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Published on December 15, 2007

Author: stephanie

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  BLESSED MARIA ADEODATA PISANI Slide2:  In 1989, Henry Casolani’s eyesight deteriorated. He could not read any more. Slide3:  Sadly and reluctantly, Henry Casolani asked the Dominican Fathers at Rabat to remove his name from the readers’ roster. Slide4:  “Henry Casolani suffered from Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration... Slide5:  ...His condition could not be improved by means of spectacles… Slide6:  ..He could only undergo treatment by laser in order to postpone the deterioration.” Mr. Ivan Vella, ophtalmic surgeon Slide7:  29 December 1992 Slide8:  Commemoration Mass in honour of Adeodata Pisani’s birth. A holy picture of Venerable, now Blessed, Adeodata Pisani is placed on Henry Casolani’s eyes. Slide10:  “There is no scientific explanation to this!!!” Mr. Ivan Vella, Ophtalmic Surgeon Slide11:  “The fact that he could read again must solely have been due to a miraculous intervention.” Mr. Ivan Vella, Ophtalmic Surgeon Slide12:  “THIS IS TRULY REMARKABLE!! MACULAR DEGENERATION IMPLIES THAT THE MACULAR CELLS HAVE DIED AND THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE.. Slide13:  ..THIS IMPLIES THAT FORMERLY DEAD CELLS HAVE BEEN RESURRECTED Slide15:  “I am certain that Henry Casolani’s strong faith was exemplary and of great spiritual benefit to himself and to all those who knew him.” Mgr. Carmelo Zammit Slide16:  Drawing by HENRY CASOLANI (Henry Casolani drew this sketch during the period when his vision was blurred!!!!!) “HENRY CASOLANI ATTRIBUTED THIS SUDDEN CHANGE TO AN INTERVENTION OF VENERABLE ADEODATA PISANI BECAUSE HER PICTURE WAS PLACED UPON HIS EYES JUST BEFORE MASS.. Slide17:  ..I CAN ONLY THANK GOD WHO REWARDS THE FAITH OF HIS CHILDREN BY GESTURES OF LOVING CARE.” Sr. GEMMA FARRUGIA SJA Slide18:  ...Her name was always in his heart and on his lips. He would speak about this Saint at length.” Alessandra Zammit Slide19:  Sr. Corinne Galea Ciantar SJA Slide20:  “Henry Casolani had a blind faith in the intercession of Blessed Adeodata Pisani.. Slide21:  ..He relied on Adeodata Pisani on different occasions during his life. Slide22:  “May the successor of Peter When this day comes along Make us all so very happy With Saint Adeodata.” (a verse from Henry Casolani’s poem translated to English from Maltese) “..in THEE I have had my earthly joy.” INEZ CASOLANI:  “..in THEE I have had my earthly joy.” INEZ CASOLANI

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