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Published on December 23, 2008

Author: awiediger

Source: slideshare.net


Answers to "What is a High TUnnel?"

Intro to High Tunnels at Au Naturel Farm with Paul and Alison Wiediger 52 Weeks of local sustainable and profitable produce.

What is a ‘High Tunnel’? Single poly, double poly. Steel frame, pvc frame, Haygrove, etc. And How can one be used?





















Blessed with our climate, we are able to use high tunnels for winter growing. This is newly planted lettuce, and lettuce ready to harvest on December 30th.



Outside temperature, about 14 degrees, January 27, 2000.

Frozen front of the coldframe, January 27, 2000.

8:00 AM, and the inside temperature is about 22. As you can see, the young lettuce transplants as well as the kale look terrible.

This red oakleaf lettuce is also frozen.

The same kale an hour later, and the temperature has risen to about 32 degrees.

The Oak Leaf lettuce at 9:00, well on its way to recovery.

10:00 AM, 50 degrees, and mostly recovered.

Here’s that red oakleaf lettuce at the same time.

2:00 PM, 80 degrees and everything totally recovered.

But outside, it’s still really cold – about 19 degrees. The heat gain from the sun, and the ability of the plants to recover always amazes us – it’s always a miracle.


What’s growing in January, 2008












Cherry tomato set, May 2. You can see the growth on the other tomatoes in the background.

Some other crops we are growing in May in the high tunnels. Bell peppers – will be ready to sell June 1.

Cucumbers - Note the lady beetle pupae.

Zephyr – fabulous!















Growing in Summer Challenges and Rewards

Shade cloth can enhance (or enable) summer growing






Growing into the Fall


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