Highlights from 2015 Citrix Customer Case Studies

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Information about Highlights from 2015 Citrix Customer Case Studies

Published on March 8, 2016

Author: citrix

Source: slideshare.net

1. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential Customers Believe in Citrix Solutions Quotes directly from Citrix customers showcasing how Citrix is providing the most secure delivery of apps and data.

2. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Taco, Inc “Our manufacturing floor has a computer at each station running Citrix, so we get real time information and we no longer need any paper, everything is digital.”

3. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Westpac Bank “Working with the Citrix team, we embarked on a journey to simplify the IT model and improve the overall service.”

4. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Essar Group/Aegis “We can provide a seamless experience to our end users for accessing corporate data when travelling anywhere, at any time.”

5. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Educational Services of America “In everything we do, our Citrix platform helps us work and share information more quickly and easily.”

6. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Suncorp Group “Our buildings were flooded… power off, so we made the decision to send 5,000 staff home to work…we couldn’t have done it without Citrix.”

7. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Aer Lingus “The main benefit of the Citrix solution is that we have control over the iPad …that’s the essential piece that means it’s all secure.”

8. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Exelon “Citrix is a really strategic piece of everything we’re trying to do...enabling us to fulfill our vision of a fully mobile workforce.”

9. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”John Holland Group “Mobility provides us with a range of benefits… but more importantly, what it does, is bring our people together.”

10. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Marigold Library System “I’m so happy with the Citrix products that I’ve looked to see what else I can get to make my life easier. I really appreciate everything Citrix does for us.”

11. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”DemandGen International, Inc. “We couldn’t run our company without Citrix. As an integrated suite of products from a single vendor, they provide value far beyond their individual components.”

12. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”POMCO Group “We chose GoToMeeting because it’s an industry standard, has an app for every smartphone, offers the most functionality and integrates with our Citrix XenApp environment.”

13. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Consulate Healthcare “Citrix tools enable us to provide care with our hearts in our hands, and that’s really why we all come to work every day.”

14. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Southcoast Health System “By protecting the data, the Citrix tools help us be proactive about security, not reactive. With all the breaches we read about in the news, that’s essential.”

15. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Kennedy Vision Health Center “We upgraded the patient experience and slashed costs. What more could you ask for?”

16. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Graymane Contracting, Ltd “Before ShareFile, it would take us the better part of three or four days to get done what now happens instantaneously. We needed an efficient way to make inquiries with subcontractors and suppliers — we found our solution in ShareFile.”

17. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Miami Marlins “After we built the new ballpark in 2012, we were able to leverage the Citrix virtual desktop environment and migrate approximately 450 employees to the new ballpark with no loss in productivity.”

18. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”John Holland Group “By centralizing our data systems using XenApp and XenDesktop, we’ve eliminated redundant infrastructure and introduced cost savings, while also making it easier for employees to submit data at the project location in real time.”

19. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Avea “Any company that values security, centralized management and ease of use will benefit from using XenMobile.”

20. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Franciscan Ministries of Our Lady Health System “We've used Citrix to implement security controls and prevent breaches from occurring. Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenMobile have all been critical in how we deliver essential applications or services while maintaining a very high level of security.”

21. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Standard Bank Group “With the help of Citrix, we will achieve our vision of enabling the business to leverage a mobile workforce.”

22. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Aer Lingus “Citrix gives us the ability to make sure the investment we’re making for the future is going to last & give us a competitive advantage.”

23. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Exelon “Exelon is really confident in the security that is provided by the Worx home platform. If we weren’t we wouldn’t be doing it in a nuclear plant.”

24. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”John Holland Group “We need to find ways that can empower our people to be more efficient and have better information. XenDesktop enables us to do that.”

25. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Miami Marlins “The fact that ShareFile is secure allows me, for the few hours I do sleep, to sleep comfortably.”

26. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd “Our Citrix solution combines the strengths of NetScaler, CloudBridge and XenDesktop to deliver a fast, responsive workspace to our call center agents, helping us provide great customer service.”

27. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Swiznet & Kenneth Oplinger, Sage “Citrix is really at the core of everything we do. From the beginning we've been a Citrix shop from NetScaler at the top, all the way down to the XenApp.”

28. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Entisys “Citrix Workspace Cloud enables organizations to take a high-level, broad-stroke approach to multiple data centers.”

29. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Pella Doors & Windows “The partnership with Microsoft, Citrix and Choice Solutions has been great. I continue to be amazed by how knowledgeable this group of people is.”

30. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Aetna “Three pieces stand out for me with Citrix. First is the commitment from leadership, and good service. Second is the technology - it is futuristic and it is, for us, the next way forward. Third is the ability to help connect our legacy environments.”

31. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”University of Central Florida “We chose Citrix over some of its competitors because they really did spend a lot of time around GPU. Every testing we've done, and our feedback from students, is proving that we're seeing a really good, positive experience.”

32. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”York County School District “We literally have every department in our school division, in various ways shapes and forms, realizing value out of this technology.”

33. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Shelton Public Schools “It’s now affordable for us to put five lab computers in the back of every classroom, when we could’ve only afforded two in the past. For a class with 20 students, that means one-quarter of them can receive differentiated instruction at any given time.”

34. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Cornerstone Mortgage “Citrix has really come in and helped us lay down the foundation for security. We can encrypt data and we can make sure that it doesn't leave our actual datacenters. So we have more control and granularity where we didn't have that before."

35. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”St. Francis Hospital “Every problem that arose or situation that we needed to deliver the applications to, there was a Citrix product out there that was able to help us.”

36. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Entisys “The architecture of Citrix Workspace Cloud is very reliable, very scalable.”

37. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Shelton Public Schools “We don’t have to buy $500 laptops. We’re buying Google Chromebooks instead because we have the umbrella of XenApp behind us.”

38. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Shelton Public Schools “XenApp makes life a lot easier because it really does allow us to leverage students’ personal technology. It’s saving the district funds and it’s allowing the students to use something they’re already comfortable with—that’s a big plus for us.”

39. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Maine Township High School District 207 “The Citrix team helped us quickly get the full environment up and running. It was an easy rollout and the process couldn’t have been any smoother.”

40. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential “”Southcoast Health System “Physicians and executives want simplified anytime, anywhere access into a secure workspace. In our environment, users simply load the client, log in, and they’re presented with their applications, desktops and tools.”

41. © 2016 Citrix | Confidential Work better. Live better.Work better. Live better.

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