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Published on August 14, 2007

Author: Lilly

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Slide2:  Slide3:  Look at this picture: what do you see? Images nearby ... and far away Slide4:  Can you see the dog? Slide5:  Where are: The woman The horse The lion The old man The wolf And what else do you see? Slide6:  And here: How many hidden images? Horse Bear Lion Eagle Wolf Father Woman And ??? Slide7:  12 elephants / 6 heads Slide8:  Can you find the 7 horses in this picture? Slide9:  Find 10 faces in this tree Slide10:  There is a hidden face in this scenery Can you find it? Slide11:  This face consists of 30 animals Slide12:  Find the persons in this foliage Slide13:  Can you find 9 hidden images? Slide14:  Find the baby Slide15:  Can you find the sleeping woman? Slide16:  Find the couple Slide17:  The spirit is looking at the grave In Einstein’s face you’ll see the three graces

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