Here We Go Again: Girl Power!

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Published on October 9, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Here We Go Again! An OWBC! Chapter Four: Girl Power!

LAST TIME...Jack was adorable, Komei had a breakdown, the heatwave continued, Harry was born, Jack grew into a child, Jack smustled outside whilehis parents were hooing in the living room. Tempest fell pregnant with her third child, just as the social worker showed up to claim Jack and Harry. Apparently the heatwave meant we were bad parents. My simself, however, conveniently lives in the mansion across the street from the family and adopted Jack and Harry. Now! Onwards!

We rejoin the family to find Tempest sulking. This is probably athrowback to the fact her kids were just taken away.“Im an awful mother. I couldnt change the seasons, so they took mybabies.”

“I cant even look after the fish without being prompted.”Its true. Komei will feed the fish and clean the tank all on his own. Ihave to tell Tempest to do it.

You know, Im pretty sure I had a decent caption for this when I took it.But when I pulled it out of my storytelling folder, all I wanted to knowwas1) Why they are both covering their ears2) Why is Komei naked?!

And so begins another ordinary day in the Blue household. I want atreasure chest! It would buy us that lot we need for the Clubhouse.I should probably also sort out the fact weve got too many flamingosnow. Although well need them later.

We found a rooster while digging, so he gets to stand guard next toTubby.His name is Cherry, just because that was the first thing that came tomind.

That night, Tempest begins showing signs of her third pregnancy.Well, the first pregnancy that counts.

“Why does this keep happening to us?!”Its time like this when I start to believe well never find a treasurechest.

With the money from working – even Simon has a job – and sellingrocks and things we find in the ground, the house finally got a lick ofpaint on the outside.

There wasnt enough money to finish the upstairs, but at leastTempest and Komei arent woohooing in the living room anymore.

Despite everything theyve been through, Komei and Tempest are stillvery much in love.Which is always nice to see.

From the familys digging, weve now got two sets of every secret map.So Tempest is keeping one set in her inventory for when the familygoes travelling.The others are being used to decorate the house. I think they lookneat over the fish tank!

The next morning, Komei is struck by lightening.“Are you trying to smite me?!”Nope. This was all natural.

Of course, he had another breakdown as a result. Apparently being hitby lightening was one of his fears.Poor guy.

Komei found a statue of some sort in the ground, so we sold it andstarted farming. Because I remembered that if I wanted a plantsim, Iwas going to have to actually do some gardening.Neither sim was impressed.

With the seasons tweaked to end the heatwave, it was time for theSpring party.No one showed up, but this walk-by invited himself in.Makoto St.Julien! I had him in the family during my ISBI.

I immediately regretted letting Makoto back into my challenges.Why couldnt he take Cherry? No one would have cared!

Because this MOAR aliens thing isnt going so well, I got out thereward to change aspirations. The freetime knowledge perks are veryhelpful, and not mentioned in the MOAR aliens rules.“Komei...I dont think you should be messing with that...”

It was at that moment I remembered all of Komeis aspiration failure.Oops. I cheesed Komei.

Komei the New Cheese sim went to work after consuming a number ofsandwiches.Simon, meanwhile, found a wolf named Riley to play with. They dontlike each other much, but it reminded me that I still have to find Simona mate.

Later that night, Tempest went into labour. Komei wasnt home, so shehad to deliver the baby by herself.

Its a girl! Baby Miranda, named so because I just finished studyingThe Tempest.

I see she is going to be a delightful child...shes probably just nothappy she got put in the chair.

“Why do I have to clean? This isnt fun.”Tempest pulls some of the greatest faces...I love it.

Yay, Tubbys coming back!Komei is looking very dramatic here.

“Have you heard about the New Cheese Movement? So far, Im theonly one in it but soon there will be many cheese sims!”“Komei...I dont want to talk about cheese. Come on.”

They disagree on the subject of cheese, but that doesnt stop themfrom liking each other.Komei greatly appreciates the view when his wife is gardening in herunderwear.Also, I have no idea why these guys spend so much time in theirunderwear. Most of my sims get dressed, but no, these two dont likethat.

Soon enough, its time for Mirandas birthday. And this time, Tempestwas working.

Shes such a mixture of her parents! Shes got the elf ears, and I thinkthats Tempests nose.Miranda is a Gemini, with a personality of 5/8/8/5/3Also...prepare for the toddler spam...

Miranda likes to draw instead of use the blocks. Each to their own.

Shes also a dancer, but most of my toddlers are. Isnt she adorable?Ill stop spamming you now.

