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Information about Hemodialysis

Published on July 25, 2008

Author: shazzi007

Source: authorstream.com

Hemodialysis : Hemodialysis Background Hemodialysis is one of the three available treatment options for persons with kidney failure What it does : What it does It removes waste from the blood It removes excess fluid from the blood, and It keeps electrolytes balanced. Which are few functions of a normal kidney. How it works : How it works Dialysis works on the principles of the diffusion and osmosis of solutes and fluid across a semi permeable membrane. Blood flows by one side of a semi-permeable membrane, and a dialysate or fluid flows by the opposite side Key terms : Key terms Diffusion: movement of particles from the area of higher concentration to the area on lower concentration Osmosis: movement of particles from and area of lower concentration to an area of high concentration. Semi permeable membrane: A semi permeable membrane is a type thin, flexible filter-a barrier that allows only particles smaller than a certain size. Dialyzer (artificial kidney) Conclusion : Conclusion Hemodialysis performs the basic functions of a kidney, but it can’t replace what a normal kidney can do. It can only do part of what a normal kidney is capable of doing.

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