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Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Sigismondo

Source: authorstream.com

Moksha - The Goal of Hindus:  Moksha - The Goal of Hindus LEARNING OBJECTIVES - WALT Today we are Learning about the ultimate goal In life for Hindus. SUCCESS CRITERIA - WILF By the end of this lesson you should be able to explain what the ultimate goal is for Hindus – and describe how they can reach it.  Hepworth 2005 Reaching for our goals:  Reaching for our goals Everyone faces challenges in life. If we aim to achieve something, we usually have a goal in mind, that is what motivates us. In football or netball you aim at the target & in exams we aim to study and pass. There are many goals like this in life, but what are the most important things in life that we should really be trying to achieve? Motivation to reach that goal! :  Motivation to reach that goal! American motivational speakers use the following idea to help people reach their goals in life. “Picture yourself in your ideal life – imagine the clothes you’d be wearing, the house you’d live in, the car you’re driving and all the friends you’d have around you.” Next they are told to work backwards in their mind to the present day – this will help them to work out the exact things they need to do to reach their goal. Explaining MOKSHA:  Explaining MOKSHA Every Hindu has a goal. We need to start by explaining what Hindus believe happens to us after we die. Have you ever played a platform game where if you get the level wrong you go back to the beginning? Slide5:  Hindus believe that life is also like this. We live to learn our lessons. After we die, we are re-born into a different body. If we get it wrong – and don’t meet the goal – we have to start all over again. If you get it right, then your soul is free to be with God. Your soul becomes like a raindrop returning to the ocean. But how on earth do they reach this goal? Good life / Bad life:  Good life / Bad life The belief that after death you come back again as something else is called reincarnation. The ultimate goal for Hindus is to end the cycle of reincarnation by joining their soul to God – the name of this goal is MOKSHA. If you live a bad life you won’t reach the next goal and your soul gets demoted (a bit like being dropped to the third division) - you have to repeat it all over again. If you live a good life your soul will get a promotion – you go ‘up’ to the next level where things will be easier for you and you’ll have a better kind of life. Types of lives you could live:  Types of lives you could live moksha We live to learn our lessons. Moksha - The Goal of Hindus:  Moksha - The Goal of Hindus SUCCESS CRITERIA By the end of this lesson you should be able to explain what the ultimate goal is for Hindus… HAVE A GO! Complete the sentence … “The ultimate goal for Hindus is…” There has to be a catch…:  There has to be a catch… There are 3 ways to promote your soul ‘up’ the ladder of life and rebirth to reach MOKSHA. The path of knowledge. Good works. Love and devotion to God and others. Now whilst that sounds OK, how easy is it really to love our parents, to show love to God, to control our bodies and minds and to do good deeds for other people? … for the rest of your LIFE!!! Moksha Chitram / ‘Snakes and Ladders’ :  Moksha Chitram / ‘Snakes and Ladders’ Hindus invented a game to explain this idea that good deeds move us up the ladder of life, whilst bad deeds send us back again. This is the Hindu law of KARMA – every human action – our thoughts, words and deeds lead to a good or bad consequence. The game of snakes and ladders seems simple but it is actually a morality game with the ladders connected with types of good and the snakes representing various forms of evil. Moksha Chitram game:  Moksha Chitram game Instructions:  Instructions Square 12 = faith Square 51 = reliability Square 57 = generosity Square 76 = knowledge Square 78 = self discipline Square 52 = theft Square 58 = lying Square 62 = drunkenness Square 73 = murder Square 84 = rage Square 92 = greed Square 95 = pride On the squares of your board choose 3 good and 3 bad deeds and on the correct squares – write out an example of that word e.g. knowledge “you read 3 holy books” . Remember afterwards to draw in the snakes and ladders – in the correct places! Moksha - The Goal of Hindus:  Moksha - The Goal of Hindus SUCCESS CRITERIA - WILF By the end of this lesson you should be able to describe how Hindus can reach the goal of Moksha. HAVE A GO! Complete the sentence … “Hindus can reach the goal of Moksha by …”

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