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Published on March 28, 2008

Author: Mahugani

Source: authorstream.com

U.S. Customs and Border Protection:  U.S. Customs and Border Protection CARGO SECURITY STRATEGY IN THE POST 9/11 ERA BACKGROUND REGARDING “CBP” The Border Agency :  BACKGROUND REGARDING “CBP” The Border Agency U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) is one of the operational agencies of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) CBP was Created in March 2003 Merged the four frontline agencies with border responsibilities (Agriculture, Customs, Immigration, Border Patrol) Created one Unified Border Agency 42,000 employees Slide3:  CBP’s PRIORITY MISSION Prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons, including WMD, from entering the United States Twin Goals: Perform our priority mission without choking off the flow of legitimate trade and without disrupting the U.S. economy CBP’S CARGO SECURITY STRATEGY:  CBP’S CARGO SECURITY STRATEGY Developed after 9-11 in response to the threat of global terrorism National security experts have identified a terrorist threat to exploit containerized shipments – the principal system for global trade The core elements of CBP’s Cargo Security Strategy (CSS) have been approved by DHS The CSS is built on the concepts of smart and extended borders CSS was designed to achieve the “twin goals” Slide6:  CBP’S CARGO SECURITY STRATEGY Built on 5 interrelated initiatives: 24 Hour Rule National Targeting Center – Analytical Targeting Units Detection Technology Container Security Initiative (CSI) Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) 24 HOUR RULE:  24 HOUR RULE CBP promulgated the 24-Hour Rule in 2002 Manifest data required 24-hours before lading at foreign ports for all containers bound for U.S. seaports CBP has promulgated similar advance electronic data requirements for cargo shipped by air, truck and rail The National Targeting Center (NTC):  The National Targeting Center (NTC) Established the NTC in October 2001 24 X 7 tactical targeting for all oceangoing cargo and cargo shipped by all other transportation modes Designed the Automated Targeting System to address the terrorist threat Developed and adjusts the targeting rules and algorithms for the Automated Targeting System Linked to Advance Targeting Units (ATU) in each seaport, including, for example, the port of LA/LB Automated Targeting System (ATS):  Automated Targeting System (ATS) ATS is key to CBP’s antiterrorism targeting strategy Identifies “high risk” targets, i.e., all cargo shipments posing a potential terrorist risk A rules-based decision support system ATS is based on strategic intelligence and anomaly analysis Integrates enforcement, terrorism, and CBP’s extensive international trade databases 100% screening of all cargo shipment data 100% of all high risk containers are inspected on arrival at U.S. seaports or at CSI ports overseas Used to screen cargo shipped via all modes of transportation: sea, land, rail and air Slide10:  Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) ACE replaces CBP’s legacy system Advance Trade Data Initiative (ATDI) Multi-Modal Manifest, including an implemented e-Manifest for truck cargo Enhances a state-of-the-art automated targeting system Provides account-based views Streamlines the cargo importation/regulatory process Reduces paper intensive processes Improves revenue collection Detection Technology: Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) - The Mandatory Security Inspection Process:  Detection Technology: Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) - The Mandatory Security Inspection Process NII Technology is Mission Critical Current Inventory: Large-Scale NII Technology Radiation Detection Technology Small-Scale NII technology Mandatory minimum security inspection uses both large-scale imaging and radiation detection technology Physical inspection required if anomalies or unresolved radiation isotopes are detected Radiation Detection Technology :  Radiation Detection Technology CBP’s goal: 100% radiation detection – all cargo Principal technology for interdiction of radiological materials are: Radiation Isotope Identifier Device (RIID) Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) Container Security Initiative :  Container Security Initiative CSI pushes security beyond our borders Core elements of CSI: Inspect containers identified as high-risk before they are shipped to U.S. ports – before they leave the foreign CSI port Use NII