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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: Jethrotull

Source: slideshare.net


Online methods for promoting the value of heritage preservation

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

 Patronize owners of listed houses (e.g. via Heritage Caledon Soiree)  Presentations to local groups like historical societies  Articles in rural lifestyle magazines  Built heritage photo and art shows  Publishing booklets and pamphlets  Heritage web sites

 Signs and plaques -  Displays at public events -

 Naming of streets and parks – in Oklahoma was named after Chief Henry Roman Nose. e.g. Roman Nose State Park Roman Nose was a Cheyenne warrior arrested for raiding white settlements in 1875. Later he joined the U.S. Indian Agency to make peace between the Cheyenne and whites. He became a chief in 1889 and lived till 1917

 New Residents, esp. people not of pioneer ancestry or cultural background  The Student and Young Adult generations  Businesspeople, and Policymakers  Aboriginals, and Environmentalists These groups all have a stake in heritage preservation

 One way is to use the Web  Websites are online pamphlets. Most people today go to the web for information  Information flow is largely one-way  With diligence, online content can be easily updated and kept fresh  This is in contrast to printed displays and text

 Another way is to use audio-visual media  Cable TV documentaries, YouTube videos, webcasts, DVDs and USB keys are all AV communication channels  Podcasts, radio documentaries and CDs are audio-only communication  YouTube, webcasts and podcasts, and some TV documentary material are accessed via the Internet  The others through broadcasting and static media N.B. via the Internet is almost always cheaper

 The third (and newest) method is to use social media  This approach is always web-based  Here the reader/viewer and producer interact; in other methods they do not  Social media are visual and still primarily text-based  They are a CONVERSATION online  They are also a JOURNALING online

 Such online journaling and conversation is either long-form or short-form  It outlines a point of view  Blogging is long-form – a series of commentator essays called posts  Posts can include pictures, video, and even sound for clarity and emphasis  Twitter is short-form texting – quick and uncomplicated  Both these formats encourage comment from readers and foster conversation strings i.e. they have the inherent potential to be a dialogue

 Social media operate between individuals who choose to be connected  Participants establish a connection to share a conversation with the originator  This is called being a „Follower‟ for a blog; for Facebook or Google+ it has other names  Followers are free to disconnect/unsubscribe when they lose interest in the theme or content i.e. they depart from the conversation

 Social media are best used to communicate the viewpoints of individuals rather than collectives  Attribution is a key feature – never “who wrote this stuff anyway?”  Blogs are curated – the owner of the blog moderates what appears as commentary

     Social media are formatted to be read on modern communication devices with internet access – PCs, tablets and smartphones They are an on-the-go type of interaction They lack the rigid linearity of traditional letters, e-mail and phone calls This suits the young and the busy You only read those posts you care to; you ignore/delete the rest

How to reach students?  Heritage for Kids – a slide show, website, articles for „Kids in the Hills‟….  Facebook  Teacher  ?? page resource materials

How to Reach Beyond Settler Community?  Attend/display at ethnic and aboriginal events  Social media interaction with those communities  Feature multicultural locations and stories  Reach their children at school and thru the web

How to Reach Local Money-and-Power Elites? Influential people who live around here but don‟t „show up‟  Research what they care about – viewscapes, fine architecture, art and photography, village charm ....how do these overlap our field of interest?  Engage with them in the context of their profession – artist, film producer, writer, publisher, blogger, TV and radio presenter, musician, corporate or political big shot..…  Liaise with / present to area Chambers, chapters of Rotary, CAFE, CARP, and Freemasonry, and municipal special interest groups  Q. How could the above become sources of funding for special projects?

Gets its information almost exclusively from online sources or peers  Interacts and shares data through social media  Highly values visual content  Has little interest in long texts – reading takes up too much time  Sees personal attendance at presentations as too linear -> no fast-forward or skip key!  Is more informal, but can be more impatient and argumentative than in the past  COPYRIGHT IAN KEITH ANDERSON 11/01/2014

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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