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Published on April 4, 2014

Author: FranBangor

Source: slideshare.net

Isheeta  Abdullah,  Zakee  Pandor,  Michael  Jordan,  Raphael  French,  Rhys  Eyles,  James           Bart has been show to have lower intelligence then a hamster due to laziness, an inherited trait from Homer; both of them possess the ‘Simpson-gene.’ A gene sex-linked gene causes him to be lazy increasing how dumb he is. Bart has an emotionally stable personality like his mother Marge, like when he defends his sister. Homer seems intelligent in his childhood in some episodes, in one it’s revealed that Homer’s low intelligence is the result of a crayon he stuck in his brain when a child. Heritability is not the be-all-end-all, the environment we’re raised in and the phenotype of genes has an influence on our intelligence and personality.     Lisa shows the highest intelligence in the family as she plays the saxophone to a high level and gets very good grades in school. In terms of heritability, she could have inherited genes related to high intelligence from Homer as his lack of intelligence may be due to a childhood accident. This theory is most likely due to the lack of apparent environmental influences.         Maggie is young, though manages to demonstrate high level of intelligence, like in the Simpsons Movie managing to locate a sinkhole in the family’s garden before communicating to convey it as an escape route. This intelligence doesn’t seem to stem from either parent. Maggie could have learnt some intelligence by observing Lisa and imitating displayed behaviour. Maggie shooting Mr.Burns shows she’s inherited Homers aggressive behaviour. . We know little about Marge’s parentage and therefore it is difficult to decipher how much of her intelligence is due to heritability. She seems to more intelligent than her twin sisters, though she shares an environment with them, which suggests that her intelligence may be inherited from a previous generation.         Abe raised Homer after his wife left the family; meaning that Abe was one of the primary parental influences on Homer’s life. The failings of the Simpson farm caused Abe to take to alcoholism and struggled to keep up with the bills and raising Homer. Suggesting why Homer displays similar characteristics and intelligence to Abe. Patty and Selma are monozygotic twins and seem to lack intelligence compared to their sister marge, though they share an environment, this suggests that their lack of intelligence is not due to heritability. However MZ twins often share a more similar environment than that of siblings.  

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