Here We Go Again: Madness Wears a Mohawk

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Published on September 21, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Here We Go Again! An OWBC! Chapter One: Madness Wears A Mohawk

Hi! Im Sam! You may remember me from challenges such asthe Superfrog ISBI or the Wrongway Legacy.If not, well, stick around, and maybe you might enjoy my latestproject – this OWBC!! See, I may already have the shiny flamingomedal, but...well. Im back on the OWBC boat. Who knows why?This time, Im going for more wackiness. I really struggled picking epbonuses this time – but eventually settled on Pets, Seasons andBon Voyage. As for mini-challenges, Im playing BoolpropClubhouse, One Bad Apple, Family Scrapbook, Cowforbrains GhostHunt, MOAR aliens and maybe Quad Pod if I can be bothered. Imalso taking the super mini-challenge of Monster Mash.

“Woo! Thats what I like to see! A founder with a manor house!”Tempest, you might want to look behind you, thats where your houseis.

“Alright! This is such a nice neighbourhood that I bet my house is evennicer than that one!”

“Is that little stone hut my house?”No.“Didnt think so. Dammit, everyone said I shouldnt drop out of uni tobecome a founder.”

“I have no roof. I cannot bear this. What if it rains? I dont want mymohawk to get damaged.”

Well, while shes not pulling a face of some kind, meet Tempest Blue,my OWBC founder.Her face is made up of maxis templates, except her nose – which Iedited from a maxis nose. And dont ask me what maxis faces are inthere, because I havent got a clue.Shes also a natural red head, a popularity sim, and generallyawesome. Shes a Cancer with a personality of 5/5/5/5/5.

Because I am awesome with the budget that comes with a 4x4 starterlot, I managed to build Tempest a beautiful and blue house.Yes, it looks like every other challenge house Ive ever built, what of it?And Ive decided, seeing as the familys last name is Blue, that theoutside of the house will always be painted in shades of blue.

Obligatory peek at the houses layout and furnishings. In order to keepthe house an attractive blue colour, certain items of furnishing had tobe sacrificed.However, we did work three flamingos and a gnome into the budget.

Naturally, the desert out front is decorated with the three compulsorypink plastic birds and a gnome.Our gnome is green, because we like to shake things up a little.Actually, its because there wasnt a blue one.I promptly nicknamed him Tubby and moved on. Not sure why thatshis name, but it is.

So, Tempest, what do you think?“I can work with this.”Good to know. :)

Tempest then wandered inside and set about making herself somebreakfast, which is when she realised her one true hobby was cuisine.As I predicted – my legacy founder had the same personality and heliked cooking.My game then crashed and I lost Tempests house, because like thefool I am, I had forgotten to save it. And yes, that is the only point ofthis slide.

So this is the new home! I couldnt be bothered to rebuild the oldhouse for Tempest. See? Were saving the environment this time! Thewind turbines are the reason Tempest cant have a real bed. :D“I am unenthusiastic about this.”Unfortunately, your opinion on this new house doesnt count.

“When everyone told me not to drop out of uni, I had to be the studentwho insisted it was best for them. Why didnt I listen?!”What has this taught me? Dont drop out of uni to start a strange andunusual challenge youve never heard of.

“I dont want to get a job.”Tempest, despite her unhappiness and protests, took a job in theCriminal career track. Mostly because I want her to look awesome inher uniform when she gets to the top of the career.

And to show she was upset over having to take a job, Tempest kickedone of the flamingos into the dirt.

“You represent everything I hate about this new life!”

“Oh no! My poor flamingo! How did you fall down? Who did this toyou?”She would have done this all morning, but luckily, a welcome wagonappeared!

But of course, before she can introduce herself, Tempest has to getdistracted my a wolf wandering around her desert.“No! Bad dog! You dont sniff me!”The dog looks genuinely worried that he has upset Tempest.

“Im not happy and I want everyone to know about it!”Believe me, Im sure they can tell. Also, Tempest glitched up her eyes!It seems to be one of my games favourite past times.

Anyway, the Welcomers.We get Jihoon Hsu, here, with all of his blonde and Goopy genetics.Ive never played him before, but Im kind of wondering if hes a naturalblonde or not.And we get Ethan, in the back. I love Ethan, he is awesome on somany levels.

And my simself shows up as well. Doesnt she look happy to be there?Now is probably a good time to mention that Im looking to addsimselves in this hood for the Boolprop Clubhouse mini challenge, soif you feel like throwing a download link my way, it would be muchappreciated. :)

After being greeted, Jihoon immediately heads over to Tubby.I hate you, Jihoon Hsu, and I hope you die in a way that will score atombstone for my ghosthunt mini challenge.

