Herbicide(s) resistant genes

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Information about Herbicide(s) resistant genes

Published on December 19, 2008

Author: lalit_kharbikar



Slide 1: Identification and Isolation of candidate gene homologue with multiple herbicide resistant traits from jute (Corchorus spp.) rhizospheric microorganisms Project proposal on Total Duration 3 Years L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 1/11 By Lalit Laxman Kharbikar Slide 2: Background Herbicide resistant genes E.g. GOX gene (Glyphosate oxidoreductase) (FAO, 2008) L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 2/11 ? 95% JAFs – Small scale farmers – Indo-China, south and south-east Asia (Nandy et al., 2008) ? Fibre yield reduced by 75 to 80% due to serious weed infestation (Majumdar et al., 2008) ? Manual weeding – 40% of the total cost of jute cultivation (Ghorai et al., 2008) Herbicides Slide 3: Necessity Genetically engineered crops Monsanto (90%) Roundup Ready Crops Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science, Dow and DuPont (10%) OWNERSHIP OF PATENTS ON THE GENES (Mayer et al., 2004) Need: Crops exhibiting tolerance to several herbicides, preferably at least two or three. L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 3/11 Solution: Engineering of crops with multiple herbicide resistant (MHR) genes Farmers are bound to procure costly glyphosate only From where we will get such herbicide resistant genes? : Mutants: E.g. Multiple herbicide resistant (MHR) mutants of Anabaena variabilis (Singh and Dutta, 2007) and Chlamydomonas reínhardtií (Erickson et al., 1985) 2. Over expression of single gene with MHR effect: E.g. Expression of an Erwinia phytoene desaturase gene in tobacco confers multiple resistance to herbicides (Misawa et al., 1994) 3. Identification of genes from herbicide resistant micoorganisms: E.g. For Roundup Ready soybean, cotton, and canola the EPSPS was obtained from a soil bacterium in the genus Agrobacterium (USDA, 2000, Nida, et al., 1996, Padgette, et al., 1995) From where we will get such herbicide resistant genes? L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 4/11 Objectives : Objectives To identify strains/ mutants capable to withstand multiple herbicides from jute rhizospheric microorganisms To identify and characterize candidate gene homologues with respect to tolerance to structurally unrelated herbicides L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 6/11 Strategy : Strategy L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 7/11 Structure of herbicides Jute rhizosphere (soil) Slide 7: Activity table and time schedule L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 8/11 Slide 8: Estimated cost Rs. 4 Lakhs/ Year L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 9/11 For consumables only Outcome : Outcome Indigenous gene construct will be developed from MHR genes to facilitate development of transgenics for trait of importance. At present, most of the genes and promoters being used are borrowed ones with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) implications. L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 10/11 Slide 10: Thank You L. L. KKharbikar, ARS Slide No. 11/11

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