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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg

Source: slideshare.net

Herbal Essences with Desdemona

Does your hair control your brain?

Or does your hair make you look insane?

Or are you just a freak…?

Well do we have good news for you!

Introducing Herbal Essences new fragrance – Deceptive!

 Desdemona began using Herbal Essences and she reports her life has dramatically changed!

Desdemona After Desdemona Before Herbal Essence

Desdemona got all the men begging for her after using Herbal Essences! Like Othello! Roderigo (She could of gotten Iago too if she wanted Maybe Cassio too, to…) Everyone thought so anyways…

Your lover Side Effects… may attempt to creep into your bed and attempt to strangle you out of jealousy for your luscious hair…

Why should you buy our product?  Besides what we have already told you, there are many reasons as to why you should get our product:

 Nothing is better than world peace. Herbal Essences is better than nothing. Therefore, Herbal Essences is better than world peace.

 Everyone should buy Herbal Essences! If we don’t buy it, we can’t save the lives of poor kittens to horrible beasts

 Think of the kitties…

 Bruce Willis approves of Herbal Essences, so you should too!

 All the cool kids are using Herbal Essences, so why aren’t you?!

 To purchase Herbal Essences, just visit any store that sells shampoo. It should be easy to find, it’s the best!

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