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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Candelora

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Eastern Geography:  Eastern Geography Hinduism: Beliefs Creation:  Creation “Creation is a separation of many out of one” Human Goal: to become one again with “God” Time is circular (like the seasons) What has been will come again Morality:  Morality Reincarnation: the soul is immortal The soul is reborn in various forms Karma: cosmic balance sheet More good deeds: better rebirth More bad deeds: lower rebirth Reality:  Reality Maya: “illusion” Everything your senses register isn’t true reality Moksha: release from rebirth Soul joins God in true reality Loss of individuality, reabsorbed into God Problems:  Problems Rta: cosmic order Can get out of balance Humans can loose their way Vishnu comes to earth to fix the balance Vishnu = personification of God “Avatar” = god in flesh, image of God Avatar of Vishnu = Krishna (fleshed god) Sacred Texts:  Sacred Texts Vedas: from 1200-500 BC Aryan and native Indian mix, hymns Ramayana: 400-200 BC Shows ideal man and woman, righteous path Mahabharata: 200 BC – 400 AD Realistic depictions of people, death of Krishna, spiral towards immorality Caste System:  Caste System Early Structure 1. Kshatriyas (warriors, kings) 2. Brahmans (priests) 3. Vaisyas (merchants, farmers) 4. Sudras (laborers) 5. Pariahs (untouchables) …later, top two switch places Duty:  Duty Dharma: duty Varies according to class, age, gender Purpose: to maintain society, cosmic order Fulfilling Duty: Helping to keep world going, avoiding catastrophe Duty (continued):  Duty (continued) Some duties are the same Must marry within one’s caste Reverence for cows (sacred) Each caste more “pure” than one below Even touching a pariah contaminates you spiritually, ritually Escape from Caste:  Escape from Caste Only way: Obey dharma (duty) Get reborn into higher caste Brahmans are main candidates for Moksha (release)

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