Here We Go Again: Two Steps Back

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Published on October 6, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Here We Go Again! An OWBC! Chapter Three: Two Steps Back

LAST TIME... The house was built, with a gap in the foundations because the land there hated us, Komei proposed, Tempest made friends with a stray,there was a fire, and we got to meet an awesome fireman as a result. Komei and Tempest got married, and all of there friends were there. And Joe Carr was there, too. Tempest got pregnant, the family got adog named Simon, the heatwave continued and became unbearable, and Tempest gave birth to a little boy! Jack! Thats about it. Onto this chapter!

We rejoin the family in time to find Jack bonding with Simon.Dog is mans best friend, apparently, and I think these two will be noexception to that.

I mean, look how adorable they are! And Simon looks happy that hesgetting hugs off a sticky toddler!

Then, because Tempest had nothing to do, it was time to teach Jackhow to walk.I love this animation, I think its sweet.

“Come on, Jack! Walk to me!”I love watching my sims learn how to walk. Anyway, I wont spam youwith a hundred pictures of that.

Later that night, Tempest began showing signs of a second pregnancy,and starting stalking Komei to celebrate.Komei was too busy paying attention to Simon.

By the time dawn arrived, however, the tables had turned again.Simon was the one being ignored.And Simon does a very good job of looking upset.

While Tempest and Komei made full use of the fact the yard was prettyempty, Jack was left on his own in the house.Theres all kinds of trouble Jack could have created, but instead, heput his attention on the fish.

Jack then decided it was time to use the new activity table Id bought.And yes, I got the family some wallpaper and floor in between thesetwo pictures of Jack entertaining himself. The house looks much nicernow.

When the sun comes up, Komeis sanity takes a nap. He getsheatstroke and his happy can out to do some busking.

Unfortunately for Komei, hes not that great at busking.And he managed to miss work somehow, so todays earnings hit zerosimoleans.

Still, he remained hopeful.“Komei? Are you going to come in for some lunch?”“Cash first! Then lunch!”

“No one is going to give me any money, are they?”Fraid not, Komei.

Komei then spent the evening have a number of mental breakdowns.Such is the way of sims from OWBCs. I just didnt expect Komeismind to crack so quickly.

It kept Tempest amused for awhile, though. Shes not worried aboutthe mental stability of her husband.Who needs TV when they can watch Komei laughing to himself on thefloor?

“Jack build city out of bricks!”I didnt even realise that toddlers could build such awesome things. Ithought they just chewed on the blocks.

Another day, another breakdown.Im starting to think Komei will never be the same again.

Bored of watching him beg all day, I put him to work.I want a treasure chest, because then we can open the Clubhouse.

Thats when Tempest decided it was baby time. So Komei quickly putaway his shovel and rushed over.Hed found nothing but rocks anyway.

“Look, Komei, we have another son!”“Oooh. But I wanted a daughter!”“Try and act a little happy, Komei.”

Welcome baby Harry. Or maybe it was Henry. It began with an H.He looks exactly like Jack at the moment, but thats because all babieslook the same.

Komei then went and broke a different kind of waters.“Somebody tell me how to fix this!”

Later that day, a certain toddler discovers his mortal enemy in life.“Somebody help! I cant go down the stairs!”

Of course his parents were too busy to help him out.“Someone has a blue mohawk today.”“Oh, Komei!”

“Pay attention to me!”His expression makes his face look really odd here. Or maybe thatsjust me, I dont know.

Oh, and I remembered that the babys name is Harry.Doesnt he look happy?

Jacks birthday came up that night, and as you can see, everyone isdying with excitement.Komei especially.

“Oh my! I look so much like my Dad!”

It was later discovered that Jack had Tempests mouth. See? Not acomplete Komei, but Im not sure if much of Tempest made it in there.

Hes also the first sim in my game for ages who has done thatannoying “Im a child! Look! I can run from room to room!” thing.Ah well. Let him have his fun.

Well, let him have his fun outside, because his parents are havingtheir “fun” inside.Im so proud of Jack – he started to smustle all on his own!

Neither Komei or Tempest were bothered by the fact their youngestwas still in the room.Though, to be fair, its not like Harry will remember this when hesolder.

No! Jack! Stop showing off!Anyone who knows my ISBI will know I have already dealt withattention-seeking children who show off all the time.Komei seems to appreciate his sons talent, though.

All of this activity made Jack want to pass out from heatstroke. So he,er, did.Which meant bad times for the rest of the family.

“If you cant keep the temperature of your world to a reasonable level,youre not fit to be a parent.”Apparently global warming attracts the attention of the social workersthese days.

“You are a very bad parent! Look at that mohawk!”“Ohh, if you want this one, youll have to wait a while.”“I dislike you.”

Oh, Plumbbob, Komei, is it any surprise they took the children whenyoure lying around like that?But its not all bad. Tempest is pregnant again. One step forward, twosteps back and all that.As for Jack and Harry?

That fancy house across the street isnt empty, you know. My simselflives there.“Woo! I get to be a mother again! Family sim!”

First up to arrive is Harry, because I didnt get a chance to look at hisgenetics before he was stolen from the family.I was hoping Harry would still have his family tree linked to Tempestand Komei, but alas not.Harry is ruled out of the running for heirship.

Sam immediately dumped the baby on the floor and went back toplaying video games.Shes such a great family sim.

Still, Harry grew up without too many complications. Thats Tempestsnose, by the way. Komeis mouth and jaw...I cant pick out any other noticeable features, but he didnt get the elfears. I suppose it doesnt matter, hes no longer a Blue, and I dontknow how to link him back to the family in SimPE.

“I still feel sick!”Im calling it there, this time, guys!Join me next time for more babies, because weve got to have threemore now, and the raising of said babies!I should probably get them another dog and a business soon...butanyway.Thanks for reading!

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