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Information about Hillcrest Baptist Church Pensacola

Published on April 20, 2018

Author: fbcppensacola

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slide 1: Hillcrest Baptist Church Pensacola Offers Many Community Services Introduction Hillcrest church welcomes patrons and encourages them to love Christ by praying and worshiping God. It encourages connecting with people so as to develop friendly relations understanding their complications and helping them to the level best. Creating Social Connectivity The Church aims at developing unity among people and also encourages its patrons to serve the world. After visiting Hillcrest church you would discover a place of friendly people who are committed to assisting you in getting connected to Christ by doing good deeds. They have different connect groups which refers to gathering people for fellowship prayer and the study of the Holy Bible. Involving kids and school goers There is a chance for the kids to connect in small clusters divided on the basis of grades on Sunday mornings at the Church. The kids get to relish larger groups on the upper floor of the church. The kids are taught to worship in the holy environment of Hillcrest church. Hillcrest church offers an environment for worship which is specially designed for the kids. They are guided and supervised by leaders who are employed to look after the children. Children’s are organized in connect groups where they gather together on Sunday mornings at around 9.30 am. You can also join in with your kids to worship at Hillcrest Baptist Church. Connect groups for singles and married Connect group means a small group which gathers together usually on Sunday mornings to develop friendly associations with each other to study the sacred holy Bible and learns to service. It is a slide 2: common and effective way of connecting with each other at Hillcrest church. There are over 40 connect groups in Hillcrest church which are classified on the basis of grades. And there is always at least one connect group which is suitable for a person irrespective whether single or married old or young. There is also a connect group exclusive for kids. It helps in developing mutual understanding between people. These connect groups strengthen the relations between people. Organizing many events Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola also helps in organizing various events for the public. Some of the events which will occur are as Pastor’s Masters and Mom Life. These events create a feeling of social bonding and well being in the minds of the local people. Conclusion Hillcrest is a church which helps a person to be faithful to their religion and to be a perfect person at the same time. It helps to develop mutual faith and unity among people. Article Source: https://medium.com/richardmring44/hillcrest-baptist-church-pensacola-offers- many-community-services-673a73362cd0

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