Helpful cleaning tips for boat upholstery and t top structure of a boat

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Information about Helpful cleaning tips for boat upholstery and t top structure of a boat

Published on December 10, 2016

Author: George2Nicholson


1. Helpful Cleaning Tips For Boat Upholstery And T-Top Structure Of A Boat Maintenance Routine For Vinyl Boat Upholstery  Routine cleaning Vinyl upholstery is found on almost all types of boats. Unlike other materials they are generally designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and do not require extra special care. Still the conditions to which they are exposed to can create damage in the material structure which can lead to gradual break down and deterioration with time. Therefore is it advisable to follow a strict maintenance protocol in order to ensure you investment is properly protected and you would not need to face untimely repairs which would often be costly. In the most basic type of fish cleaning all you would need to use is a solution of mild soap or detergent diluted with clean water. Harsh chemicals and bleach should be avoided in these circumstances. Using a soft cloth or sponge the surface of the upholstery can be cleaned. A circular motion is ideal to avoid unwanted abrading of the surface. This would be adequate to remove any grime or any other saline residue. It is important to wipe the surface dry and allow to thoroughly air dry for all moisture to be evaporated.  Deep cleaning and special care Apart from the routine cleaning which is to be followed after every use, an occasional deep cleaning is recommended to remove any tough stains and those which can get accumulated in hard to clean corners and ridges with time. Firstly you should follow the regular cleaning step. This will help remove any additional protectants which were applied before. Then using a specialized vinyl cleaner rub the surface using a soft bristled brush. Follow by rinsing thoroughly. Once air dried it is highly recommended to apply a special UV protectant which generally lasts about 3 to 5 weeks. Proper Cleaning Steps For Boat T-Tops Boat T-tops are also quite a significant component of the value of your boat. It also plays an important protective function. Due to this spending extra care on this marine accessory is vital to ensure the proper maintenance of your boat. Most of the Boat T-top structure are made of anodized aluminum which is the most suitable material for the purpose. This too should be washed thoroughly with a mold soap solution and tough stains should be scrubbed off with a mild abrasive. Take care not to damages the external coating as it may lead to corrosion. Article By Greg Stefaniak

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