The next day, Tempest started showing signs of a second pregnancy.Yay!

The evidence only strengthened as time passed.“Komei, Im pregnant!”“How can you be sure?”

Oh! I missed it! But that skunk just sprayed Tempest and it was thefunniest thing Ive seen for a long time!

Tempest didnt agree with me.“Curse you, Skunk!”

After a quick shower, Tempest was ready to get back to her duties asa founder – making sure the garden is okay. Of course, this means theHobby Instructor for Nature would stroll by.“Peerless Park? Want to come to Peerless Park?”“Get lost! I dont want to wear a leaf skirt and hang out with the naturelovers!”

There were more important things to be done than visiting PeerlessPark, like getting the baby bump stuck in the tree during the harvest.“Help? Anyone?”

Komei, meanwhile, has been desperately trying to get abducted. Itsnot working out, and this displeases me.Something else does please me, though.

“...what just happened?”Tempest became a plantsim! I wasnt expecting it at all. I was toldpesticides had to be sprayed one hundred times on the lot for there tobe plantsims, and that hasnt happened here.

“My mohawk is organic!”

Naturally, a head full of seeds means its time for a plantbaby. Not aQuad Pod, I dont think we have enough room for that yet, but aplantbaby.

Everyone meet Mint, a little girl with a personality of 5/5/5/5/5, makingher an Aries.

She looks a lot like other plantbabies, which is expected. Whoeverthat Ideal Plantsim is, his genetics are really dominant.Also, Im going to cure Mint of her plantsimism soon, so that she canlive longer, through all the life stages. Ive done this before, so I think itcould be fun.

“GREEN SISTA!” Miranda was delighted by the sight of someone toplay with, “HUG!”

Luckily, Mint was happy to have a sister, too. I love it when strangecircumstances dont matter to children!

Simon also loves Mint. So its all good.

Pretty soon, Tempest went into labour with her second (fourth) child.Right in the window.Nice, right?

And its another girl! As ever, Komei looks disappointed.“Shes beautiful, Komei!”“I miss having the boys around.”

Meet little Amy. Because both her parents are redheads, Amy is also aredhead. But shes got Komeis blue eyes.She seems like a fairy sweet child.

Tempest and Komei waste no time expanding their brood.

And then they set about taking care of the brood they already have.Komei took Mint outside to play peek-a-boo, so she could get somesunshine and have some fun.Which was adorable.

Winter arrives, and not only do the leaves fall off the trees, the wallsfall off the building behind the Blue house.I should probably explain that winter comes after spring in this desert.Yeah, I dont know why either.

That night, it was time for Mirandas birthday. Yay!

Miranda was delighted by it, and kept her adorableness.

Miranda somehow managed to sneakily collect four creativity points asa toddler, so I am very happy with that.

I also decided that it would be a good time to turn Mint into a regularsim. Shes quite unique looking and I love her.

There was even enough money to give Miranda her own room in acolour that wasnt blue!Well. Itll be her room until Mint grows up, then theyll share it.

Speaking of Mint, both she and Miranda are really close. I rarely findone of them without the other.

Simon also gets company most of the time.“Come on, Simon! Lets smustle!”Im pretty sure Simon doesnt want to dance, he just wants food.

With Tempest being the only plantsim now, it means we only need oneof the plant-lights.It means Tempest has to sit in one place all night, but it saves thefamily money.

And the fish are still alive. Yes, they are still the same fish I originallystocked the tank with. I love it!

I also love teaching the toddlers nursery rhymes. Miranda did thehonours of teaching Mint.

Miranda also likes to spend a lot of time painting.

Yay! A third pregnancy! Hopefully this will be the last one. And our BadApple for the generation.

Predictably, Miranda comes home and is displeased by her grades.“By the way, I brought a friend home.”Who?

Jack!“Im home!”I have no idea why hes still showing signs of heatstroke. Its winternow.

Jack and Miranda immediately start to smustle in the street. This ishow things should be!Even Simon is happy to see Jack back!

“Pay attention to me!”“Yay, my daughter is amazing!”Oh no. More showing off.

Jack and Miranda then spent the evening playing Cops and Robbers.He doesnt look like hes enjoying it much, but hes freakishly nice andMiranda is a mean sim.

Is she yawning or celebrating Amys birthday? Its hard to tell!

Komei and Amy appreciate Miranda being there, anyway. Tempest hadto work, Jack had gone home, and Mint is too little.

Amy looks different from all of the other siblings! Shes a Gemini with apersonality of 3/6/7/5/5----And thats it for this time! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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