But then the oddest thing happened. Ethan came over and did one ofthe gestures with Jihoon, and Tubby never got stolen.Im so happy!

After that, I had Tempest see if there was any spouse material in herwelcome wagon. Tempest has randomised as bisexual, so who knowswho she will pick.Jihoon was secretly hoping it would be him, it seems.

Pretty soon, Ethan starts to glow. Hmm. I wonder how many bolts theyhave.I mean, Ive played Ethan before, in my ISBI. Or rather, I didnt playEthan – he ran around on free will pulling awesome faces.

So Tempest decides to spend her afternoon hanging out with herguest. Jihoon decided it would be good to sit in the road and talk tothe others.And Sam was contemplating the flamingos.“Hmm. Do I like flamingos?”I must do, considering Im on the OWBC boat again.

Then Joe Carr wandered by and decided to join in with the fun.

Joe Carrs idea of fun is stealing gnomes, apparently.I immediately dislike him.

Tempests friends stood by her whilst Joe stole the gnome. Either thecommunity really like gnomes or really hates thieves. I think its both.Ethan seems very unhappy with Joe, “You do not just wander over andsteal a young ladys gnome!”“Wow, Ethan cares about this more than I do. And Im the founder!”

Convinced he is awesome yet?And yes, this slide doesnt really have much purpose other than thefact Ethan looks awesome when he glows.

“Thank you for sticking up for me and my gnome.”“It was no trouble.”“Im serious. OWBC founders really appreciate their gnomes, trustme.”

Meanwhile, Sam was having some serious problems with Joe Carr.“So I said-”“Dont even talk to me! You cant steal gnomes in my corner of themulti-verse and expect me to like you!”

“Lalala, ignoring Joe...”

Elsewhere on the lot, things werent going quite as well as Id hoped.“We only have one bolt!”“Yep!”Im going to see if I can find Tempest someone with at least two boltsfirst. If there is no one...then we shall phone Ethan.

So I take Tempest out to my favourite lot bin community lot, CaféPetite!Seriously, a lot of my founders meet their partners here. In my lastOWBC, my founder married the bartender here.

“I dont like anyone outside of the café.”How about trying inside?

“Hi, Im Komei, Komei Tellerman.”“...Tempest Blue.”

“He is so hot!”Komei seemed oblivious to Tempest heartfarting him.“Oh Andrea, hello! No, I think I would notice if there was girl beingattracted to me behind me.”

“Youre so hot!”“Now, now, I dont accept compliments off strangers.”Komeis expression is definitely a mixture of Im flattered, but alsocreeped out.

Luckily, even with the rejection, Tempest got to know Komei wellenough so she could invite him over to her house.“You live in a wonderful mansion, Tempest!”“Komei, thats the house across the street. I live in the desert dustwere standing on.”

ACR helped the couple move things along a little. I know the hack isprobably an unfair advantage but...I dont feel like taking it out.I think these two are sweet together, anyway.

“Tempest...we only have one bolt. The creator will never allow this.”“Its not her decision to make.”Truly, it isnt. I didnt tell them to flirt or anything on Tempests home lot,and it seems the couple have decided they want to be together. Evenif they only share one bolt.

Tempest! After I let you keep your one bolt lover and everything.Komei looks deeply confused by what he is hearing.

Komei and Tempest then decided to ignore neighbours and peoplewandering by so that they could make out.Young love, no?

These two and their antics though did give me a chance to check outhow my new lighting mod looks.I love it. And yes, this is just an excuse to include this slide. (Howmany times have I said that this chapter?)

Soon enough, Komei moved in, bring $11,000 with him. That will make anice house in the next update.And this actually happened two days after the previous slide. There isone more day left in the season, which will be for the wedding and theseasonal party.Komei is a fortune sim with a personality of 6/5/8/3/3, making him aScorpio.

This also makes him mean enough to steal back gnomes.Yay, the return of Tubby!

“And now we begin gnome watching. No one will steal Tubby and getaway with it...”

Here are the fish I was supposed to buy at the beginning of thechapter. Basically, part of the Pets bonus is to keep these same fishalive until the end of the challenge.As for breeding a set of dogs/cats, I shall start that in the next chapter.Why? Because Im lazy.

And that is where I shall leave you, this time! A quick question, seeingas Tempest isnt male and cant have alien babies, should I give up theMOAR aliens mini challenge?Join me next time for babies, puppies and parties!Thanks for reading! :)

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