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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: vaughn94

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User review of Heartburn No More, a natural heartburn treatment created by Jeff Martin. Heartburn No More is one of the most popular natural, alternative acid reflux/GERD treatments currently available, however does it work, how fast does it work, is it really an all natural remedy and how much does this treatment cost.

1 Review of Jeff Martin’s Heartburn No More Jeff Martin, a reputed health consultant and dietician, was suffering from heartburn (i.e. acid reflux) for several years. He carried out a meticulous research and found out the secret formula to cure this problem. The result was the natural relief named “Heartburn No More”. Acid reflux is caused due to several factors, the principle one being wrong diet. “Heartburn No More” tries to cure this problem by analyzing the causes and suggesting right diet supplemented with herbs. Jeff Martin’s medical history was plagued by heartburn, which is why he spent years researching this problem and found the solution through trial and error. He succeeded in discovering natural means of treating this condition. Costumer Reviews “This e-book has provided me with a very much needed relief from this problem. I tried other so called alternative remedies and this is the only one that worked.” - User review from Yahoo Answers “I am really impressed by the methods in this program. This is the most effective acid reflux treatment I have ever come across.“ - User review from Google Groups The minus points of “Heartburn No More” It is a very comprehensive guide, covering many aspects of this disease, some people may find it boring and skip through many chapters – my advice read the entire e-book, page by page, it is full of great tips and valuable information. The only real problem I can think of is that the webpage promises to cure your heartburn within just 2 days, frankly it is not possible. In two or three days you will no longer have any heartburn/GERD symptoms that is true but it will take your body at least several weeks to repair damage done by long time acid reflux exposure. 1 Heartburn No More Review

2 Review of Jeff Martin’s Heartburn No More The plus points of “Heartburn No More” The good sides of this treatment make any possible faults sound insignificant, this is a completely natural remedy, it does not use magnesium or any other ingredient possibly harmful for human health. It can be used over long periods of time, as long as you need it to permanently get rid of acid reflux, it works very, very fast and you will notice improvement signs within first 24 hours. It is also very affordable and will save you tons of money over years, not to mention protect your health and save you from misery that GERD causes. In addition you get a money back guarantee valid for 8 weeks. Final Verdict This is the treatment that did it for me, I begun using it about 7 months ago and I have not had a single heartburn/acid reflux flare up since. “Heartburn No More” is a fast working, efficient, all natural relief that simply has no equal. My Recommendation – Best Treatment! Click here to visit Heartburn No More website! 2 Heartburn No More Review

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