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Published on October 17, 2007

Author: Lassie

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High Energy High Intensity Hadron Beams:  High Energy High Intensity Hadron Beams CARE-HHH Network: coordinators: F. Ruggiero and W. Scandale recent activities, workshops, and plans http://care-hhh.web.cern.ch/care-hhh/ CARE-HHH Network: 3 workpackages :  CARE-HHH Network: 3 workpackages WP1: Advancements in Accelerator Magnet Technologies (AMT) coordinated by L. Rossi (CERN) and L. Bottura (CERN) keywords: stability and quench limit of LHC insertion magnets, pulsed magnets for LHC and GSI accelerator complex upgrade, magnets for booster ring, high field magnet design, optimisation of the overall cost WP2: Novel Methods for Accelerator Beam Instrumentation (ABI) coordinated by H. Schmickler (CERN) and K. Wittenburg (DESY) keywords: tools and diagnostic systems for luminosity, wire for beam-beam compensation, advanced transverse beam diagnostics, feedback loops for orbit, chromaticity and coupling, advanced beam halo diagnostics, remote diagnostics and maintenance of instrumentation WP3: Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design (APD) coordinated by F. Ruggiero (CERN) and F. Zimmermann (CERN) keywords: Interaction Region design for LHC luminosity upgrade, optics design for booster synchrotrons, impedance calculations, structured list of intensity limits, electron cloud effects, beam measurements and advanced theoretical studies (including collimation, halo formation, and loss mechanisms) HHH activity/plans in 2006:  HHH activity/plans in 2006 CARE-HHH coordinators: contributions to the “Proton Accelerators for the Future” (PAF) CERN Inter-Departmental Working Group, January–March 2006 Preparation of a document for the CERN Council Strategy Group: Preliminary accelerator plans for maximizing the integrated LHC luminosity, M. Benedikt, R. Garoby, F. Ruggiero, R. Ostojic, W. Scandale, E. Shaposhnikova, and J. Wenninger Weekly meetings of the PAF Working Group, intense consultations with several hardware experts and CERN group leaders for a first estimate of future R&D needs in view of the LHC injector complex upgrade Discussions with the CERN Director General in view of the open Symposium held in Orsay-Paris on 30 Jan–1 Feb 2006 and in preparation for the Zeuthen workshop of 2–6 May 2006 HHH activity/plans in 2006:  HHH activity/plans in 2006 CARE-HHH-APD, February 2006: creation of a first web site with alternative LHC IR optics and agreed criteria for new IR magnet aperture requirements in collaboration with HHH-AMT CARE-HHH-APD, March 2006: launching the rating of different LHC IR Upgrade scenarios based on three parameters: LR:    Luminosity Reach, defined as LR=DE/DEo where     DE is the energy deposition margin in the IR magnets and     DEo the energy deposition for nominal LHC luminosity of 1034 cm-2 s-1 TR&D: the estimated R&D time (in years) needed to develop the most        critical hardware (proof of principle) and to integrate it in the LHC TOP:  the estimated time (in years) needed to experimentally validate an      upgrade scheme and implement it in routine accelerator operation HHH activity/plans in 2006:  HHH activity/plans in 2006 CARE-HHH-APD mini-Workshop on Crystal Channeling, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 9–10 March 2006 (attended by about 30 expert) Topics: Launch of a crystal collimation test in the H8 beam of the SPS north experimental area Launch of an international collaboration aiming at the preparation and the running of the H8 experiment Steer a coordinate experimental activity with FNAL on this matter Approval by the CERN management of an HHH proposed Crystal Test Facility on a CERN SPS extracted beam line, in collaboration with INTAS (IHEP, PNPI, JINP) and INFN, with the participation of FNAL H8 experiment: proposed layout:  vacuum vacuum S1 S6 S2 Goniometer with crystal holder Si microstrips with 15 m hit resolution (AMS type) 3.5 m 35 m p H8 experiment: proposed layout v. S3 S4 S5 300  m thick silicon ( ~ 0.3% X0 )  2.0  rad 1 mm scintillator ( ~ 0.2% X0 )  1.7  rad 200  m mylar windows ( ~ 0.07% X0 )  0.9  rad Qualify crystals to be used as primary collimators in FNAL and LHC determine probability of crystal channeling and reflection HHH activity/plans in 2006:  HHH activity/plans in 2006 CARE-HHH-APD CERN-GSI bi-lateral working meeting on Collective Effects–Coordination of Theory and Experiments, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, 30–31 March 2006 Topics: Beam loss and emittance growth caused by (1) Space charge and resonance trapping, (2) Electron cloud and resonance trapping; Influence of working point and chromaticity on beam losses; Benchmarking of simulation codes & future experiments. Impedances - resistive walls and kickers; Head-tail dynamics and simulation code benchmarking; Transverse resistive instabilities and other collective effects; How does space charge (and electron cloud) affect the impedance budget in the different CERN and GSI machines? HHH activity/plans in 2006:  HHH activity/plans in 2006 CARE-HHH-AMT Workshop on Accelerator Magnet Design and Optimization (WAMDO), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 3–6 April 2006 Topics Examine extensions of classical SC magnet design, novel ideas, numerical modelling and manufacturing issues for advanced superconducting magnets, Specific focus both on high field (>10 T) and Hz range cycled magnets, as envisaged for GSI or possible improvement of LHC injector chain. Review superconductors for high field and Hz regime magnet, especially in connection with magnet technology. Examine different layouts of IR optics for LHC luminosity upgrade and their implications on magnet design Future CARE-HHH workshops in 2006:  Future CARE-HHH workshops in 2006 US-LARP Collaboration Meeting, LBNL,  Berkeley, CA, 24–28 April 2006 Topics: LHC IR magnets, collimation, beam commissioning International Conference co-organized by CARE-HHH-APD on Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena (Channeling 2006), Frascati, Italy, 3–7 July 2006 Topics: Coherent phenomena, crystal channeling, application CARE-HHH-AMT Second Workshop on SC Pulsed Magnets for Accelerators (ECOMAG-06), Paris, France, October 2006 CARE-HHH-APD Workshop Towards a Roadmap for the Upgrade of the LHC and GSI Accelerator Complex, IFIC, Valencia, Spain, 2–6 October 2006 Possible FP7 proposals:  Possible FP7 proposals “Design Study for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade” “A possible NED extension”: CERN-CEA/Saclay-CIEMAT “Super-conducting ring based on fast pulsed magnets for GSI and LHC injector complex”

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