are represented in music videos? China black said girls are illustrated as objects. She also said they need good looking body parts to start getting paid, and be good parts in the videos.

These women believe they are the ones with the power. They believe they are exploiting men, not the other way around. What do you think? I think women are and, are not exploiting men, sometimes they do but most of the time they don’t.

This sexual equality expert argues that music videos have a lot to answer for - what’s the issue? What does the government think? The government thinks that music videos are teaching the young kids in our society that women are to be exploited and that girls being half naked is ok.

K.I.G use ‘video girls’ - what do they think of them? That most girls just want to have sex with the artists or be famous, also he said these girls are not girlfriend material. Music Video Director ‘Digital Dan’ has a lot to say - what does he think of the girls? That they are objects to be looked at he even said that he tells girls “If I pay you, shut up stand there and get your titties out”

What happened to Alisha? Alisha went for a video shoot and when she got there, the man that was ment to be employing her, started to oil her up and touch her in areas she didn’t want. She tried to get him prosecuted, but there was no proof.

This lady has been working with artists for years and cast lots of ‘video girls’ - what changes has she seen and what’s her opinion? She has noticed that popular songs like the thong song have changed the music video business now allmusic videos are about women shaking there ass and tits around.

Why is she challenged on this performance by the presenter? She is wearing a thong when she said she would never wear a thong

This is the US ‘Ambassador for Hip Hop’ - what is her view? She says that men are ully clothed when women are usally wearing very little How has Angel Lola Love’s experience been positive? Her expierance has been posotive as she has earned a lot of money and has become famous.

What conclusions can we draw from this documentary? That women are represented badly in music videos and men are represented in a way that they are incharge.

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