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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: cbcsarth

Source: slideshare.net

Heroic Immerseus

Start out as we usually do. Tank on a wedge to the right of the raid. Raid stays in a single wedge together to keep the adds going to a central location for the tanks.

When the tank gets hit with Corrosive Blast, they will call it out to the raid. Corrosive Blast will come roughly every 25 seconds.

Once Corrosive Blast has been announced by the active tank, the entire raid will move together behind the tank in the wedge to their right. The tank that needs to taunt, because he does not have Corrosive Blast debuff will move to the right an additional wedge and then Taunt once in position.

The Raid will leave all of the sha pools behind in the last wedge and have and have a clean floor to work with. The Offtank now picks up all adds from the raid as the adds come into the picture.

The Active Tank will again call out when they have been hit with Corrosive Blast to let the raid know it is safe to move behind the tank in the wedge to their right.

The Raid shifts to their right behind the tank, and the offtank again moves out an additional wedge to the right, and taunts the boss when in position.

The raid again leaves the Sha puddles behind and has an open floor to work with. Offtank continues to gather adds as needed. The cycle continues until Phase 2. If we clear out all adds before Phase 2, which we want to do, we have time for the raid to begin to spread out around Immersues before he splits.

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