Here We Go Again: Living Like A Family Sim

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Published on September 23, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Here We Go Again! An OWBC!Chapter Two: Living Like A Family Sim

LAST TIME... We met Tempest Blue, my latest OWBC founder. And her veryawesome mohawk. We also followed her around as she tried to find someone to love, and she settled on well-known townie Komei Tellerman. That pretty much covers it, if Im honest. Anyway! Onto this chapter!

We rejoin the family just in time to see the results of Komeis money. Anice, and unfinished, house.It doesnt look quite like this anymore because I moved some of thewindows about, but you get the idea.

And a quick view of the ground floor – because there is honestly nopoint in me showing you the empty upstairs.See that three by three gap in the foundation? For some reason, Icant build there at all. So I just worked it into the architecture of thehouse. Ill probably put a statue there later, or something.

Anyway, back to Tempest and Komei. One bolters who act like theresmore chemistry than there is.

Ill admit that I dont usually like my couples to only have one bolt, butwith Komei and Tempest, I decided I would allow it.They work together, anyway.

“You didnt get a say in it anyway.”Very true. Komei and Tempest use and abuse their freewill.

Still, they are adorable with their freewill, and I refuse to take freewillaway from sims, no matter what challenge Im playing.Though I think freewill on is actually part of the rules for this one.

With the proposal out of the way, a house built, and a wedding partybeing held the day after, Komei and Tempest had nothing to do.So they spent their time flirting.

And complaining about their environment.“I hate it in here!”

Komei started threatening the fish.“Check out my enthusiasm for fitness!”

The next day, Komei had to work while Tempest had the day off, soher normal routine of flirting and stalking Komei couldnt happen.She had to change her schedule. So she got to know theneighbourhood stray, Alegra.

And splashed in puddles. Because, you know, it doesnt rain very oftenin the desert – and Tempest likes to show her appreciation for it.

Komei came home with a smug smile and a promotion.The money was promptly spent on some walls.

Later that evening, Tempest set fire to her hot dogs. I dont know howshe managed it, but there you go.Yes, we are still cooking on a grill. Ovens are expensive necessitieswe can do without for now.

“Quickly! Save my dinner!!”“Youre planning to eat these even after theyve been on fire and putout with an extinguisher?!”“Yes! Times are hard!”

Fireman Mitch then leaves, opening a book as he walks out. I thinkhes pretty awesome. He put out a fire and then goes straight back tohis literature!

“Aw man, theyre burnt.”As expected. She ate them anyway, because there was no alternative.

Komei and Tempests lifestyle has finally caught up with them, itseems. Tempest has been showing signs of pregnancy.“It cant be morning sickness, Id have to be pregnant for that!”“Tempest, you dont think its even remotely likely that you arepregnant?”

“Were going to be parents? Yay! I bet our children will be awesome.”“With a father like me, they have no option but to be awesome.”

On the morning before their wedding, Tempest and Komei finally got abed instead of a tent.Naturally, theyre adorable while they sleep.

When the sun rises, the guests start arriving for the wedding.“Jihoon! I dont remember inviting you, but welcome!”

Sims with invites include my simself, Mitch the fireman and Ethan.I was surprised Mitch showed up, he doesnt know Tempest that well.

Joe Carr showed up, too (Ive got my eye on you, Joe!) along withGoopy and Andrea Hogan.I think Goopy and Andrea look like they came as a couple in this pic.Its almost like theyre holding hands.

“Tempest, thats not really a wedding dress.”“Times are hard, Komei. Besides, it sparkles!” Tempest grinned, “Doyou honestly care whether or not Im in a wedding dress?”

“It doesnt bother me.”“Good,” Tempest held up the ring, “lets get married!”The guests look uncomfortable with the lack of chairs. Low budgetweddings, what can you do?

Tempest and Komei got married without any problems at all.Komei Tellerman is now Komei Blue. I did think about have Tempesttake his name, just because Tempest Tellerman sounded cool, butnevermind.

“Hey, if Tempest threw her bouquet and Andrea caught it, youd benext, Goopy.”“Not a chance.”No one even mention the fact we cant afford bouquets.

The party was a Good Time, and Tubby survived the whole thing,which pleased me.Joe Carr is still on my hit list, though.

The next day, Tempest begins showing signs of her pregnancy.“I wonder whether its a boy or a girl?” Komei said.“I cant wait to meet them!”

Because Komei and Tempest seem to be acting like family sims lately-you know, getting married, building a house, having kids – I decidedthat its time to adopt their first dog.

The dog is named Simon, after my Grandads dog which passed awaythis year.Tempest adores him.

And I do too. Look! Simon is adorable!

Later that day, Tempest became my first ever sim to pass out fromheatstroke. Seriously, its never happened before.

Komei looks like hes having way too much fun dousing Tempest.Then again, it does look like fun.

“What happened? Is my mohawk okay?”

The chaos continues when one of the flamingos caught fire. Luckily,the rain put it out.

Then came the baby. Life just doesnt stop in the Blue household.

Its a boy! And because Im not playing Boolprop Name scheme, hisname is Jack.Komei looks so happy to be a father! Not...

Jack got red hair, which is unsurprising as both Komei and Tempesthave red hair, and Komeis blue eyes.

“Phew, being a father is hard work.”I need to make the desert have less summer, I think. Its been too hotthis time round.

Despite the fact Komei looked unimpressed at his sons birth, he doeslook after Jack.He makes a good father.

Baby days tend to fly by, and pretty soon, its time for Jacks birthday!Yay!

Interesting CC choice – Jack opts for a hat. I shall fix that.Jack is a Pisces with a personality of 7/6/9/3/10Im sure well be seeing his “Hi, Im Nice!” smile over the nextgeneration.

And here he is! Looks to me like hes a blend of his parents, but onlytime will tell. I think thats definitely Komeis jaw, though.

He is adorable. :)This is where I will leave you, this time! Hopefully this chapter wasnttoo dull!Thanks for reading!

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