Helpen social media bij het laden van B2B brands

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Information about Helpen social media bij het laden van B2B brands

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: eFocus



DSM deelt tijdens The Social Conference 2014 haar ontdekkingsreis van het bouwen van het Dyneema merk, onderdeel van DSM, door middel van social media. Van een geïsoleerd initiatief tot een geïntegreerde positie binnen het online landschap. Van het uitbesteden van de social werkzaamheden tot een vast onderdeel van de dagelijkse manier van werken binnen de marketing- en salesafdeling.

Does social help to build a B2B brand? Nathali Donatz & Rob den Rooijen The Social Conference February 13, 2013 Amsterdam

Nathali Donatz Global Brand & Communications Director DSM Dyneema 1

Rob den Rooijen Senior Marketing Consultant DSM Excellence in Marketing & Sales Theo Verweerden Marketing program director 2

Meet DSM Health Nutrition Materials • Global leader in nutritional ingredients for feed, food and personal care • Market leader in anti-infectives and key pharma custom manufacturing player • Market leader in sustainable high performance materials • Merchant market leader in nylon precursor caprolactam • Innovator active in advanced biofuels, bio-based chemicals and biomedical materials Page 3

DSM Dyneema producing the world’s strongest fiber Page 4

DSM’s Digital Marketing & Sales framework Online Lead Generation Digital marketing Digital Campaigning Search, navigate Offline Brochures & Advertising Account management Trade shows Online profiling Find Positioning & segmentation Call to action, ordering Explore Co-develop product Customer DSM Customer understanding Negotiation Place Order Transaction, conversion Use Cross and up selling Cross and up selling Digital Intelligence Product sampling Develop & Buy Product innovation Analyse & optimize Digital sales Loyalty program Online retention Technical support Online support Digital service Online and offline need to be integrated for optimal customer experience. Page 5

We don’t believe in social.

We don’t believe in integrated social.

Our Belief Integrated B2B social can: 1. Intensify customer contacts – As part of the customer journey 2. Generate leads – Indirect contribution 3. Boost brand building – Integrated approach is prerequisite 8

Three ways to approach social 1 23 Experimental Page 9 Controlled Integrated

1. Experimental social Key characteristics • • • • Isolated initiatives Success stories High waste Brand impact risks

Social campaigning: Dyneema® Pro Sailing Test Team  Increased understanding of social  Engagement with end users of our products  Difficult to prove real ROI 11 # # # # # # # # # # of visitors: 52.000 of page views: 157.000 of Sailor Subscriptions: 448 of CrewMembers: 8.000 of Facebook fans: 1.172 of Facebook posts: 155.000 of #DET2011 tweets: 1.200 of YouTube videos: 54 of YouTube views: 15.000 blog posts: 100

2. Controlled social Key characteristics • • • • Page 12 Process and culture Owned channel focus Window dressing Start monitoring

Creating emotional brand resonance: Dyneema® 360 campaign Page 13

Creating emotional brand resonance: Dyneema® 360 campaign  Long term program  Target group driven content creation  Difficult to create engagement  Limited internal resources Page 14

3. Integrated social Key characteristics • Mixed paid, owned, earned journeys • ROI driven engagement value • Social CRM focus (more 1-on-1) Page

DSM Dyneema’s vision: Integrating offline and online to create customer engagement Search Social Events Newsletter Customers, End Users & Employees Face to face Brochures Sales app Database (CRM) 16

DSM Dyneema’s vision: Integrating offline and online to create customer engagement Search Events Social Newsletter Face to face Sales app Brochures Database (CRM) Page 17

Our social landscape Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Customers, End Users & Employees Communities DSM corporate channels 18 Page 18

Enabling internal employees to go social Page 19


Clear KPI’s to link impact social activities to business value Business value Value index? 1 point = X Euro (Euro’s) Sales Key digital value (points) Contact requests Information Downloads Lead generation Social value (points) Social Engagement Page 21 Subscriptions Shared content Social Clicks Active Employees

Integrating social leads to tangible results From a separate website… Page 22

Integrating social leads to tangible results integration within the platform 23

Integrating social leads to tangible results More visits to Dyneema® stories: 2000 1500 1000 500 0 01-12 02-12 03-12 04-12 05-12 06-12 07-12 08-12 09-12 10-12 11-12 12-12 01-13 02-13 03-13 04-13 05-13 06-13 07-13 08-13  Result driven program  Leveraging value content creation through content recycling  Difficult to create employee engagement Page 24 09-13 10-13 11-13 12-13

We don’t believe in integrated social.

Does integrated social help to build a B2B brand?

Social enables to communicate beyond product characteristics Creation engaging stories that appeal to personas in the DMU Page 27

Leveraging the value of existing marketing activities via social Launch of a new technology during a trade show event Clear goals per channel related to the customer decision journey Page 28 Translated into an integrated approach

Event page E-mail invite Narrow Casting App Face to face Landing page Booth at Milipol Uniform customer experience across online and offline channels Launch Ceremony Website licensee Page 29 Trade Media Social Media

Some social examples Page 30

The results: integrated social pays off Page 31

Our Learnings 1. Start to send to discover your relevancy – 2. There’s no single B2B social best practice – 3. Less stories can create more engagement Apply trial & error and find the approach that best fits your goals B2B social requires employees’ personal efforts Page – – – B2B social is not a communication department only responsibility Crucial to build internal recognition of added value Persist in a long term approach

Key challenges 1. Stimulate employee engagement – Increase internal awareness and activation 2. Optimize channels for real discussion – Create content driven interaction 3. Determine real business impact – – Integrated measurement including LinkedIn discussions Go beyond the standard social metrics

Integrated social does help to build a B2B brand! Page

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