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Published on November 23, 2019

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1. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

2. AR Engineering is a company founded by Mr. Arvind Mutalik in 1988, for manufacturing of transformer oil filtration machines. Since then AR Engineering has developed different types of Insulating Oil upgrading systems suitable for in- house and onsite operation. The plants are suitable for Transformer & Capacitor Manufacturers, Transformer Repairers, Transformer Owners, Oil filtration service providers etc. These plants work on low temperature, high vacuum principle. We also developed Trickle Impregnating Machines for varnishing of electrical machines windings such as armatures, rotors, field coils, stators. These machines are suitable for varnishing of electrical windings in mass production. Auto electrical parts, mixers, fans, electrical motors, Instrument transformers etc. are few to name. We also manufacture Vacuum Impregnation Plants for big electrical windings and Vacuum Drying Ovens for drying of transformers, capacitors etc. On line transformer oil regeneration plants are under development. Our Customer list includes clients ranging from small oil filtration service providers to big customers like NTPC, BHEL, NHPC, various electricity boards etc. Our plants are working all over India and countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Equator, Egypt, Turkey etc. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

3. PRODUCTS • High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants • Varnishing Machine - Trickle Impregnation Technique - Batch Type Trickle Impregnating Machine - Index Type Trickle Impregnating Machine - Vacuum Impregnation Plants / Pressure Impregnation Plants • Industrial Oil Purification Systems https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

4. High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants High-Vacuum TransformerOil Filtration And Dehydration Plants are suitable for all types of electrical insulating oils. We have standard high- vacuum filtration and dehydration plants to remove moisture (free as well as dissolved),gases,dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based and synthetic, silicon oils and others. Systems arein flow rates from300 LPH to 12000 LPH. Custombuilt plants can be provided as per customer’s specific requirement, such as more flow-rates. Theseplants work on low temperature, high vacuumprinciple. Plants mainly consistof heating, filtration and vacuumsystem. Heating systemaids to the filtration and moistureremoval. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

5. High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants cont…. Filtration systems remove suspendedparticles down to 1 micron such as rust, dirt, scales,colloidal carbon etc. Vacuum Systems remove moisture (emulsified as well as dissolved)down to < 5 – 10 ppm depending on the working vacuum of the plant. • Working Systems • Optionals • Plant Can Be Supplied • Points For SelectionOf Plants • How To Configure The Model https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

6. Transformer / Insulating Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants / Purifiers are available 1. Transformer andcapacitor manufacturers–skid mounted plants for preparation of new oils prior to apparatus filling and impregnation. 2. Transformer repairers -- completeplants for preparation of new oils and regeneration of used oils for reuse. We can providethe purification systemyou need as well as vacuumstoragetanks and transformer filling and emptying / pumping station. 3. Transformer owners-- portableplants areavailable in a variety of trailer-types and sizes to allow on- site servicing of transformer oilright in the substation. Trailers areavailablewith a wide variety of options including laboratory space, oil-testing equipment. Plants are designed for drying out of the transformer insulation and oil filling and impregnation under vacuum. Hot oil circulation and hot oil spray methods can also be used. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

7. OIL TRANSFER & CIRCULATING SYSTEM : It mainly consists of Inlet Pump (Gear type positive displacement), Outlet Pump (Positive displacement Gear type or Glandless Centrifugal) and necessary valves & piping as per the schematic diagram to ensure easy operation and maintenance. Complete system is vacuum tight to have a leak-proof operation. The piping joints are flanged type with O’rings. Chambers are provided with suitable draining arrangement. HEATING SYSTEM: • It is capable of heating the oil from 25°C to 80°C. It contains Insulated heat exchanger with indirect low watt density (Less than 2W/cm2) bobbin type electric heaters. Oil temperature is controlled with thermostat. Suitable oil distribution system is provided to ensure uniform flow of oil over heaters. It will be provided with: • Indirect Type Heating Elements made out of Nichrome wire elements fixed in refractory formers and inserted in finned MS tubes welded to heater chamber plate. Watt Density will be less than 2 Watts / cm2. • Temperature Control: Thermostatic • Temperature Indication: Dial Stem Type Thermometer. • Thermal Insulation: Glass Wool enclosed with CRCA sheets. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

8. FILTRATION SYSTEM • It is suitable for removing suspended particles such as colloidal carbon, oxidation sludge, dirt, rust, up to < 1 micron. It consists of PRE FILTER, INTERMEDIATE FILTER and FINE FILTER elements • PRE FILTER: is a metallic strainer with magnet. It removes magnetic and coarse suspended particles and to protect inlet pump from damage due to abrasion. • FINE FILTER: removes all suspended particles up to < 1 micron. Filter Elements are either non-hygroscopic molded cellulose cartridges or cleanable (with reverse airflow) edge type filter candles. Filter cartridges are easily replaceable. Additional Intermediate filter is provided to increase life of fine filter elements. DEGASSING & DEHYDRATION CHAMBER • It is designed to remove large portion of dissolved impurities (Including Moisture) from oil. Knitmesh packing trays and oil dispersing systemare provided to have sufficient exposure of oil to vacuum during filtration. Oil level is controlled with float switch. It will be provided with: • Shower arrangement and Raschig ring trays for formation of thin oil film to get more exposure of oil to vacuum. • Siphon seal to ensure longer travel of oil during degassing (for 2V plants) • Sight glasses, illuminating lamps and float switch to control oil level. • PRV before degassing chamber & SCV after Outlet Pump will be provided to avoid flooding of degassing chamber in case of power failure. https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

9. AR Engineering Address : L - 77, Additional M.I.D.C., Satara- 415004, Maharashtra INDIA Tel. No. : +91 - 2162 - 240384, 240385, Fax: +91 - 2162 - 240569, Mobile : +91 - 98223 93556, 94226 05890 E-mail : info@arengg.net Visit Other Websites Also : www.tricklevarnishingmachines.com www.oilfiltrationplants.com www.oilfiltermachineindia.com https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

10. THANK YOU https://arengg.co.in/high-vacuum-transformer-oil-filtration-and-dehydration-plants.html

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