and radiation detection technology to quickly inspect high-risk containers before departure for U.S. seaports Physical inspection done there if anomaly detected Deployment of specially trained CBP targeting teams to every foreign CSI port 24-Hour rule and Automated Targeting System at CSI ports linked to NTC to identify high-risk containers. Host nation Customs authorities conduct security inspection; CBP team has ability to observe security NII inspections Slide14:  Container Security Initiative (37 Current Operational Ports) Asia Hong Kong Pusan, KR Singapore Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, JP Laem Chabang, TH Shanghai & Shenzhen, CN Tanjung Pelepas & Port Klang, MY Africa Middle East Durban Dubai, UAE Europe Canada Alegeciras, ES Halifax Antwerp & Zeebrugge, BE Montreal Bremerhaven & Hamburg, GE Vancouver Felixstowe, Soutthamptom, Liverpool, Thamesport and Tilbury, UK Genoa, LaSpezia, Naples, Livorno and Gioia Tauro, IT Gothenburg, SE LeHavre & Marseille, FR Piraeus, GR Rotterdam, NL Slide15:  Port ATU Review / Exam ATU Actions NTC Actions ATS Actions Trade Data Movement Physical Movement 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Days Out Port Of Arrival 24 hr. Prior Lading Sails - - - - Arrives AMS receives manifest and updates throughout this time period ACS Receives Entry and Updates ATS receives manifest and scores it throughout this time period; re-scores on updates. NTC evaluation NTC coordination w/ Port ATU CSI Evaluation/Exam Opportunity CSI Actions Screening Process Slide16:  Screening and Inspection CBP screens 100% of all cargo before it arrives in the U.S. using intelligence and cutting edge technologies. CBP inspects all high-risk cargo. C-TPAT :  C-TPAT Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT): Part of CBP’s Cargo Security Strategy A partnership between the private sector and CBP Leverages U.S. Importers’ control over foreign vendors Engages the Private Sector to: Meet minimum supply chain security requirements Secure foreign facilities/conveyances/containers used to import goods to the U.S. Screen employees at foreign vendor locations Establish increased security measures throughout the chain Use business relationships to require increased security Provides benefits – reduced cargo examinations to certified C-TPAT members upon arrival. Validations of supply chain security: Trust but verify CBP Officer:  CBP Officer The most critical element to the success of CBP’s layered enforcement strategy is the experience, expertise and training of its officers Basic Training Advanced Training Anti-Terrorism Training Integrated Training Specialized Training NII Image Interpretation Refresher Training RADACAD Automated Targeting System Confined Space Entry Hazardous Materials National Seaport Contraband Enforcement Training United States Coast Guard Collaboration :  United States Coast Guard Collaboration Memorandum of Agreement regarding the Detention of Certain High-Risk Crewmembers USCG International Port Security Program (IPSP) National Response Options Matrix (NROM) National Maritime Security Advisory Committee (NMSAC) Development of the National Maritime Security Strategy Slide20:  CCBP AIRPORT STRATEGY US-VISITOR AND IMMIGRANT STATUS INDICATOR TECHNOLOGY (US-VISIT) Biometric data is taken on all non-U.S. residents (fingerprints and picture taken at port of entry) e-PASSPORT TEST Digitized data chip with picture and biometric information imbedded in the passport IMMIGRATION ASSISTANT PROGRAM (IAP) Knowledgeable Immigration Officers deployed to foreign ports ADVANCED PASSENGER INFORMATION SYSTEM (APIS) Manifest information provided before flight arrival OFFICER CROSS-TRAINING Agriculture/Immigration/Customs law/regulation training for ALL enforcement officers Summary:  Summary CBP’s primary mission is to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States. To meet the “Twin Goals” - enforcement and facilitation, CBP employs a risk management strategy through layers. These layers include: Partnering with the trade to strengthen the supply chain - C-TPAT Pushing back the border and screening containers overseas - CSI Receiving shipment information in advance of arrival - 24 hour rule Utilizing advanced targeting systems - ATS Clearing house for targeting and information - NTC Utilization of technology to effectively screen and examine cargo Partnership with USCG and law enforcement CBP Airport Strategy CBP officer’s role in securing border Slide22:  Questions

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