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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: jbarbudo



Security in Telemedicine

Security in Telemedicine

Objectives Define what is telemedicine What are the security used in Telemedicine Recommendations

Telemedicine "use of telecommunications medical informatics to provide delivered health care services"

Security in Telemedicine Authentication Transport Security Authorization Access Control Auditing Physical Security

Authentication UserID and Password PKI Certificate SecurId Token

Transport Security SSL Encryption Virtual private network Symmetric key Encryption by App Dedicated land line connection Intranet Only connection

Authorization Creation of Authorization levels depending on the identified criteria such as role of provider

Access control Full access Limited access

Auditing Audit logs for inappropriate access through capturing User IP address Patient Data typ Access type Timeof access

Physical Security 24 hr staffing of computer facility with biometric locks Units has no floppy, CD, USB No installation of unauthorized software

Recommendation Multiple security solutions should be tailored accordingly to different group of users Security should not be sophisticated and must be user-friendly Remember that computer security is never absolute and will continue to evolve.

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