Herbal Joint Support Supplements Review - Do Your Research First

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Information about Herbal Joint Support Supplements Review - Do Your Research First

Published on September 29, 2017

Author: kennethbagley

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Slide 2: Herbal Joint Support Supplements Soft and rubbery cartilage of joint may wear away with aging and this is a mechanical change in joints, sometimes, induced early due to overuse (especially in case of obese people), injury, prolonged immobilization (as in case of sedentary lifestyle leading to shortening of tendons), fluid accumulation, chemicals changes in body fluids, broken cartilage in-between the bones and poor diet. Such breakdown causes severe inflammation and pain and in later stages, one may find it difficult to walk or sit down (in case of knee joint pain). Slide 3: Rumacure Capsules Such pains can disrupt everyday activities, abilities and one feels tired all the time as the effort required to move the body is more. Herbs offer safer alternative cure and one should check the herbal joint support supplements review to find out the various properties to get the best. Herbal joint support supplements review of Rumacure capsules - In Ayurveda , the shape and color of plants provides clue to its utility and medicinal value. Vitis Quadrangularis has a fleshy structure with joints like knots and these are widely used for joint pain as in the Rumacure capsules. Slide 4: Rumacure Capsules It works as an effective painkiller for athletes suffering from joint pain. It has muscle relaxing and fracture healing properties. The study on 29 men in the age from 20 to 46 who were reportedly suffering from chronic joint pain after strenuous activities were given a regulated dose of the herb daily for 8 weeks and the study found the reduction in joint pain was up to 31 percent (as recorded by WOMAC score i.e. self-reported pain). Slide 5: Herbal Joint Support Supplements The aerial part of the plant increases secretion of insulin like chemicals which is significant for osteoblast and it can help in collagen synthesis which was tested in lab where the increase in collagen synthesis was in the range of 85 to 106 percent over the baseline. Another study found that the oral intake of the herb in aging rats for 90 days was able to fully prevent loss of bone strength and thickness, comparable to popular laboratory medicines. Studies claim the intake of herb before intake of NSAID prevents ulceration and damage to the gastric walls and reduces inflammation and oxidative damage to the cells. Slide 6: Ingredient Suranjan or Colchicum Inteum is another herbal ingredient in Rumacure capsules which has pain relieving and anti-rheumatic properties. It contains the alkaloid colchicine's which is used for the treatment of gout and can be taken for acute pain caused by gout. The herb reduces inflammation and pain but does not increase the outflow of urine. Suranjan Colchicum Inteum Slide 7: Herbs A study on human subjects suffering from joint pain found the intake of the herb reduced pain and the patients were able to get sound sleep after it. Herbal joint support supplements review mentions about Solanum xanthocarpum or kantakari , a key ingredient in such cures which comes under dashmool - means roots extract of 10 key herbs. Solanum Xanthocarpum Kantakari Dashmool AyushRemedies.Com Slide 8: Immunity Disorders The herb helps in the elimination of airy disorders such as flatulence, hemorrhoids, inflammation, dental pains, and constipation and is also effective against immunity disorders such as asthma, cough, bronchitis etc. It works as digestive, laxative, rejuvenator and carminative. It is widely used for sore throat and joint pains. AyushRemedies.Com Slide 9: Subscribe Us Buy Rumacure Capsules At AyushRemedies.com

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